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BBC iPlayer Blocked in Spain?

BBC iPlayer is blocked not just in Spain, but everywhere else other than the UK. Even the very geographically next-door neighbors in the EU who have access to BBC cable TV can’t watch it due to regional restrictions. And there isn’t anything one can do about it. Since BBC iPlayer is a free service, it is not legally bound to be available in the whole of the EU as per law. No matter how badly you want to watch your favorite British flicks, you’d either have to go to the UK physically, which is practically impossible, or you could resort to a reliable streaming VPN.

How To Watch BBC iPlayer In Spain

Follow these simple steps to watch BBC iPlayer from Spain

1. Download Chrome Browser, if you're not already using it.

2. Install Beebs, this nifty tool redirects all your BBC requests.

3. The BBC iPlayer will reload and begin to work from Spain.

If you’re a UK expat living in Spain or visiting for a while and try to access BBC iPlayer, the streaming service will immediately detect the location from where your IP address is hailing from and block its contents. With PureVPN connected on your streaming device, you can mask your real IP address and connect to an anonymous UK IP address to go undetected by the BBC iPlayer firewall and stream your favorite flicks.

Do not fear, we have a few solutions.

1) Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPNs have been increasing in popularity in recent years because it can unblock sites unavailable from certain countries. The reason you can't watch BBC iPlayer from Spain is because you...are in Spain! A VPN solves this problem by masking your computer address and tells the BBC when you try to connect that you are UK-based. VPNs are a solution but perhaps not the best solution for everyone. Firstly, they take a small amount of technical know-how to set up and maintain. Occasional problems will need to be troubleshooted. Secondly, they slow down your internet connection. It won't be as slow as the old dial-up connections but can come close to it.

2) Proxy Server

Similar to a VPN as it will mask your Spain location when trying to access the BBC iPlayer. The main advantage is they are lighter than a VPN and will not slow down your connection. The downside is that some offer a lot less security than VPN especially any free ones you may find. Also you may have to fix some issues if things go wrong but a little technical knowledge should be OK.

3) Beebs - A Google Chrome Extension.

If you use the Chrome Browser then will have probably heard of the extensions they offer to enhance your experience. Plenty of people use the Adblock extension to stop those annoying pop-ups or adverts.Here at Beebs we have developed a lightweight extension that let you watch the BBC iPlayer from Spain in one click. Install Chrome, install the Beebs extension and catch-up on your favourite BBC shows from Spain...or anywhere in the world.

Have a Cup of Tea & Enjoy BBC iPlayer Anytime in Spain

A streaming VPN will not only keep you safe online, but will also enhance your streaming experience. This means that you can stream free content from BBC iPlayer in Spain without any restrictions and limitations from your ISP or the streaming service. Get your BBC iPlayer VPN today and never worry again about streaming related issues.

Top BBC iPlayer Shows To Watch

Whether or not you are watching BBC iPlayer for the first time, here are some popular iPlayer shows you can start watching as soon as you unlock the service. Our personal advice? Start with Killing Eve. You won’t regret it.

Killing Eve

This Country


Line of Duty

Doctor Who

Normal People

Our Girl


BBC iPlayer: Tips and Tricks

Watch live TV

Want to see what's on TV right now? Select the TV guide or go to each channel's own mini-page to see what's on the schedule.

iPlayer will feature certain popular shows that are happening live - such as a sporting event or the Great British Bake Off final - right at the top of the homepage.

Restart a live programme

Missed the crucial first minutes of Death in Paradise? Watch from the beginning by tapping on the big restart button that pops up after pressing play.

You can rewind as far back as two hours, on both the website and app. You can also switch back to the live broadcast by moving the slider on the time bar towards the end.

Streaming over wi-fi vs streaming data

We don't need to tell you that streaming over wi-fi is cheaper and more stable than your mobile data connection. With an hour-long show taking up around 225MB, according to the BBC, streaming over 3G or 4G could get very pricey.

Besides, 3G streaming is patchy at best. But if you're one of the lucky ones on unlimited mobile data, 4G is fine when there's no wi-fi available (like on a train).

How long are shows available for?

Generally the expiry date for anything on iPlayer is 30 days. Most shows are available for streaming and downloading 30 days after its airing date. Once you’ve downloaded a show, you have 30 days to watch it.

There are some exceptions though. Question Time episodes are available for a whole year, while Match of the Day is available for a much shorter time due to broadcasting rights issues.

Catch-up content could be available for a whole year on the platform after "provisional" Ofcom approval, though.

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