Trump’s New Communications Platform: How it Works, Powered by Whom and Trump’s posts

The subsection of his existing website is called “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump,” and it relays the former president’s thoughts in a blog format.

The move comes a day before a decision from Facebook Inc's oversight board on whether to uphold Trump's indefinite suspension from the platform. Trump was barred from a slew of social media platforms following the deadly Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol by his supporters, Reuters reported.

From the Desk of Donald J. Trump: How it works

Trump’s New Communications Platform: How it Works, Powered by Whom and Trump’s posts
The landing page of Trup's website. Photo herald sun

Trump's senior adviser, Jason Miller, said in a tweet that this collection of posts was not the social media platform that Trump has plans to launch. "We'll have additional information coming on that front very shortly," he tweeted.

The site, which was first reported by Fox News, contains posts from Trump that can be shared and liked.

According to team Trump, the outlet will enable the former president to continue sharing his thoughts and opinions despite being blocked indefinitely from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat.

“In a time of silence and lies, a beacon of freedom arises. A place to speak freely and safely. Straight from the Desk of Donald J. Trump,” text on a video announcing the launch reads.

For now, Trump’s new website appears to be more like a blog — essentially for posting texts and images with some basic sharing functionality.

Users can read posts Trump has shared, “heart” them, and then reshare them to Twitter and Facebook, but they cannot directly comment on the former president’s posts or post their own content on the platform. Trump appears to be the only user posting content on the website at this time.

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“From the Desk of Donald J. Trump”: Powered by whom

The technology appears to be powered by Campaign Nucleus— the "digital ecosystem made for efficiently managing political campaigns and organizations," created by his former campaign manager, Brad Parscale.

The Campaign Nucleus platform was created in March 2016 by Parscale, who has quietly been working to develop the product for the last five years.

The platform features a command center for campaigns, including ways to track users, connect to data sources to make "informed decisions," manage "all content and events," and cut out third-party platforms.

From the Desk of Donald J. Trump: Trump’s posts

*“Heartwarming to read new polls on big-shot warmonger Liz Cheney of the great State of Wyoming. She is so low that her only chance would be if vast numbers of people run against her which, hopefully, won’t happen. They never liked her much, but I say she’ll never run in a Wyoming election again!”

*“So nice to see RINO Mitt Romney booed off the stage at the Utah Republican State Convention. They are among the earliest to have figured this guy out, a stone-cold loser!”

Trump’s New Communications Platform: How it Works, Powered by Whom and Trump’s posts

*“Please explain to the Democrats and RINOs that the reason Texas-06 completely shut out Democrats in Saturday’s Jungle Primary is because of my Endorsement of Susan Wright, who surged last week after receiving it. The Democrats were shut out and now it will be a contest between two Republicans, a very big win. It would be nice, however, if the pundits and Fake News Media would state the real reason for this unprecedented (Democrats have never been shut out before) victory!” he said on May 3.

*“The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 will be, from this day forth, known as THE BIG LIE!”

*On May 1, he posted: “Today is Election Day in Texas, go out and vote for Susan Wright. She will be strong on the Border, Crime, Pro-Life, our brave Military, and Vets, and will ALWAYS protect your Second Amendment. She will never let you down. VOTE TODAY!”


“This is just a one-way communication,” one source familiar with the platform told Fox News. “This system allows Trump to communicate with his followers.”

Many were quick to point out that the “platform” is no more than a blog on social media.

Trump and social media

Donald Trump was among the most effective politicians at using social media and built a vast following on the major platforms before being abruptly banned.

Trump built a massive following of some 88 million on Twitter and 35 million on Facebook, using his personal accounts more than official ones, even in political and policy statements. Critics said Trump repeatedly violated platform rules on hateful and abusive content but he was largely unfiltered until the final months of his presidency.

His unusual usage made social media an important place for political discourse.

Trump's blocking of people who criticized him on Twitter prompted a lawsuit, and a court ruled in 2019 that his personal account was effectively a "public forum" that must allow all voices.

Why suspended?

Trump’s Facebook account was suspended for inciting violence that led to the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol riots. After years of treating Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric with a light touch, Facebook and Instagram, which Facebook owns, silenced his accounts on Jan. 7, saying at the time he’d be suspended? at least? through the end of his presidency on Jan. 20, AP cited.

In a short video posted on his social media accounts, Trump had urged his supporters to go home while also repeating falsehoods about the integrity of the presidential election.

Facebook's move came after Trump was booted off Twitter, his preferred site for reaching his millions of social media followers.

Will Trump return to Facebook?

Former President Donald Trump will find out whether he gets to return to Facebook on Wednesday when the social network’s quasi-independent Oversight Board plans to announce its ruling in the high-profile case.

The decision is likely to stir up strong feelings no matter which way it goes. If the board rules in Trump's favor, Facebook has seven days to reinstate his account. If it upholds Facebook’s decision, Trump will remain? indefinitely suspended.? That means he’ll remain banned from the platform for as long as Facebook sees fit.

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