What are the Most and Least Common Birthdays in Australia?
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The chart was released by the Australia Bureau of Statistics comparing birthdays based on births between 2007 and 2016.

Baby making appears to be popular during the festive season – more people are off work and being merry – which is why September 17 is Australia’s most common birthday (9 months after Christmas).

Most common birthdays in Australia

September 17

April 8

September 23

September 24

October 1

February 12

April 29

March 4

April 16

March 5

Four of the 10 most common dates of birth meet around the two weeks from mid-September to early October. Now, let’s go back 280 days and go back to our Christmas holidays.

All-stars will be aligned in late December. Both partners are absent from work, the stress level is the lowest ever (at least if an annual trip to a person-in-law is done and dusted), and it’s warm, so undressing becomes an easy task. I will. However, the top five have some interesting little outliers.

The second most common birthday in Australia is April 8th. This will probably lead us to July 3rd as the date of conception.

What are the Most and Least Common Birthdays in Australia?
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What’s so sexy in 3rd July? A late ritual to celebrate the end of the fiscal year? Did the ski season trigger a baby’s peak? I think the most likely explanation is that Australians escape winter and breed in Europe and Bali.

So to speak, Christmas in July …

Early to mid-July are relatively rare birthdays, with the exception of the relatively common birthdays of July 8th and 9th. We will arrive on the weekend of the Grand Final, counting 280 days.

Meanwhile, the least popular birthday is February 29th, which only comes around every 4 years.

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Least common birthdays in Australia

February 29

December 25

December 26

January 1

January 26

April 25

December 27

December 28

December 24

December 13

The least common birthdays are more easily explained and require less speculation. February 29 obviously only comes around every four years.

If you are born on February 29 your birthday couldn’t possibly be more special. Congratulations, you really are special!

The other most uncommon birthdays are all public holidays. Your baby doesn’t care much about Queen’s Birthday, Australia Day, or Christmas. Your doctor on the other hand …

Since about 35 percent of all births in Australia are Caesarean Sections that can be scheduled and timed to a degree, doctors tend to not book them on a holiday. For the same reason, Saturdays and Sundays are relatively uncommon days to be born on.

It’s not only public holidays that the C-section babies avoid as their birthdays: The whole of November and December are relatively quiet times in Australia’s maternity wards.

Counting backward for 280 days we arrive in February and March. Two months are marked by an absence of public holidays.

Also, the workers of Australia just finished their big Christmas holidays and burned through all their annual leave.

Ultimately, the day of your birth doesn’t matter nearly as much as how you spend your day and who you spend it with.

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The line chart below shows average births, per day, per year (February 29th is normalized to show the average number of births per year, for each time it occurs in the ten-year period).

What are the Most and Least Common Birthdays in Australia?
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Some key highlights:

The most common date of birth (September 17th) is roughly 9 months from Christmas / New Year period, meaning there's a lot of baby-making happening during the holiday season.

The least common days (or maybe the most unique?) are key holidays, namely New Years Day (1st January), Australia Day (26th January), Anzac Day (25th April), Christmas Day (25th December) and Boxing Day (26th December). It's evident both parents and doctors prefer to have these days off like the rest of the nation!

September is the most popular month for babies to be born

People are doing more than just having a kiss under the mistletoe at Christmas!

To begin with, more people take annual leave in December, and more time off – or in bed- means more time to have sex.

The majority of babies are born in September thanks to Christmas lovemaking!

In December people may find themselves at more parties and that often means more alcohol consumption, and it’s less likely that contraception is always used.

Or as the shops and pharmacies are shut for days at a time, it may be harder to access contraception or the morning-after pill.

And it’s not just in Australia that conception is most popular in December, New Zealand, the U.S. and the U.K. also have the highest rates of birth in September also.

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