Top 9 Most Important New Laws of Florida Taking Effect In 2024
Top 9 Most Important New Laws Taking Effect In Florida 2024

Top 9 Most Important New Laws Taking Effect In Florida 2024

1. Release and custody before to trial

Pretrial Release and Detention is covered by SB 1534, which specifies that a court alone has the authority to set, lower, or raise a person's bail.

For certain offenses, it mandates that the Florida Supreme Court develop and update a statewide uniform bail bond schedule and forbids a judge from creating a local bond schedule that sets lower amounts than the schedule established by the Supreme Court.

SB 1534 lists the conditions under which a defendant cannot be freed prior to their initial hearing; these conditions include being on pretrial release probation, having committed sexual offenses, being a repeat offender, etc.

SB 774: Financial Openness for Public Authorities

SB 774 imposes stricter rules on transparency for public servants, such as mayors and other elected officials. These officials will now have to complete a “Form 6”, which will compel them to reveal any income sources that surpass $1,000.

The law also compels certain local authorities and members of the Commission on Ethics to file complete and public disclosures, and it requires commissioners of community redevelopment organizations to complete annual ethics training.

This measure is consistent with the current legislation requiring elected officials at the county and state levels to declare their financial interests.

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2. Child protection inquiries

SB 7056 imposes authority for child safety investigations from the seven Florida counties to the state's Department of Children and Families.

The Broward Sheriff's Office was one of the seven counties that were part of the list.

Starting on January 1, 2024, DCF will be in charge of all inquiries into child abuse.

According to SB 7056, the DCF would acquire certain files and papers, but certain sheriffs would continue to be the guardians of such files and documents.

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3. Campsite rules revised

SB 76 amends state park campground regulations for Floridians attempting to make reservations.

Reservations for cabins and campsites in state parks must be accepted within certain timeframes by both residents and nonresidents, according to the Department of Environmental Protection's Division of Recreation and Parks.

Residents of Florida will be able to book campsites one month in advance of non-residents.

Residents of Florida must present identification as proof of residency.

Reservations for Campsites in State Parks

There's good news if Florida's vast outdoors are calling you. Florida's state parks will now allow locals to reserve campsites, cabins, and RV lots up to one month in advance of non-residents. Floridians who wish to make a reservation may do so up to 11 months in advance. Ten months remain for non-residents.

4. Transportation

The Move Over Law in Florida is growing. Drivers will have to move into the other lane or, if that is not possible, slow down in order to make room for disabled vehicles with their hazards on in the new year. This also applies to cars that are stopped and have at least one person visible inside.

5. Eligibility for the Florida Childcare Program

Although the law went into force in June of this year, Florida's Kidcare Program must be prepared for its anticipated expansion by the beginning of 2024.

Families that do not qualify for Medicaid but require assistance with their children's medical expenses are connected to federal aid through this program. Individuals with household incomes up to 300% of the federal poverty threshold may be eligible under the expansion. Previously, it was limited to 200%.

6. Spaces for Lactation

The state's regulations allowing breastfeeding in any public or private setting where moms are allowed to do so are expanded under this new statute. Florida's county courthouses will all need to provide a designated lactation area for feeding or expressing starting on January 1st of this year.

There cannot be a lactation area in a bathroom. While in use, it "must be hygienic, clean and sanitary, and conducive to maintaining and preventing disease." It also needs to be hidden from public view and free from interference.

7. Protect Our Loved Ones Act

The "Protect Our Loved Ones Act," also known as SB 784, is a new law aimed at enhancing communications between law enforcement and those who have developmental, psychiatric, or other problems.

It gives local law enforcement organizations permission to establish and manage the "Special Persons Registry," a database.

The people on this registry may have Down syndrome, Alzheimer's disease, autism spectrum disorder, or other illnesses connected to dementia.

8. Extension of the Transfer Agreement

A new law that expands on the Move Over Law that already exists, HB 425 was signed by Governor DeSantis. Any disabled car with emergency flares, hazard lights, or signage is included in the expansion. Improving roadside safety and averting collisions involving disabled vehicles are the main objectives of the regulation.

This expansion mandates that when a driver approaches a disabled vehicle parked on the side of the road, they must move over at least one lane.

When changing lanes safely isn't possible, drivers have to slow down by 20 mph below the legal speed limit. Penalties for breaking this law start at $60.

9. Move Over Law

The Move Over Law used to apply to emergency and law enforcement vehicles. The safety of drivers and first responders will now be even more prioritized as a result of the new law extension, which covers all disabled cars.

In summary

On January 1, 2024, a number of legislation in Florida go into force. These include eligibility for childcare programs, lactation spaces laws, and pretrial release and detention.

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