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In the Blue corner. : WHITE VISION

After a tremendously emotional episode of WandaVision — where we finally learned the significance of sitcoms to Wanda and just how much Vision means to her — we got a sucker punch of a mid-credits scene. It seems that Project Cataract has been a mission to rebuild Vision as a sentient weapon for S.W.O.R.D. Not only that, but this Vision is all white, suggesting he’s been reprogrammed as a blank slate, with no personality or emotions, especially for Wanda.

Marvel nerds immediately recognized this eerie version of Vision as “White Vision.”

White Vision is a version of Vision first introduced in the “Vision Quest” storyline in West Coast Avengers issues #42-#50. John Byrne created a storyline where Vision and Wanda moved to the suburbs and had a couple of kids. (Hey, that sounds familiar!) Just when all seemed well for the couple, Vision is abducted and dismantled. There is even an iconic two-page spread where his body is shown disassembled. (Wait, like in WandaVision Episode 8?!?) Vision is brought back online with his memory and human-like emotions wiped. Oh, and he’s white. Hence the nickname “White Vision.”

Needless to say, the Wanda of the comics found White Vision horrifying. The love of her life has returned with no memory or connection to her. However, there is something kind of neat about this white version of Vision, at least for comics purists. Marvel writer Roy Thomas originally wanted to make the android Vision an all-white, ghostly, spectral character. However, there was no way to effectively do this in 1968, the year Vision was introduced in Avengers issue #57. So White Vision is a fun nod to how Thomas originally conceived him.

The WandaVision Episode 8 mid-credits scene teases that White Vision will enter the Hex to confront Wanda, Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn), and the loving version of Vision that Wanda has manifested with her chaos magic, according to Decider.

In the Red corner: VISION

Photo: SuperHeroHype
Photo: SuperHeroHype

The path for WandaVision to bring the White Vision threat to a peaceful resolution feels surprisingly straightforward. After all, in the comics, White Vision was born out of a creator's desire to strip Vision of all his android angst; that didn't last in the source material, and it's unlikely to last in WandaVision.

So, how do we get there? Let's look at the players on the board.

First, there's WANDA. She's incentivized to keep Vision alive, for obvious reasons, so much so that she did in fact bring him back to life, at least in some form. Wanda created the Westview Vision from … what, exactly? Chaos Magic? The Mind Stone? Her own heart? The specifics are coming, but frankly, they aren't totally necessary for this theory just yet.

Next, there's AGATHA HARKNESS. The witch formerly known as Agnes wants Wanda's powers for her unknown purposes. She's willing to do anything to get them, including threatening the safety of Wanda's Hex-born children. It's fair to think Wanda may act drastically to save their lives.

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Then there's MONICA RAMBEAU, the once and future Photon, Pulsar and Captain Marvel. WandaVision ended up serving as a superhero origin story of sorts for the Captain Marvel character, played here by Mad Men alum Teyonah Parris in a role that's sure to define the fourth phase of the MCU and beyond. It could clarify as soon as the WandaVision finale, given Monica's energy manipulation abilities.

Next on the board: DOCTOR DARCY LEWIS. The Thor veteran's skills have only sharpened since her early MCU Phase One days. She's committed to the love between Wanda and Vision, and has been a key player in isolating the Hex's broadcast waves.

Finally, there's VISION HIMSELF. It's tempting to make the distinction between "our" Vision and Hayward's Vision, but that's not fair to either version. The White Vision may be its own entity right now, but it wasn't always. The Westview Vision is so much of what Wanda and Marvel fans alike love about the character, but not all of it; he doesn't remember any of his history as an Avenger, for example. Something's missing. He's not whole, as reported by Inverse.


White Vision VS. Vision. Photo: Inverse
White Vision VS. Vision. Photo: Inverse

While evenly matched in abilities, the original Vision and the White Vision are entirely unique beings.

For all intents and purposes, Vision is a human man housed within a synthetic body. In the comics, Vision is not just built by Ultron; he also possesses the brain waves of Simon Williams (aka, Wonder Man), making his very nature heroic.

VISION is emotional. He's capable of love, fear, desire, humor, and prone to the emotional outbursts that dictate any human life. He’s a philosopher and a poet who wants nothing more than to be a better human.

WHITE VISION, on the other hand, is an android who retains the memories of the original Vision, but none of his emotional capabilities.

(At least not until much later when he copies the brain patterns of scientist Alex Lipton, but ... that's another story.)

The "infant" White Vision, who is the opponent in this match, is a being of immense power dictated entirely by logic. Although heroic in his actions, White Vision isn’t guided by the friendships and relationships of his previous life, leading to the dissolution of his marriage to Wanda Maximoff, and a cause for unrest among his fellow Avengers. He’s a computer programmed for superheroism, whose morality is dictated by data.

If forced to fight in separate bodies, as WandaVision is setting them up to do, White Vision would take whatever steps he found logical and necessary to win. Even without Simon Williams’ brain patterns, White Vision would undoubtedly retain a fair bit of his father, Ultron.

With his ability to interface with computers he would, like Ultron, create additional copies of himself to fight Vision. If it came down to his survival, a status he would view as necessary for the continued protection of the world, he would have no compunction to go easy on Vision, and could conceivably create an army of copies.

What chance would Vision alone stand against an army with all of his powers and none of his feelings? Not much.

But as a result of his human consciousness, Vision has a fear of death his counterpart does not. He fears what he stands to lose, but also laments the fact that there are lives lived without the feelings and passions that guided him.

WANDAVISION: This may have a happy ending after all.

There's a rightful fear about WandaVision as a curtain call for Paul Bettany, one of the senior most members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, dating all the way back to his voice-acting debut as Jarvis in Iron Man. But Vision is one of the most enduring Marvel heroes for a reason, and not just because he's classic, which he absolutely is. It's also because… look, he's an android! And it's comics! Folks are dying and coming back to life all. the. time.

Already, Vision has died twice and come back to life thrice, in manners of speaking. What's one more time, especially when the method of revival is so similar to the way the original Vision was born in the MCU, using a variety of people's influences to infuse an artificial entity with life? Let alone how it maps onto the character's comic book origins, with the Wonder Man of it all. (Seriously, where's Wonder Man in all of this? Wonder Vision is right there, y'all.)

In other words, if you're nervous about the White Vision's potential reign of pain? If you're nervous that we're going to lose the Vision we love forever? Don't lose those nerves altogether — but don't lose sight of the ball, either. There's a very clear path to bringing the real Vision back online. Marvel's scariest WandaVision twist just might turn out to be its MOST HOPEFUL one, as well.

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