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But lucky for you, KnowInsiders.com is a gift expert and have curated the perfect ideas.

Here are 9 thoughtful gifts for your "big son" on the coming International Men's Day:

#1. A tree for a change - Thoughtful Gifts for Son

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Put another way, try thinking beyond the obvious: rather than buying a tangible gift, think about making a charitable donation or giving a gift in honor or memory of a special someone. You should think about "gifting" your adult child to Trees for a Change.

You can plant a tree in their honor in a U.S. National Forest that has been severely damaged by wildfire. There will be a card or certificate delivered to your loved one informing them of your kind donation.

#2. Mark 12:30 wood scripture plaque- Thoughtful Gifts for Son

This gorgeous Scripture plaque from Northwest Gifts has the words of Christ from Mark 12:30 meticulously engraved into the wood. Your child's family name, birthdate, and personalized floral background will add a lovely, sentimental touch to any room in their house.

This plaque comes ready to hang and is available in two sizes. For additional wood Scripture plaques, or to create your own, click this link.

#3. Experience or getaway- Thoughtful Gifts for Son

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These days, experiences are highly sought after. Needless to say, experience gifts are also very fashionable at the moment and don't seem to be going away anytime soon.

By giving your adult child the gift of an experience, you're actually giving them fresh memories that they will cherish forever.

Tinggly offers what they call gift boxes, which make giving an experience incredibly simple. Your child can choose from a wide range of options in each box, such as surfing lessons in Santa Cruz or horseback riding on a beach in the UK.

There really is a little something for everybody!

#4. Hopped up coffee gift box- Thoughtful Gifts for Son

Naturally, as soon as you're an adult, you fall in love with coffee (or tea, or kombucha, or whatever caffeine-containing beverage). You already know your adult daughter or son will love something like this gift idea if they are a huge coffee fan. Specialty coffee grounds that have been expertly blended by hand are included in the Hopped Up Coffee gift box. With a hint of kick and lots of body, each sampler mimics the crisp flavors of malted drinks.

Each gift box contains four flavors: Scottish Ale, Black IPA, Winter Warmer, and Chocolate Stout.

#5. Lessons- Thoughtful Gifts for Son

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Regardless of age, we have all fantasized about taking lessons in dancing, singing, tennis, or some other activity. Learning never stops at any age.

This is a special opportunity to actually try something rather than just talk about it, whether you choose to give a loved one a class or a series of lessons! This gift will be given to all the boys. We are aware of certain things they enjoy or have enjoyed, and the lessons will give them the opportunity to rekindle their passions or areas of interest!

#6. Custom portrait print- Thoughtful Gifts for Son

Look to art when in doubt! Because it's not at all difficult to find (or make) gifts for adult children with a little bit of creative assistance. Here's a fantastic illustration: All Gift Considered cites this exquisite portrait print.

You send the artist all the details you would like to have included in the mom-daughter or mom-son portrait (skin tone, body type, hair color, etc.), and they will create a beautiful artwork that serves as a beautiful memento of your close-knit relationship.

Your adult child will always value this gift.

Select a printed copy or a digital download, and make sure to frame it nicely.

#7. Personalized Whiskey decanter set- Thoughtful Gifts for Son

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A well-made decanter set is a timeless present that your children will appreciate for many years to come. It's even better when it's personalized, like this one, with a name and a date.

This exquisite glassware set comes with four matching personalized glasses and a custom-engraved 27-oz decanter that's ideal for whiskey or any other spirit.

With nine distinct design options available, you can truly tailor it to your child's specific preferences. Gift boxes are not required.

#8. Custom engraved Glencairn glass- Thoughtful Gifts for Son

This idea is a wonderful complement to the whiskey decanter set that was previously mentioned.

Your child's name will be engraved in one of four beautiful fonts on this fine (made in the USA) Glencairn glass. It can accommodate up to 6 ounces of whiskey, bourbon, or any other beverage and is dishwasher safe.

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#9. UV portable sanitizer- Thoughtful Gifts for Son

The times we live in demand that we take every precaution to reduce our exposure to potentially dangerous microorganisms. UV sanitation, also known as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (see more about it here), is becoming more and more popular as a means of maintaining cleanliness in homes, schools, and hospitals.

Since our phones are known to be replete with repulsive microorganisms, we ought to clean them as soon as the day begins and ends.

Your child will be taking extra care to keep themselves and everyone around them healthy by cleaning their phone with this HoMedics UV portable sanitizer.

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