WandaVision: Who is Kathryn Hahn (Agnes) - the last Villain?
Agatha Harkness. Photo: laughingplace

After much speculation, WandaVision finally reveals its secret villain, but the character is a marked departure from their Marvel comic counterpart.

This week’s episode of WandaVision found Vision returning to the Hex, Wanda dealing with the stress of her actions, Agnes up to her old tricks, Jimmy and Monica plotting a new way to break into Westview, and Darcy playing a role in an alternate reality for the first time. Episode 7 also ended with a big turn, one that revealed another hidden Marvel Comics character and spells out the dimensions of the final two episodes of the television event.

Who is Actress Kathryn Hahn - Biography - Family

Kathryn Marie Hahn was born 23.7.1973 in Westchester, Illinois.

She is of German, Irish, and English descent.

Kathryn Hahn: Childhood

Kathryn Hahn was born in Westchester, Illinois. Her family moved to Cleveland Heights, Ohio where she was raised.

She graduated with a bachelor's degree in theater from Northwestern University. She later attended Yale, where she enrolled in the school of drama and starred as "Sally Bowles" in "Cabaret" and as "the heartless Célimène" in Molière's play, "The Misanthrope".

Kathryn Hahn: Acting career

Kathryn has extensive stage experience, and appeared with the Huntington Theater Company's production of Jon Robin Baitz's "Ten Unknowns", with Ron Rifkin of Bi Danh (2001) (Arvin Sloane).

Kathryn got her role as "Lily" when she was "discovered" by an NBC casting director at the Williamstown Theater Festival, and the Crossing Jordan (2001) role of "Lily" was created for her by creator/producer Tim Kring.

Kathryn Hahn: Personal life

She lives in Los Angeles, where she paints and practices yoga when she's not busy acting.

Hahn has been married to her husband Ethan Sandler since 2002. The pair starred opposite each other in 'Crossing Jordan'. They have two children; a boy, Leonard (born October 2006) and a girl, Mae (born July 27th 2009) and live in Los Angeles.

FAST FACTS Kathryn Hahn

At the age of 8, she was a curtain puller at the Cleveland Play House

Also as a youngster, she starred in a local children's show in Cleveland called Hickory Hideout

While attending Yale, she spent her summers performing with the Williamstown Theatre Festival in Massachusetts

During her stint with the Williamstown Theatre, she was discovered by an NBC casting director, which led to her role as Lily Lebowski on Crossing Jordan

Made her Broadway debut in 2008 in the Tony-winning play Boeing-Boeing, according to Tvguide.

AWARDS Kathryn Hahn

2016Screen Actors Guild Awards-Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture: Nominated

2015Screen Actors Guild Awards-Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series: Nominated

2015Screen Actors Guild Awards-Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series: Nominated

Fans Want Kathryn Hahn to Win an Emmy

People have been calling for Elizabeth Olsen (Wanda Maximoff) to get an Emmy nomination since the first two episodes dropped, but she's not the only person fans want to see win awards for their role in the Marvel series. The latest episode of the series, "Breaking the Fourth Wall," was a big one for Kathryn Hahn (Agnes), and has fans tweeting praise for her performance.

The episode revealed what many fans have long suspected: Agnes is actually Agatha Harkness. The episode ended with an amazing new theme song titled "Agatha All Along," which shows that the witch has been behind everything since the beginning. Hahn got to showcase her talents during the episode, which has many fans calling for an Emmy nomination.

Who Is Marvel's Agatha Harkness?

When Franklin Richards was born, his parents Reed and Sue Richards (a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman) sought to keep him safely tucked away from all manner of prying eyes. The Fantastic Four took the baby to the serene, secluded town of Whisper Hill, the home of their new governess--Agatha Harkness.

Although they didn’t know it at the time, Agatha was a witch of incredible power. She used her abilities to not only keep Franklin safe but to keep his burgeoning powers in check. She finally revealed her magic to save Reed Richards from being trapped in the Negative Zone. The Fantastic Four came to count on her as both an ally and friend. When her own life was in danger, the four heroes did everything they could to save her.

Agatha later became close to another magic-user of the Marvel universe, the Scarlet Witch, when Wanda and Vision became unlikely parents to a set of twins. She sought to help Wanda learn to control her reality-warping magic. Although she would eventually meet her doom at Wanda’s hands, the bond between them was strong even after death, according to IGN.

Agatha's Origins, Motivations & Powers In WandaVision

WandaVision: Who is Kathryn Hahn (Agnes) - the last Villain?
Photo: ign

Who's been messing up everything? Why, Agatha, of course - but perhaps not the version folks at home at familiar with. WandaVision's big villain reveal happens at the very end of episode 7, not leaving much time to dig into the MCU arrival of Agatha Harkness. What we do know is that Agatha has been masquerading around Westview as Agnes, gently steering Wanda by using the "friendly sitcom neighbor" routine. Agatha took Wanda to Dotty, stirred up trouble in the Vision household, and accused Geraldine of not being from 'round these parts. Through flashbacks, it's now clear that Agatha's machinations ran even deeper. She caused a scene at the magic show, conjured Quicksilver onto Wanda's doorstep, and stoked Scarlet Witch's inner insecurities. She also informed Vision of his Avengers: Infinity War death with all the subtlety of Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland trying to hide spoilers.

Agatha hasn't yet reached the part where she tells Wanda her masterplan, but episode 7 does drop some important clues. The obscenely catchy Agatha Harkness theme song includes the lyric "it's too late to fix anything," and when Monica explores the witch's gothic abode, purple vines are crawling into a temple-like structure underneath the house. There's also a cicada on Agatha's drapes - a bug associated with the philosophical notion of rebirth. It appears that Agatha could be using Wanda's massive energy for some dastardly pet project; perhaps summoning something evil back to life.

In terms of powers, Agatha directly compares her magic to Wanda's, although her spells are purple instead of red. It remains to be seen whether the color indicates different powers, or whether Agnes just likes purple. Either way, Harkness is able to influence Westview as easily as Wanda, afflicting other residents, altering the reality, and adding new cast members as she sees fit, Screenrant reported.

Agatha Harkness in the Marvel Comics

Just like we've seen in WandaVision so far, Agatha Harkness is a witch who is one of the original witches from Salem, Massachusetts during the Salem Witch Trials. In her earliest appearances, she was the nanny of Franklin Richards, the son of Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four.

She later taught Wanda how to use magic, but was later captured by Salem's Seven and killed in New Salem. Wanda managed to harvest her energy along with the rest of New Salem to become pregnant with Vision's children. She later mysteriously came back in Avengers West Coast and wiped Scarlet Witch's mind before she found out that Billy and Tommy were actually created with pieces of Mephisto's soul and he later absorbed them back, killing them.

However, after Scarlet Witch realizes the truth, she decides to kill her teacher once and for good for hiding this secret from her, Seventeen cited.

Agatha Harkness in the WandaVision

WandaVision: Who is Kathryn Hahn (Agnes) - the last Villain?
Photo: thesun

Since the Fantastic Four are yet to make their MCU, Agatha Harkness's introduction is no longer as the enigmatic governess of Franklin Richards, but WandaVision's biggest change to the character is making her an outright villain. Agatha has certainly done some sketchy stuff in Marvel's comic continuity (sending witches to die in Salem, for example), but she's traditionally an ally to superheroes, rather than an enemy, especially when it comes to Scarlet Witch. Although Kathryn Hahn's character has yet to reveal her full intentions for Wanda Maximoff, that cackling laugh and devilish theme tune point to Agatha Harkness being a true villain in the MCU - at least for now.

At the end of Episode 7, Wanda is lured down to Agatha’s underground lair – which appears to be full of witchy stuff – and then Agatha seemingly takes control of Wanda’s mind. So the question now is will the show follow the comics and find Agatha mentoring Wanda through her abilities, or are we headed for a showdown between the Scarlet Witch and this other witch? Collider wrote.

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