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Ocugen Stock Rocketed 200% - Why?

Shares of Ocugen tripled on Monday after the biopharmaceutical company said it conducted a stock offering at a substantial premium to its closing price on Friday.

Ocugen announced on Tuesday that it struck a deal with India-based vaccine developer Bharat Biotech to potentially bring Covaxin, a COVID-19 vaccine candidate, to the U.S. Following the announcement, investors were bracing for dilution. Clinical trials can be expensive, and Ocugen ended the third quarter with only $19.3 million in cash reserves. So, it was only a matter of time before the biotech would need to sell stock to obtain the cash it needed to fund Covaxin's development in the U.S.

What was surprising, however, was that Ocugen was able to price its shares at $7.65, or roughly 46% higher than the price at which they closed on Friday. Ocugen is expected to raise approximately $23 million via the sale of 3 million shares in a direct offering to institutional investors. The sale is expected to close on Feb. 10.

With Ocugen's stock rising far above its direct offering price, investors are signaling their optimism that the company will be able to use its newfound cash to fund Covaxin's clinical trials and eventually gain emergency use authorization for the COVID-19 vaccine candidate in the U.S. If it can do so, Ocugen would receive a 45% share of the drug's U.S. profits.

Should you invest $1,000 in Ocugen, Inc. right now?

Investing legends and Motley Fool Co-founders David and Tom Gardner just revealed what they believe are the 10 best stocks for investors to buy right now... and Ocugen, Inc. wasn't one of them.

The online investing service they've run for nearly two decades, Motley Fool Stock Advisor, has beaten the stock market by over 4X.* And right now, they think there are 10 stocks that are better buys.

Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Kristen Kluska believes that the company is starting to receive more attention for COVAXIN and noted that Ocugen is set to receive 45% of any sales in the U.S. if COVAXIN gets approved in the market. And Kluska noted Ocugen is now receiving a “significant amount of social media attention” — which could also be driving recent volatility in the stock.

Kluska believes that her estimates updated last week for including COVAXIN are conservative. And Kluska believes that there is no need for revising her estimates and price target due to the volatility. And she is maintaining an “Overweight” rating and $4 price target on the shares.

Reddit-raid stocks are popular

Perhaps the biggest standout in this list is just how quickly the so-called "Reddit-raid stocks" rocketed up Robinhood's leaderboard.

Reddit raid - the recent phenomenon whereby groups of investors on Reddit's "wallstreetbets" community platform band together to buy into stocks that are heavily short-sold in order to create a short squeeze. GameStop, AMC Entertainment, and Blackberry are all companies that weren't on the radar a few weeks ago, but are practically the hottest and most controversial stocks on Wall Street as we enter February.

Top 5 - Reddit buying power forces silver to 6-month highs, stocks rocket

Silver market could be the target of a ‘GameStop-style’ short squeeze, with dealers running out of physical silver. Aussie stocks TMZ, EQE, SVL, ARD and IVR fly in morning trade

Someone – maybe the Wallstreetbets crew – is pushing silver demand to unprecedented levels.


Thomson is close to wrapping up its acquisition of the previously producing Webbs and Conrad silver projects in NSW.

The high grade Webbs deposit produced ~55,000t of ore grading at least 23oz (about 710 grams per tonne) silver between 1884 to 1901.

Conrad was historically one of the largest silver mines in the New England region, producing about 3.5moz of silver along with lead and tin.


Late last year, Equus signed a binding deal with TSX-listed miner Mandalay Resources to acquire the Cerro Bayo silver-gold mine and infrastructure in Southern Chile.

The deal includes a processing plant which has produced about 600,000 ounces of gold and 45 million ounces of silver since 1995.


Silver Mines’ Bowdens project in NSW is Australia’s largest undeveloped silver deposit.

The proposed mine would produce 66moz of silver, 130,000t of zinc, and 95,000t of lead over an initial 16.5-year life.


Argent is accelerating towards development of the 52moz Kempfield silver-lead-zinc project.

“The strength in commodity prices and worldwide demand for silver, gold and zinc production make for exciting times for Argent and its stakeholders,” Argent boss George Karageorge says.

Argent plans to complete a resource upgrade by May.


To press the button on development of its flagship Paris project, Investigator needed a sustained silver price somewhere around the $US19.20/oz mark, managing director Andrew McIlwain told Stockhead in September 2019.

With prices well above that at ~$US27/oz Investigator is now making moves.

The stock is currently working on a pre-feasibility study for the 43moz Paris project in South Australia — the highest grade deposit in the country — which it hopes to complete in June 2021.

A quarterly recap shows the company completed ~25,000m of drilling into its flagship Paris project and raised $7m for a total bank balance of $13m.

3 Top Tech Stocks to Buy - Motley Fool

These companies just delivered strong earnings, but their stocks are still undervalued.

The tech sector has really been the place to be in the market's recent past. Over the past decade, a wave of technology disruption has changed all of our lives dramatically, powered by smartphones, cloud computing, and powerful internet platforms. No surprise, the tech-heavy ETF Invesco QQQ Trust has massively outperformed the broader market:


Google search parent Alphabet rocketed higher after its fourth quarter earnings report last week. But you know what? I think the stock is still undervalued.

Sure, Alphabet's stronger-than-expected 23% revenue growth and massive earnings outperformance were nice to see as the company recovered from COVID-19 headwinds. But the real story was the first-ever disclosure of Google's cloud unit profitability.

So why did Alphabet's stock surge higher, if the cloud unit is burning more cash than thought? Because that means the "core" businesses -- Search, YouTube, Play store, and hardware -- are all much more profitable than investors may have thought. Those businesses collectively made a whopping $54.6 billion in operating income last year, up 11.4% over 2019. But remember, the COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted results in the first two quarters of the year. For the fourth quarter, those businesses grew operating income a whopping 41% over the fourth quarter of 2019.

Likely, investors boosted Alphabet's stock after earnings because they value the core businesses off of earnings, yet still value the cloud business off of sales. Since the core business is more profitable, investors may value it higher, while the value for the cloud business likely didn't change that much. After all, many high-growth cloud software stocks are also racking up hefty losses, but investors have nonetheless bid them up to high valuations anyway due to strong revenue growth.

Alphabet's $1.39 billion valuation is only 25.4 times the core Google services operating income for 2020, which would actually be a fine valuation based on that business alone. Yes, the cloud lost $5.6 billion, and Alphabet's moonshot "other bets" segment, including Waymo and Verily, burned another $4.5 billion. Still, both of those segments likely have significant positive value.

Considering that you are basically getting these huge loss-making businesses for free and Alphabet still looks like a solid value even after its post-earnings pop.


T-Mobile reported strong fourth quarter results last week, yet the stock slipped a bit in the aftermath. Why? Potentially, investors may have been underwhelmed by the company's guidance for 2021 after a monster 2020 that saw T-Mobile's stock rise 72%.

TMUS Chart

Still, T-Mobile's guidance for 4 million to 4.7 million net postpaid additions in the upcoming year would still be pretty strong. After all, its 5.6 million net additions in 2020 was the strongest in company history, and the best in the industry. Furthermore, T-Mobile has a history of guiding conservatively and handily beating expectations.

Meanwhile, the noise around full-year guidance is only a distraction from the fact that T-Mobile has a 5G network lead over rivals. Last quarter, T-Mobile exceeded its target of covering 100 million people with high-mid-band 5G spectrum, along with 280 million covered by slower low-band 5G.

That's a big lead over its competitors, and it should be a differentiator as consumers upgrade to 5G phones this year. Combined with billions in upcoming synergies as the result of its 2020 Sprint acquisition, and T-Mobile should see growth and expanding margins, not just in 2021, but over the next several years. Any pullback could be an opportunity for long-term investors.

Super Micro Computer

Another undervalued tech company that just reported earnings is Super Micro Computer. Super Micro makes customized servers for large data center clients, and that business was disrupted by COVID-19, both from a demand and supply perspective. Last quarter, Super Micro's revenue fell 5% year over year but gained 9% quarter over quarter, showing a recovery from the slowdown earlier in the year.

However, Super Micro is about to ramp sales beyond its original customer base. The company just completed a build-out of its Taiwan campus, which will allow it to produce high volumes of cloud servers at lower costs, opening up the large cloud computing market. In addition, Super Micro is beginning to make servers for the 5G/telco market, winning new customers last year and ramping up to higher volumes in 2021.

Super Micro has seen its revenue momentum stagnate over the past couple of years as it had to deal with an accounting scandal, but the company cleaned up its books and was re-listed on the Nasdaq one year ago. Now, CEO Charles Liang is confident the company can grow again, and promised an upcoming analyst day where Super Micro will outline its goal of reaching $10 billion in revenue. For context, that's more than triple what Super Micro makes in revenue today.

Despite those rosy growth prospects, Super Micro trades at only 10 times its 2022 earnings estimates.That seems way too cheap for a stock with the potential to triple its sales going forward. Furthermore, Super Micro has $270 million in net cash, and just authorized a $200 million share repurchase program, so management is taking advantage while the stock appears to be on sale.

RBC analysts: Apple can surge another 25%

Apple shares can jump higher if the tech giant steps into the cryptocurrency market, RBC Capital Markets said Monday.

In a note to clients, the analyst Mitch Steves lifted RBC's price target for the iPhone maker to $171 from $154, implying a 25% increase from Apple's close on Friday. The target is the highest among Wall Street analysts. Steves also maintained an "outperform" rating on the shares.

allet already contributes to Apple's increasingly robust Services business, but an expansion into the crypto sector could make it an even bigger boon, RBC said. Opening the Wallet app to the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency could cement Apple as a leader in the industry and bolster its Services revenue, according to the team.

Tesla investor who predicted 2020 stock surge unloads shares

Tesla investor Gary Black, a former Bernstein analyst, has decided to offload his Tesla shares after accurately predicting the over 700% surge in the automaker’s stock price in 2020. Black announced this morning that the “absence of clear FY’21 delivery guidance,” and other factors were the reason for his decision.

Black added more comments regarding the company’s decision to invest in Bitcoin, and wrote:

“I go back to my criticism of $TSLA earnings calls, which already stood out for their vagueness, lack of detail, and non-discussion of strategic priorities. If $TSLA purchased $1.5B in #bitcoin in January, why not share the logic with shareholders on the earnings call?”

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