The Great Mysteries in History That are still Unsolved

Top 13 Most Creepy And Mysterious Mysteries That Have Finally Been Explained

Humans are always proud of their scientific and technical level, have explored every corner of the Earth and have begun to reach out to explore outer space. In fact, there are still many places on this planet that, to the best of our knowledge, humans have yet to discover.

1.Palermo (Italy)

ancient tombs of the Franciscan monks in Palermo
Ancient tombs of the Franciscan monks in Palermo

Visiting the ancient tombs of the Franciscan monks in Palermo, visitors cannot help but be surprised because the burial process is very manual but equally professional as the ancient tombs of Sicily, where there are mummies with many special fragrance oils.

In 1599, local monks discovered in their tomb a mysterious substance that helps preserve the bodies of the dead. As a result, locals from all walks of life chose to be buried here. This place still holds 80,000 mummies carefully dressed and standing.

2.Charleville (Ireland)

Top 9 Most Mysterious Places Around the World
Charleville - One of the Most Mysterious Places in the World

It is considered the most haunted castle in the world. Legend has it that the designer of the castle was a poor man who always wore a saddle with the strength of a Celtic monk.

But only a short time later, this character burns his saddle to attract evil spirits. Many people in the castle were plagued by plagues and were sacrificed alive in the hope of preventing the plague.

Most of the castle's cellars are rumored to be haunted, which is why it's a frequent attraction for adventurous tourists.

3.Greyfriars (Scotland)

Legend has it that two generations of monks and nuns in Scotland tried to exorcise demons at a cemetery where members of the Greyfriars church were buried with spells.

Since then, 150 visitors to the cemetery have been attacked, some of whom have died mysteriously, while others have had unexplained bruises on their bodies. Most of the attacks happen near prisons next to graveyards.

Visitors to this creepy place will be told stories by many people in black suits with fascinating, thrilling things that make them feel like they are lost in real dead cities.

4.Mary King (England)

Mary King
Mary King

Mary King is considered the most mysterious and least visited land in Edinburgh (England). This land is famous for many narrow alleys and poisonous stones.

In 1645, a pandemic occurred, killing many people in the country. Many families in that land had to go abroad to seek food, starve and die. Today, few people dare to come to this area for fear that the souls of the ill-fated victims are still lurking around.

5.Catacombs in Paris

Top 9 Most Mysterious Places Around the World
Catacombs in Paris

Millions of Parisians were buried in an underground cellar surrounded by walls. This place is considered the "kingdom" of the dead, with walls covered with human bones.

Originally in 1770, the Paris cemetery was so overcrowded that there was a risk of disease causing the government to move many graves into the tunnel. The temperature in the cellar is always kept at minus 51.8°C

6.Pore ​​Lachaise (France)

It is considered the mysterious resting place of French artists such as Colette, Victor Hugo and Delacroix. This cemetery opened in 1804, and now 70,000 people rest here.

The pine and cypress trees are always caressed by the wind, calling for vi vu, in addition to the screams and groans emanating from the statues guarding the graves, making people feel horrible. But more terrifying is the cry of the grave diggers.

7.Catacombs of Rome (Italy)

Built during the Roman Empire, in the form of Christianity. Notably, there are up to 60 mysterious burials along the Roman road in the Via Appia, Via Ostiensis and Via Labicana...

Names of graves such as St. Calixtus and St. Sebastian - located along the Via Appia, the area believed to be the burial ground of the martyrs. Tourists who visit are guided by priests. This crypt is currently administered by the Vatican.

8.Salem Witchcraff Trials

The trials of suspected witches in Salem, Massachusetts, which specialized in executions in 1692, are also known for their horror. Since then, nineteen people have been hanged, one was torn to pieces, and others stoned to death.

Here sometimes one feels like there is a terrible howl, along with many people made of effigy and beeswax that look terrifying.

9.New Orleans (USA)

The American city thrives on vampires to attract tourists during Halloween. The city's cemetery also became the number one creepy place. Notable is the burial place of the monk Marie Laveau with many mysteries. Currently, this cemetery always exists many rumors that are difficult to explain.