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10 Best Free Sites To Watch Serie A 2022/23 in Caribbean

If you can't watch this season's Serie A matches on TV due to copyright issues, there are other ways to watch it, and it's free.

Here are the best free sites to watch every Serie A match with FC Milan, Juventus, AS Roma, Inter Milan and all the other teams in the top Italia football league.

Top 10 Best Free Sites To Watch Serie A From Anywhere In The World

Watch Live Italian Serie A from Caribbean on DAZN

DAZN service first launched in Austria, Germany, Japan and Switzerland back in August 2016 but soon expanded into Canada. Building on this success, DAZN has since launched in the US, UK, Italy, Brazil and by the end of 2020 DAZN has been made available in over 200 countries.

DAZN is now available in more than 200 countries worldwide - from Albania to Zimbabwe! The easiest way to see whether your country is included is to head to the website - you'll soon be told if DAZN is not yet available in your region.

Once you’ve created an account and signed up, you can watch DAZN on a wide variety of devices including Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox One, Playstation, iOS, Android and from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari via the web.

Italy Serie A 2022/23 Full Fixtures Today: TV Channels, Key Dates and FAQs

DAZN price: how much do DAZN subscriptions cost?

Subscriptions to DAZN vary wildly from country-to-country. While it can justify charging $20 per month in North America for the sheer amount of content on offer, it has currently stuck at a monthly price point of £1.99 and $2.99 per month in the UK and Australia respectively. This will presumably rise as it adds more events to its roster in those territories.

For the price, subscribers can also watch highlights, replays, behind-the-scenes features, live new reports and the service’s own original shows - in addition, of course, the live events it snags. With DAZN there is no contract so customers can cancel their membership at any time.

But the better value option would now be to get hold of a full year of access where available. So in the US that costs $99.99. Yes you're tied in for a 12 months, but it works out at only $8.33 a month, so far, far cheaper in the long run.

Watch Italian Serie A in Caribbean by using VPN

The usage of the Internet in Caribbean is not as widespread as in developed parts of the world. Currently, internet access is limited to 46.5% of the population.

However, the law supports freedom of expression and censorship is not a huge issue in the nation. But Caribbean is a good spot for vacations, isn’t it?

A lot of tourists coming in and spending their day with loved ones. If you want to ensure that all your communication remains secure and at the same time access web content in your home country, then using the best VPN for Caribbean is a must. Similarly, if you want to watch local channels like TVJ or CVM outside Caribbean, you will need a VPN to change your IP address.