Top 7 stunning beaches all around the world!
Stunning Beaches around the World - Photo: Tripadvisor.


When it comes to the top picturesque beaches in the world, it is worth mentioning Tulum in Mexico. What sets Tulum apart is its proximity to some of the most stunning Mayan ruins in all of Mexico: it is here that one of the world’s best cultural destinations meets one of the world’s best beaches. Tulum’s ruin is an ancient walled city sitting on a rocky cliff that overlooks a spectacular beach. With hordes of tourists visiting every day, the area is not exactly private, but the broad stretch of white sand and mesmerizing turquoise Caribbean waters more than makeup for it.

Top 7 stunning beaches all around the world!
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Backed by dazzling white limestone cliffs that loom over its sandy shores, Navagio Beach, and the sparkling turquoise waters that border it certainly paint a pretty picture. Located on the Ionian Island of Zakynthos, the gorgeous beach regularly features in travel magazines and is one of the most beautiful natural settings in the whole of Greece. Despite being nicknamed ‘Shipwreck Beach,’ due to the rusty remains of a shipwreck that lies upon its sands, Navagio Beach is ironically only accessible by boat. Skimming across the sparkling waters towards the secluded cove is an unforgettable experience; the scenery gets better and better as you approach.

Top 7 stunning beaches all around the world!
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The Turks and Caicos comprise 40 islands and cays, of which Providenciales is the main tourist centre. It’s here, on the northern shore, that you’ll find Grace Bay, a 19km (12 miles) paradise-perfect mix of sugary sand and transparent water, fringed by a coral reef system with fabulous snorkelling and diving. Unfortunately, an increasing number of resorts and condo hotels have sprung up along the shore in recent years, so you may be better off these days on the more private hotel beaches of Amanyara or Parrot Cay.


Whitehaven Beach is protected by the Whitsunday Islands National Park and is located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Australia’s most famous beach stretches for 4,4 miles (7 km) and is washed by swirls of turquoise, blue and green water. The sand is 98% pure white silica, which gives it a brilliant, near luminescent colour. You can reach the beach via a helicopter or seaplane, or you can sail to Whitehaven Beach with one of the many yacht excursions in the area.

Top 7 stunning beaches all around the world!
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Baio Do Sancho is situated on the remote island of Fernando de Noronha, an active volcanic archipelago of 21 islands in the Atlantic Ocean, located approximately 220 miles (350 km) off the coast of northeastern Brazil bay. Sparkling emerald water and soft white sands are surrounded by vegetation-covered 250 ft (75 m) cliffs. The beach can only be reached by boat or by foot on a dirt trail through a crack in a rock wall with a few dozen uneven, slippery-sandy steps. The beach is perfect for snorkelling and spotting rays.

Top 7 stunning beaches all around the world!
Photo: Tripadvisor.


It is not only tropical beaches whose breathtaking beauty can make one speechless. The best example is Long Beach, the longest sandy beach on Canada’s Vancouver Island, that offers eye-popping scenic views and an unmatched maritime wilderness. Located within the boundaries of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve between Tofino and Ucluelet, its 10 miles (16 km) of pristine sand are backed by lush rainforests and washed by the cool pounding surf. Twenty-thousand grey whales migrate up this coast each spring and summer.

Whether they’re blessed with blindingly bright white sands or located in the most idyllic setting imaginable; the world is truly home to a staggering array of beautiful beaches, each more breathtaking than the last. While some of them are to be found at the heart of world-famous cities, others are nestled away on tropical islands or tucked away deep inside national parks. Hopefully, this article is helpful for you to give your own decisions.

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