New York City could get a foot of snow

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Snow Storm. Photo: ABC News

A major winter snowstorm will wallop parts of the Mid-Atlantic into New England on Wednesday and Thursday.

New York City could get as much as a foot of snow, according to forecasts.

"Confidence is high that this winter storm will result in significant impacts, including travel disruptions and power outages across much of the Mid-Atlantic and southern New England," the Weather Prediction Center said.

The storm will begin early Wednesday in western North Carolina and by a mid-to-late-afternoon move into the major Northeast metro areas. Heavy snow is expected near and north of the Interstate 95 corridor from Washington to Boston.

"The models seem pretty convinced Monday morning that the temperatures just above the surface will stay below freezing," CNN meteorologist Chad Myers said. "If this happens, it would certainly increase the amount of snowfall for NYC above 12 inches."

If over a foot were to fall in New York City, it would be the most snowfall the city has seen from a single storm -- or even in a month -- since the historic blizzard in January of 2016.

Snowfall amounts will vary, depending on where the center of the storm tracks and where the heaviest bands of snow are located.

Early guidance suggests that if New York stays cold enough, the city will get anywhere from 8 to 14 inches of snow.

Boston is on the northern fringe of the storm and could see a more drastic change in precipitation amounts, depending on where the storm tracks. Residents could see anywhere from a few inches to over a foot of snow, as CNN reported.

New York City suspends outdoor dining

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Photo: The New York Times

New York City will suspend outdoor dining starting Wednesday afternoon due to a major storm that will bring heavy snow across the state.

On Monday New York City’s Department of Sanitation issued a Snow Alert for Wednesday starting at 2pm when a powerful nor'easter is forecast to barrel through the East Coast and could dump eight inches of snow or more on the Big Apple.

As a result, restaurants are ordered to be closed to outdoor dining starting at 2 pm 'to protect the safety of patrons.'

The city will notify restaurants, which are already closed to indoor dining due to surging coronavirus cases when they can reopen for roadway seating.

Winter Storm Jonas ranks 4th worst among Northeast snowstorms

Last weekend’s crippling blizzard was the fourth most powerful snowstorm to hit the Northeast in at least 60 years, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Thursday.

The agency gave the storm a rating of 7.66 on the Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale, which ranks storms according to inches of snowfall, geographic reach and population affected. That bumps down to No. 5 the Presidents Day weekend storm of 2003, which had a score of 7.50.

The blizzard last Friday through Sunday affected 102.8 million people and covered about 434,000 square miles in 26 states, NOAA spokeswoman Maureen O’Leary said.

Almost 24 million people saw more than 20 inches of snow and 1.5 million got more than 30 inches, according to National Weather Service meteorologist Paul Kocin, who helped develop the scale. He called the storm a slightly smaller version of a January 1996 blizzard, No. 2 on the list, which covered a similar area.

“This storm ranks up there with the great blizzards of the past 100 years in terms of the amount of snowfall, size of impacted areas and population affected,” Kocin said in a statement.

The scale doesn’t take into account other misery metrics, such as storm-related deaths, flight cancellations and power outages.

“We try to keep the scale as simple as possible,” Kocin explained in a telephone interview.

The storm dropped snow from Louisiana to Maine and across parts of the southern Midwest. It also caused damaging coastal flooding in New Jersey.

At least 52 people in 11 states and the District of Columbia died in storm-related incidents including car accidents, carbon monoxide poisoning and heart attacks while shoveling snow.

One of the highest snowfall readings was 42 inches, in Glengary, West Virginia, where some counties remained under states of emergency Thursday.

This storm was unique for its high level of predictability, Kocin said. Forecasters saw it coming a week in advance and accurately predicted snowfall amounts for most places days ahead of time. Notable exceptions included northern New Jersey and New York City, where snowfall was heavier than initially forecast, he said.

The most powerful storm on the list is still the so-called Storm of the Century, which dropped more than 30 inches of snow in spots along a swath from Mississippi to Maine in March 1993. That ferocious late-winter blast, characterized by NOAA as a superstorm, scored 13.2 on the scale. It affected more than 100 million people and caused more than $2 billion in property damage in 22 states, according to NOAA’s website.

This weekend’s storm’s economic impact is still being calculated. Earlier this week, neconomists at Moody’s Analytics pegged the lost economic output to $2.5 billion to $3 billion. That estimate just represents lost income for hourly workers and skipped consumer spending. It doesn’t include damage to roads or other infrastructure, according to NYpost.

'Based on the current forecast, the City estimates that this Snow Alert will be over on Thursday evening, allowing restaurants to reopen, but this may change to the morning of Friday, December 18 based on actual accumulations and roadway conditions,' the city's sanitation department said Monday.

'At this time, the City is not asking that restaurants remove any barriers or structures for roadway dining,' the department added, as reported by Daily Mail.

Latest New York Weather Forcast

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New York Weather Forcast. Photo: Weather Atlas
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