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Being a parent would give you a chance to know what your child eats and how those foods affect his/her health. From his early childhood, you should make him eat healthy foods. Knowinsider would like to introduce to you some wonderful foods that you must give to your baby so that he/she can avail a better life.

What are the best foods for newborn babies?
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One of the most recommended foods for your infants is Blueberries. According to the parentalbabycare.com, blueberries are among the best fruits that should be consumed by everyone. Whether you are a small child or senior citizen, you must eat blueberries.

BlueberriesThis fruit contains anthocyanins, popular flavonoids that improve several body organs. With blueberries, you can enhance the brain, eyes, the urinary bladder and some digestive organs of your baby. You can improve physical as well as the mental strength of your baby.

You can feed your baby with small pieces of blueberries or can make a wonderful blueberry soup.

What are the best foods for newborn babies?
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The second recommended food is "Bananas". Indicated by the parents.com, bananas are full of carbohydrates for sustained energy, as well as fibre to support a healthy digestive tract. They're a perfectly portable baby food, as they come in their own easy-to-peel packaging. When serving bananas to young kids, make sure they are ripe and thoroughly mashed. Older babies can eat chopped bananas as finger food.

What are the best foods for newborn babies?
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Because of the presence of several unsaturated fats, you can feed your baby with avocados. And unsaturated fats not only avoid health problems but they also provide energy and vigour.

AvacadosAccording to professionals, the nutrition value of avocados is just like breast milk. So, after breast milk, you should focus on avocados. Unsaturated fats are particularly helpful in developing the brain and memory of babies.

So, you need to start providing avocados to your child. For extra taste, you should combine avocados with apples, cheese, cream on fishes. Along with taste, you can also provide several nutrients to your baby.

What are the best foods for newborn babies?
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Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes provide potassium, vitamin C, fibre, and beta-carotene—an antioxidant that prevents certain types of cancer and mops up free radicals. Most babies prefer sweet potatoes over other vegetables because of their naturally sweet taste. When cooked and mashed, sweet potatoes make a smooth puree that's easy to eat, even for babies who are just starting the to transition to solid foods.

What are the best foods for newborn babies?
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If you want to maintain the better health of your baby, you need to feed him with carrots. These foods contain vast amounts of beta-carotene.

Carrots Beta-carotene are popular anti-oxidants, found in most fruits, is known for vanishing free radicals from the body. The best part about carrots is that they offer natural sweetness. So, they seem so much delicious. You can make desserts or healthy juices from carrots.

For better growth and development, you need to feed your baby with the best (nutritious foods). Hopefully, the mentioned foods collected by Knowinsider would be a helpful source for you. Read this article and remember to feed your babies with different dishes made from them.
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