Top Zodiac Signs Are Luckiest and Unluckiest
Top Zodiac Signs Are Luckiest and Unluckiest for the New Week from 4 to 10 July 2022
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There are zodiac signs that have a lot of luck in love, money, and work in the new week from 4 to 10 July 2022. However, there are also many constellations facing many difficulties and challenges.

Discover the Weekly Horoscope from 4 to 10 July 2022 of the 12 zodiac signs: Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo Female and Cancer.

Let's find out your luck for the new week through astrology predictions.

1. Weekly Horoscope for Aries from 4 to 10 July 2022

The new week horoscopes of the 12 zodiac signs from July 4 to July 10, 2022 say that the new week of Aries will be light, so you don't need to take things too seriously. Facing all problems, keep your mind relaxed and confident and you will also reap great success.

In terms of love, singles are very promising to find their other half. You will be able to be introduced by relatives and friends to suitable objects to meet and get to know. If the other half has been found, then both are still in a happy relationship.

Aries have a very peaceful and quiet new week. All the work is handled well, making this zodiac sign always feel very relaxed and relieved, and you will not need to worry about anything.

The financial situation of this constellation in the new week is still relatively stable, but you should not be too hasty to invest at the moment. Currently, you will easily believe the enticements and manipulations of the bad guys and make mistakes.

2. Taurus Weekly Horoscope from 4 to 10 July 2022

The weekly horoscope forecast of the 12 zodiac signs shows that Taurus should spend a lot of time rearranging your life. Perhaps the best thing you should do right now is to clearly define your goals and work hard to achieve the intentions that you have set.

Those of you who are single do not dream too much about love during this time. Taurus feels that without love, they are still living very comfortably and happily. If you already have a lover, you want to get to know your partner better, so you're always looking for ways to try them out.

Those of you who are still in school should try new learning methods this week. Chances are you'll learn more quickly and solve more problems. You become a lot more active in the future. You know your strengths and weaknesses to promote at the right time and in the right place.

Your side income is showing signs of increasing in the coming week. But you still need to spend for many different needs in life, so really pay attention and should spend with a plan.

3.Gemini Weekly Horoscope from 4 to 10 July 2022

Gemini need to wait more patiently. There are times when you need to slow down and take more time to appreciate what you've accomplished. And from there, you should learn from experience, that is a wise thing to do right now.

The singles are hit by the lightning of a stranger's love. You should try to follow the call of your heart and often show your feelings to the other person. If you have found your other half, then both of you should be generous and share it with them.

In terms of work in the new week, you will encounter more competition with your colleagues, so you need to pay attention and be careful in every action and gesture. You need to know that it is not important to win or lose, but then you realize what lessons are important.

This sign doesn't need to rush into making risky investment decisions in the new week, because these will likely be businesses with a relatively large failure rate that Gemini need to pay much more attention to. there.

4.Weekly Horoscope for Cancer from 4 to 10 July 2022

The weekly horoscope says that the spirit of Cancer becomes a much braver person. There are times when you are the one to make decisions, this sign should not hesitate, hesitate or be too dependent on others. The opportunity is in your hands.

In terms of love, you are single, not much progress. There are objects that want to show interest in you, but this sign is not responding. If you already have a partner, then your relationship is in big trouble, and both of you need to talk frankly to resolve it completely.

In terms of work, Cancer always tries to hone his skills, so that he can achieve success quickly. Your future goals will be achieved, even though they have to go through

The financial situation of Cancer is not too volatile. This zodiac sign should probably not be gullible, listen to the lure of a scammer, to regret it. That only makes this zodiac sign lose a lot of money, so you need to be careful.

5.Leo Weekly Horoscope from 4 to 10 July 2022

Leo discovers the cause of anxiety and fear in his heart. Perhaps this constellation needs to be brave to face yourself, so that you can strive and develop yourself further.

Singles can think about accepting any object, as long as they care, and take care of you. With this in mind, this constellation will choose the wrong person to spend the rest of their life with. You should be careful when deciding to choose your half.

Those of you who are still going to school may face difficult assignments, but as long as this constellation does not give up, eventually Leo needs to find a way to solve it. If you are working, you can achieve the goals you set out earlier.

At this time, Leo's financial situation is very stable. You should build yourself a reasonable spending plan, not depending on someone. That probably helps this constellation have a very high savings account.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE (4 to 10 July 2022): Top Zodiac Signs Are Luckiest and Unluckiest
Weekly Horoscope for Love

6.Virgo Weekly Horoscope from 4 to 10 July 2022

Entering the new week, Virgo is always satisfied and accepts reality, even if you are not very perfect, you will still accept reality. Advice for this constellation should not be forever chasing distant, frivolous things.

The feelings of you who are single are relatively quiet in the new week. Those who are single are used to doing everything because they won't even think about relying on anyone. If this constellation has a lover, during this time, there will be a feeling of fatigue and blandness in this relationship.

If you're in school, you'll spend more time exchanging ideas with people, so you'll be able to grasp and understand much better. If you go to work, you will not face any difficulties and will be able to successfully complete all assigned tasks.

Virgo, you will have a lot of money this week thanks to the extra income from side jobs that you currently have. This is the motivation for this zodiac sign to continue to try harder in the future.

7. Libra Weekly Horoscope from 4 to 10 July 2022

The 12 constellation horoscope shows that Libra is trying its best to create a place in the collective. This sign is a talented person, and there is no way you should let your talent be overshadowed. Take the opportunity and let people see you in a different light.

Those of you who are single are very satisfied with your current life. Libra has plenty of time to love and pamper themselves and be real. If you have found a lover, both of you will have an increasingly close and loving relationship for a long time.

This week, if you are still a student, take part in a lot of extra classes, but you are not focused on your studies. Those of you who are still working have a relatively quiet week. This sign will often let your soul go with the wind, so you will try to get the job done before the deadline.

This week, this sign will have to spend a lot of money on different needs, so Libra should not squander on items or other unnecessary purposes.

8. Scorpio Weekly Horoscope from 4 to 10 July 2022

Scorpio should not put too much pressure on yourself. If work is busy or feelings are not favorable, this zodiac sign will be able to find someone to confide in. Believe that when you talk about your difficulties, you feel a lot more relieved.

Singles do not want to step into a new love. Looks like you still haven't gotten out of your old love. If you have found that person, Scorpio feels worried about losing a lot of things. In your heart, you will not believe in his feelings, but it is not convenient to ask clearly.

If you are a student, you will be very interested in absorbing new knowledge in the learning process, so Scorpio is always very attentive to listen to the teacher's lecture. Those of you who are still working, this zodiac sign will be able to achieve very good results in the new week.

Your financial situation is ideal this new week. Some people will have the opportunity to receive a hot bonus, moreover, a salary increase thanks to their efforts and efforts in the past time.

9. Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope from July 4 to July 10, 2022

The Western horoscope shows that Sagittarius in the new week is a positive psychological state. Perhaps Sagittarius needs to quickly adapt to new circumstances, even if new jobs make this sign startling, you will gradually get used to it.

Singles will gradually open up more and accept the ending for you with objects of the opposite sex. Hopefully among them is someone you've always been looking forward to. The signal is that you already like the other person. If you have found a lover, both of you will have a strong relationship with each other.

If you are still in school, you will feel very tired studying this week. Sagittarius wants to try harder, moreover, they have a mindset of relying on their classmates. If you have worked, Sagittarius will feel very confused when dealing with unfamiliar tasks.

The financial situation of Sagittarius will not change much in the coming week. You will be able to try to take the time to study new investment and business knowledge. That will result in relatively high returns.

10.Capricorn Weekly Horoscope from 4 to 10 July 2022

The weekly horoscope says that you need to pay attention to your social contact this week. Chances are that these social relationships will be able to bring you benefits that you would not expect. Capricorn will find things much easier when people need help.

Singles will be able to develop feelings for someone. You will be able to be the one to take the initiative to ask for a contact method. If they have found their other half, both will often take time to show more care and love to each other.

If you are still in school, Capricorn will have a very serious attitude towards learning. You are setting goals for yourself and feeling very determined and giving your best. It is necessary now that Capricorn should arrange a reasonable study plan to successfully complete all assigned tasks.

The ability to manage money of this constellation is very good, making the pocket of this zodiac sign always very comfortable and abundant. Capricorn will be able to think about investing in your life or saving it.

11. Aquarius Weekly Horoscope from 4 to 10 July 2022

The weekly horoscopes of the 12 zodiac signs indicate that Aquarius should not be overly concerned. Sometimes, events happen to test your ability to improvise, giving you a chance to score points in the eyes of everyone around.

If you're still single, you won't show any impatience at the moment. This constellation will still be very rational in communicating and chatting with people around. If the other half has been found, the feelings of both will enter a phase of gradual stabilization. This is the right time for you and your partner to discuss the future together.

As students, you need to work harder when you have to solve advanced exercises, so that you can improve your knowledge even more. You are no longer afraid of facing the teacher's homework. If this constellation needs to focus on solving its immediate problems.

This constellation will have to spend on many different purposes this week, so the wallet will be noticeably thinner. Aquarius needs to be more rational when withdrawing that purse.

12.Weekly Horoscope for Pisces from 4 to 10 July 2022

Pisces, you will be open and receptive to everyone's feelings this new week. You should not live forever in your dream world, try to look at the reality of life more, this zodiac sign will realize that beautiful things really exist, not just in dreams.

In terms of love, Pisces will go smoothly if singles are more open to people around. Give others a chance to take care of you. If you already have a lover, your feelings are at the hottest stage.

Students who are still in school will be willing to ask people for knowledge that they still cannot grasp, so your basics become much more solid. If you are a working person, Pisces will receive the help of many people around, so the job that seems very difficult will also be solved quickly.

Pisces is withdrawing without thinking twice, so you buy a lot of things that are not really useful. Your financial situation will not face any major obstacles, so it is natural that you will receive a relatively large profit.

Top 4 Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Work and Study for the New Week (July 4-10, 2022)

New week (July 4-10, 2022) astrology has raised typical names in the golden list of lucky zodiac signs, new week's work, passing exams, lucky jobs.

1. Gemini

The students were more self-disciplined in learning, not as lazy as before. Before long, your achievements will be enhanced.

The upcoming university exam is very important, before taking the exam, Gemini should go to bed early and carefully prepare a pen, ruler and other necessary items and wear comfortable clothes when taking the exam.

Besides, astrology reminds this constellation not to eat and drink miscellaneous before entering the exam room lest it be chased by "Cao Cao", a poor stomach, don't eat snacks, after the exam, you can eat whatever you want.

As a lucky zodiac sign for the new week (July 4-10, 2022), who went to work despite being assigned a difficult job, you can still complete it thanks to your experience. You can surprise and admire many people.

On the outside, Gemini looks lukewarm, says a lot, but in their work they are very serious and responsible for their assigned tasks, if you work in the same group with this constellation, you do not have to worry much.

2. Virgo

The students were aware of the hard work of their parents, so they worked harder and more determined in their studies, so they didn't mind day and night. That does not cause parents to worry. Hope the upcoming college exam you have enough alertness and energy to pass.

Astrology just wants to remind this constellation to review the main subjects more, but still have to combine it with moderate rest. Recently you have slept quite a bit, so the memory capacity of the brain is reduced a bit, don't be subjective.

Working people spend a lot of time improving their skills. You are ready to apply what you know to work to achieve high productivity, the goals outlined for this week will be completed soon.

Some people will sign up for an advanced course to hone their job skills, you can learn a new foreign language so that when you jump, you can negotiate a salary more easily.

3. Capricorn

Students feel quite stressed when they have to shoulder the expectations of their parents. You should have a way of combining study and relaxation, it seems that Keet will get quite a surprise score in the college exam.

Capricorn shouldn't put so much pressure on themselves, even though they know the upcoming exam is very important, it's not worth your mental torture. The more relaxed and comfortable you are, the better your memory will be, your family expects you, but no matter what the outcome, they will always be behind to cheer you on.

People who have a stable job have the opportunity to receive praise from the leader. You complete the assigned tasks well and still keep trying harder, the business people sell expensive clothes, less likely to sell out.

The biggest good news for the End is to prepare yourself for a breakthrough event in your own life. It will bring you a lot of positive opportunities, promote career advancement, improve your income and increase your value in the eyes of people.

4. Pisces

The students arrange their timetable very scientifically. You spend a lot of time studying, but also don't forget to rest and relax to relieve your mind, especially those who are studying for the university entrance exam.

In the learning process, when Ngu Nhi uses her energy properly, she will show her ability to do good math, calculate correctly and pass university is not far away for this zodiac sign.

People who have worked hard should receive the praise of their superiors. You feel motivated to try every day. Not ashamed to be at the top of the lucky zodiac sign for a new week's work.

The new week is favorable for those of you who do freelance business, work related to spirituality, technology or media. The new week's astrology encourages you to boldly express your abilities and express your ideas.

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Top 4 Unluckiest Zodiac Signs in Money for the New Week (July 4 to 10, 2022)

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE (4 to 10 July 2022): Top Zodiac Signs Are Luckiest and Unluckiest
Unluckiest Zodiac Signs in Money

Top 4 unlucky money zodiac signs in the new week (July 4-10, 2022) do you have your name? This week is the first week of July, so be careful with your money.

1. Taurus

As the zodiac sign of bad luck with money in the new week, you need to have a more careful attitude in spending, don't be in the mood to throw your hands over your forehead, or soon you will have no money left in your pocket.

Taurus has a habit of going to facebook, lazada, shopee in his spare time to hunt for discounts and codes, that habit is not good at all, you should quit early if you don't want to fall into a situation where the money is not hot in time. has flown away.

Besides, sometimes you let your emotions affect your work because your salary will be affected more or less, so just control yourself a little and everything will go smoothly.

2. Scorpio

This week is not suitable for investment, you should not make hasty decisions or it will cause damage later. Especially those who are investing in stocks or real estate, just starting to do business.

Despite trying to save, but this week, Cap Nhi still has to spend money on parties, hospitals, weddings, you spend more money and may even fall into poverty.

Perhaps you need to quickly rearrange your income and expenditure plan if you don't want things to go negative for a long time, your salary is not hot yet your wallet is empty.

3. Leo

In the top of the new week of bad luck money zodiac, your financial situation this week is quite normal, you do not receive any extra income, but at least you do not need to spend expensive.

When the body is tired and lethargic, it needs rest to recover. Taking care of your health is always important, don't degrade yourself for money.

Leo should also not rely on others, you need to actively make money, use it for your personal purposes, then you can appreciate and spend more rationally.

4. Virgo

Your financial situation fluctuates this week, so pay attention to spending, do not spend money on unnecessary items.

This constellation is quite worried about money problems, not only for your family but also for yourself, too many things to spend so you have a headache thinking about how to ensure life.

These people should also pay attention when going out to avoid being robbed, when going out of the room, remember to lock the door carefully lest strangers come in to play and steal your favorite things.

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