Here are the top 7 car-hailing apps around the world for you:

1. Uber

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Uber is the world’s most popular ride-hailing app, claiming 107 countries around the globe. Using Android app data from 171 countries, digital market intelligence firm SimilarWeb analyzed the most popular ride-hailing apps across the world, based on both reach (percentage of installs) and active app users. Our methodology declared an app dominant when it was both the most used taxi app and installed on at least 1% of Android devices in that country.

Of the 171 markets which met this threshold of installs, Uber was the world leader, claiming 107 out of 171 countries, or 62% of the available territories. On its home turf in the US, Uber is the most used ride-hailing app, installed on 21.3% of Android devices in the country.

2. Easy Taxi

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Easy Taxi is available in 420 cities across 30 countries in the world. It is one of the better alternatives to Uber out there in the market. As of now, Easy Taxi claims to have a taxi fleet of 400,000 drivers and a user base of 17 million clients.

Notable features that make Easy Taxi stand out to include the destination fare calculator and the estimated arrival time of the driver which are remarkably precise on most occasions. One of the best things about this service is the fact that you can sync the Easy Taxi app with other Facebook applications to redeem coupons and vouchers that you could use to lower the fare of your rides.

The taxi drivers working for Easy Taxi are screened and tested. Hence, there is no reason for you to worry about your safety being compromised.

3. Grab

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GrabTaxi is dominating the cab-hailing app market in Southeast Asia. Vietnam’s economy, for instance, is growing at a rate similar to that of China. With such development comes dedicated applications, such as Grab. As Southeast Asia’s sole remaining ride-sharing app, since they acquired Uber’s regional operations in 2018, Grab dominates the industry of eight major Southeast Asian nations.

Originally developed and launched in Malaysia in 2012, Grab has since relocated to Singapore and expanded to encompass the markets of Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Cambodia. With over 68 million users and 3.5 million rides on a daily basis, it’s fair to say that they’re doing well.

4. Lyft

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The list would not have been complete without a proper mention of Lyft. It is probably the biggest competitor that Uber has in the United States with coverage in 60 cities across the country. Since safety is of the utmost priority for the users of transport apps, Lyft makes sure that all its drivers possess a valid license and have gone through DMV, background, and criminal checks.

Lyft is currently offering four different services. You could use the regular Lyft, the Lyft Plus, the Lyft Line, or the Lyft Premier. Lyft Plus accommodates six or more passengers, Lyft Line allows you to tag along with other passengers while Lyft Premier is a high-end service where you get to travel in a luxury sedan that seats a maximum of 4 passengers.

5. Gett

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Nicknamed ‘The Start-up Nation’, Israel has fostered an environment over the years that encourages would-be developers and entrepreneurs to follow their technological dreams. One such company resulting from this is Gett, which operates as Israel’s premier ride-sharing app.

Originally developed in 2010 as GetTaxi, Gett has since expanded its services beyond that of taxis and beyond the borders of Israel. Today, the app can also be found in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Russia. Although the details of Gett’s service options vary from one country to another, the basic details remain about the same.

6. Curb

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Curb is one of the most popular taxi apps in the USA that connects you to over 50,000 taxis in 65 cities, including New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Miami, Washington D.C., etc. The application provides you with 3 ride options:

Ride Now - to request a taxi for immediate pickup;

Ride Later - to reserve a taxi for a pickup in up to 24 hours;

Pair & Pay - to гse the Curb app to pay for rides you hail with your hand (the functionality is supported by New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, and Las Vegas).

7. DiDi

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You may have never heard of it, but Didi Chuxing, or DiDi, is one of the most valuable and utilized ride-sharing apps in the world. Although it has recently expanded into Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and Taiwan, DiDi is primarily a China-centric application. With a presence in over 400 cities therein, DiDi got a jumpstart to prominence when it took over Uber’s in-country operations in 2016.

Today, DiDi is headquartered in Beijing, employs over ten thousand people, and facilitates over 30 million rides on a daily basis. It’s doing so well that’s its valuation has made it the 3rd most valuable start-up in the world, behind only Uber and Ant Financial. Beyond simple ride-sharing, Didi also provides ebike sharing, taxi, minibus, carpool, luxury, food delivery, and designated driving services.

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