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Despite your best intentions, the morning after merrymaking at last night can be a doozy. But just because you spent the night overindulging doesn't mean your body has to spend the first day of the year paying for it. To aid your post-partying ills, we've rounded up a list of best healthy hangover foods for you to cure yourself.

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As tempting as it is to go for greasy, fatty foods to get through the day, sticking to healthy superfoods is actually the best strategy. According to the thethirty.whowhatwear.com, you should kick-off your morning (or afternoon) with a hot bowl of filling oatmeal. It's a healthy way to get the carbohydrates your body craves after a night of drinking. Plus you'll be loading up on calcium, vitamin B, magnesium, and iron.


Definitely one of those love foods, but if you are a fan of the brown stuff then it could help prove a great hangover cure. Experts' opinions in the realbuzz.com show that marmite helps restore many essential nutrients which are depleted by drinking alcohol. Marmite is a great source of vitamin B, a lack of which can cause anxiety and depression. In addition, it has high sodium content so is an excellent way to replace salts lost through alcohol consumption. When combined with toast it also provides some of the carbs you need to help the hangover recovery.

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When suffering a hangover, watermelon admittedly isn’t the first thing you’d think of reaching for, yet it is a really good hangover food. Watermelon helps your blood sugar levels recover as it is high in fructose, and consisting of over 90 per cent water it also provides a big boost to your hydration. Watermelon is also a good source of nutrients, including vitamin C, B-vitamins and magnesium.

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Biologically and chemically, fructose digests at the same rate as alcohol, so consuming a healthy dose of honey during a hangover forces your body to get rid of the alcohol in your system faster. It also helps your body recover from the hypoglycemia (aka low blood glucose) brought on by drinking. Top off your morning oats with some honey, stir it into some yoghurt (probiotics also help cure hangovers), or add it to some soothing tea.

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One of the worst parts of a hangover can be that queasiness you often get, but a ready-made solution comes in the form of ginger. The spice is the perfect solution for settling your stomach and getting rid of those feelings of nausea. While chewing on ginger in root form may be too much to swallow when you’re already hungover, you could drink some by grating it into hot water or blending it into a fresh fruit or vegetable juice. Even chewing on a few ginger biscuits could prove a soother for your stomach.

The first foods that you allow to enter your stomach the morning can either cure your hangover entirely or absolutely wreck your gastrointestinal tract. So it is hoped that you spend your precious time reading this article and finding some best healthy hangover foods so that your physical condition will get better.
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