Valentine's Day Horoscope:  Astrological Predictions for Couples in Love
Valentine's Day Horoscope for Couples in Love

Valentine's Day falls under the flamboyant sign of Aries, indicating a strong desire to embrace and express our passions. Mercury will be retrograde, so our feelings might not come across correctly.

The good news is that we can all revisit past fantasies and desires as Mercury retrogrades. Jupiter and Mercury retrograde in Aquarius give us the strength and assurance to increase our level of excitement. Venus and Mercury will retrogradely link up on the 13th, the day before, leaving us unsure of how to express our hedonistic pleasures. Thankfully, the 14th provides us with the necessary bravery.

1. Aries

All in all, Aries will feel energized and vibrant due to this tremendous energy. On Valentine's Day, when the Moon is in your sign, you'll feel completely at ease and prepared to knock some socks off. You'll feel hot, self-assured, and prepared to make a physical connection with someone.

Avoid drama with your group so that you can spend that much-needed passionate evening alone or with your significant other. Put on some Sade and pop open a bottle of bubbly, whatever happens. Allow your body and mind to merge.

2. Taurus

According to Monahan, "Raunchy Mars" is still in your sign and will be there for the remainder of the month. As a result, you'll have an increased sex desire this Valentine's Day and be searching for the ideal companion to fulfill your desires. Additionally, since Uranus and Mars are co-present, you will be more willing to try new things than usual. Never be scared to switch things up and add some new elements of play to your sexual life.

You want your partner to have a natural sense of what your sexual desires are. They aren't mind readers, though, so be warned. To help them understand exactly what you have in mind, give them hints. If so, you can anticipate having a thrilling time as you and your partner make each other happy throughout the evening, according to Instyle.

3. Gemini

You'll find that your mouth is the greatest place to initiate sexual foreplay. If you can verbally convey your sex desires through your oral skills, you'll be getting away with it like it's no big deal. Jupiter, who rules your house of partnerships, and Mercury, your planetary ruler, work together to accentuate your sensual side.

Mercury, your ruling planet, is currently retrograde, which has the ability to call ghosts from the past back to life. The majority of the energy will be benign because Mercury is conjunct Venus and Jupiter, the two benefics. Anticipate pleasant messages to arrive. Perhaps the apology you've been waiting for the last four years will finally come your way.So, this Valentine's Day, you might want to consider getting back together with your ex. But maintaining your composure and recalling the reasons they aren't in your life right now.

4. Cancer

Your crush/boo will send you a "u up" text, but it won't happen until late at night. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, you might decide to have a late-night conversation rather than getting upset. After all, the Aries Moon will be attracting a flirtatious, energizing pull on you.

If something has been off lately, it's because Aquarius and Cancer form a challenging aspect in astrology known as a "inconjunct." Your Valentine's Day might be less elaborate than usual as a result. You might not feel like doing anything particularly noteworthy. But soon enough, things will get better for you. You'll quickly feel like your usual watery self again as the Sun and Venus both move into watery Pisces in a few days.

5. Leo

In the boudoir, you prefer to be the one receiving all of the love and attention most of the time. Right now, you want to put your partner front and center and concentrate only on realizing their dreams. If so, go ahead and let your heart be generous all night long.

You might not be feeling like your typical carefree self on Valentine's Day because Saturn, the planet of limitations, is influencing your sun. However, there's no reason to worry. It might be time for you to take things a little more seriously, says Monahan. One-night stands and fickle romances are not for you at this time. You're more concerned with relationships that last. Other relationships simply don't measure up.

6. Virgo

You'll want to treat yourself to a little extra pampering during this holiday. Give yourself all of your energy rather than worrying about other people. One effective way to help heal from the stresses of the outside world is to take a hot, healing bath.

You are the one who will want to enjoy a sensual Valentine's Day celebration more than anyone else. Monahan predicts that you will feel particularly energized in this area since the Moon will be lighting up your sensual Eighth House. Start preparing a date if you don't already have one, she advises. You will have a particularly passionate feeling on Valentine's Day.

7. Libra

You'll have the desire to take charge and send a few flirtatious texts to get ready for your sultry evening indoors. If you're apart from your significant other, you can reignite the flames with a strip Zoom session in which you can let your passions and desires burn the house down.

You're going to have a great time this Valentine's Day because your ruling planet Venus is in the sky with fortunate Jupiter. You might draw some admirers if you're single because you'll come across as especially endearing and self-assured that day. In addition, your sun and the airy Aquarius energy complement each other, and your house of partnerships is activated by the passionate Aries moon.

8. Scorpio

Send a potential partner a direct message, and they'll keep you warm all night long. This Valentine's Day, have fun and enjoy cuddling up virtually to your new love interest. Just be mindful that they might be considering a serious relationship while you're concentrating on flirting.

You're going to have a hot Valentine's Day, seductive scorpions. Mars and Uranus are in opposition to your Sun, which is a passionate aspect that may be slightly anxious, but in a positive way. Together, these planets are igniting your primal, ferocious, and competitive side. Now is a good time to pursue your goals. You possess the extra confidence needed to take on new challenges.

9. Sagittarius

You're having more fun than ever, so maybe it's time to try some kinkier sex or break out the thigh-high latex boots. Speak up when you want to get lustful with your partner! You'll get what you want when you ask for it.

With whoever you choose to spend Valentine's Day with, Sagittarius is likely to have a great time. Venus is directly next to your ruling planet, which is sending you a "extra magnified dose of comic good vibes."Furthermore, the Aquarius energy in your house of communication will make you exceptionally talkative and intelligent. If you're single, use the apps because they will make you feel very attractive. You might prefer an online sex date over an in-person one since all these planets are activating your Third House.

10. Capricorn

Always one to be on the edge of the sexual scene (on the dark side, of course), take a look at tantra to broaden your perspective. You'll reach new heights and establish a closer bond with your significant other as a result.

The intense Aquarian energy will be concentrated in your Second House of Sensuality on Valentine's Day. You might want to spend the entire day inside this sensual home with your special someone. It's not always possible to unwind and enjoy some downtime with your partner. Thus, capitalize on the positive energy of the day. The more opulent the environment, the better. Do not hesitate to indulge in some sweets.

11. Aquarius

This Valentine's Day, you'll be itching to express yourself sexually! This entails texting your significant other—or the person you're crushing on—thirst traps and captivating messages. You will receive twice as many pictures and messages in return as you send out. Make sure you give the attention back in kind.

You've occasionally felt a little stuck and restricted in serious relationships in the past because you yearn for independence and space. But this Valentine's Day, you might discover a lovely, slack but devoted relationship with a free-spirited Fire sign (Leo, Aries, or Sagittarius), which suggests to you that maybe, in the past, that person wasn't the right fit for you.

12. Pisces

Even though it's cold outside, the chill won't necessarily enter your bedroom. You'll have a good time whether you spend the evening flying solo or snuggled up with your significant other. For fun, try experimenting with various sex toys and novel positions, if you're game.

The Moon is in your sign on Valentine's Day, but it later moves into Aries. Making a special breakfast for two is a wonderful way to start the day. You'll be primed for a "little erotic tussle between the sheets" once that intense Aries Moon energy begins to flow.

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