VIRGO Monthly Horoscope July 2021 - Predictions for Love, Health, Career and Money

An overview for the month ahead - July 2021

Virgo, don’t be so self-critical and allow the emotional dunes of Cancer to drown you in its fine, grainy sands.

Virgo is a cautious sign. Usually for Virgo to do things out of character they require pressure from an outward energy source. During the Last Quarter Moon appearing on the 1st, Virgo will shed the past version of themselves to bring in a newer, refreshed zodiac. Because Virgo is a careful and responsible sign, it wouldn’t require much effort to self-analyze and develop a notion of where in the cosmos Virgo would like their spirit to land. Unfortunately, we all make mistakes, and even the most delicate and detailed Virgo can overlook things or make decisions that are out of character.

When Mercury enters emotional Cancer it usually means a lot of expressing. Opening the inner mechanisms of your heart to your friends and communicating your feelings is part of Mercury’s presence in emotional and vulnerable Cancer. Cancer being the zodiac sign that is ruled by emotion, and Mercury the planet of communication, come together to give Virgo the gift of allowing themselves to break down and crumble gracefully. This is the time you tell your friends and family the truth about the unfairness that your life feels.

Chiron, the messenger of health and wellness, will reverse their energy on the 15th right after your emotional self-discovery. This celestial movement is not a bad thing, but you may need this time as a moment to decompress. Usually, when Chiron’s retrograde falls onto the zodiacs it cultivates an air of laziness and self-loathing. For hard-working and responsible Virgo, this can place your spirit into a deep depression. Virgo does not like to stand idle, they are a sign that wants to get better and be a constant wheel of perfection.

Of course, just like any stint of laziness and periods of idle exhaustion brings a blooming period of glow. Venus, the planet of beauty and love, will enter Virgo’s home on the 21st taking Virgo out of that slump that was holding them in such a negative place. Venus will have Virgo wanting to take long musical showers and spend hours taking care of yourself. Virgo will become enthusiastic again and have the same agility to take over the world as they had before. When Venus enters Virgo, the diligent and responsible sign likes to let loose and develop a heightened sense of seductiveness.

Once you’ve allowed your spirit to flow freely in the oceans of Venus, Mars will enter your home as well and bring in your preferred way of being: absolutely perfect. Every fine and minor detail will be scrutinized and no stone will be left unturned. You will observe everything in your life and attempt to make each aspect a better part of you. Virgo’s desire to have a pure and perfect soul beats any ambition that the zodiac can conjure. My suggestion for the delicate and intricate Virgo is to take the time during Mars to intensify your desire for organization.

The month will end as a wrap-around, with the Last Quarter Moon coming again for another round. What have you learned about yourself this month Virgo? What are your wishes and hopes for the future? Remember you don’t have much time until it is your season, and all eyes and energies will be on you. Virgo, you are perfect. You are perfectly imperfect. The world admires how together you have it. How do you handle it all? It’s a secret Virgo will never tell.

Virgo monthly horoscope for Love and relationship - July 2021

VIRGO Monthly Horoscope July 2021 - Predictions for Love, Health, Career and Money
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July 2021 Horoscope for Virgo persons indicates that Venus will influence your love relationships. Love will be sometimes expressive and during other times very sensual. Mars will bring dynamism in your affairs. Overall, love will be very much emotional against your natural character.

Virgo compatibility should be more innovative in expressing their feelings to their partners. You should be more convincing with your spouse if you are newly married.

Single persons should think twice before falling in love this month. You will be eloquent while expressing love to your new partner after the second of the month. Mercury will guide you in these dialogues. During the last week, Venus will help you to form relationships with your allure.

Love can give mixed results for you this month, as your partner or spouse may be upset that you do not invest your feelings in them. Instead, you may feel like relaxing by yourself and spending time alone. This may upset your partner and family members. Similarly, you may feel that your spouse is focusing too much on their career. Things can become uncontrollable later, so it is better to focus on your relationship while it is possible to make things work. You may need to show your love and affection by taking on extra responsibilities at home. Compromise is needed to sustain any relationship.

Virgo monthly horoscope for Career - July 2021

VIRGO Monthly Horoscope July 2021 - Predictions for Love, Health, Career and Money
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Nothing very congenial about your career prospects in the augury from the stars this month. There are distinct chances that you would have to plod a fairly lonely furlough, without anything exciting or interesting happening. Even after all this hard work, there would be little likelihood of realizing expected gains. These would even then tend to elude you.

There is some consolidation in that the association with several gifted people of learning could lead to fairly satisfactory results, some of you may go on to do reasonably well in religious or social work. Writers may also perform slightly above average.

The planets can improve your communication skills with your boss and seniors at work. But they may make you feel a bit demotivated at times, when things don’t go your way, as for e.g., when you don’t get a promotion. Virgo, Your self-esteem and confidence will be high this month, and you will have peace of mind. Your creativity and hard work will be acknowledged at work.

Virgo monthly horoscope for Health - July 2021

VIRGO Monthly Horoscope July 2021 - Predictions for Love, Health, Career and Money
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A helpful month, during which the turn of events would favour your continued good health. Even those with a predisposition to chronic disorders of the digestive tract, like flatulence and excess of wind will experience considerable relief from their troubles. The normal precautions of a bare minimum sort would ensure continued respite from such troubles.

Pay attention to staying in congenial surroundings and company. In fact, make a determined effort to stay away from unpleasant surroundings. This would also ensure good health, since your environment will play a major role in determining the state of your health.

Your health seems to be fine this month, but there may be some work stress, so you must take care of your health. You may have raised BP or sugar problems. Problems at work and commitments may keep you busy, so try to unwind and go on a vacation if you can.

Virgo monthly horoscope for Finance - July 2021

VIRGO Monthly Horoscope July 2021 - Predictions for Love, Health, Career and Money
Photo: Ganesha Speaks

This month the augury from the stars is quite favorable for your financial prospects. Some of you would have a way of handling your workers or subordinates which would enable you to derive maximum benefit from their services. This could well be the most important gain in a month that would even otherwise be beneficial.

There is also the possibility of good fortune coming to your doorstep through the services of an elderly gentleman, which would prove to be extremely beneficial. Even otherwise, the climate would remain quite congenial for investment and the launching of new ventures, and those of you who have such plans in the offing should boldly put these into motion.

This month can bring some problems with one of your colleagues regarding financial matters. You may have taken a loan from them or vice versa, which may now crop up as a problem between you two. Unnecessary expenditures may also upset you. You want to be financially stable this month and limit your expenses wisely, but the problem is that things may not be in your control. You may feel that you don’t have enough savings and you are indulging in unwanted expenses. You must be patient.

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