Top 9 Most Famous Middle Eastern Restaurants In New York and Washington
The Most Famous Middle Eastern Restaurants In New York and Washington
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Mediterranean cuisine's wonderful deliciousness and globally cherished flavors know no bounds.According to Well+Good, the Mediterranean region encompasses parts of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, particularly those areas bordering the Mediterranean. According to Mediterranean cooking expert Paula Wolfert, Mediterranean cuisine originated in countries such as France, Italy, Morocco, Greece, Tunisia, and Spain, among others.

There is no such thing as Mediterranean cuisine; it is diverse and influenced by various traditions and ingredients (via Table Agent). The Mediterranean is a melting pot of cultural ideas, resulting in an exciting cuisine.As a result, the region serves as a conduit for ideas, traditions, and cuisine. Ingredients and methods flow from one corner to the next.

Here are the 9 best and most famous Middle Eastern restaurants in Washington and New York voted and recommended by

What are most popular Middle Eastern foods?

1. Ayran-chilled and diluted, healthy yogurt drink

2. Pilaf-rice or grains that have been cooked with oil or butter and chopped onion before being simmered with broth

3. Kebab

4. Revani-dessert

5. Hummus-chickpea puree flavored with tahini, olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice.

Top 9 Most Famous Middle Eastern Restaurants In New York and Washington

1. Ottoman Taverna


Location: Washington

Ottoman Taverna is the place to go if you want something (mostly) authentically Turkish. This restaurant serves a la carte as well as bottomless brunch and a Trip to Turkey menu.

The latter offers a four-course meal designed to transport you to this wonderful country through its flavors.

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2. Shiraz Kitchen & Wine Bar


Location: New York

Shiraz Kitchen, elegantly decorated with mid-century decor, brings Persian flavors to the outskirts of New York City. After dining here, you'll be dreaming about the dates stuffed with feta and walnuts for weeks, and you might become obsessed with the fragrant saffron chicken kabob and asparagus, especially when paired with a glass of Iranian wine.

Because the restaurant anticipates that you will want to recreate some of the dishes you've tried, there is an adjacent Mediterranean Market where you can find ingredients to recreate some of the dishes you've tried.

3. Zaytinya


Location: Washington

The famous Spanish chef José Andrés has several restaurants in Washington, D.C.'s Penn Quarter. And, while none of his restaurants have ever disappointed us, Zaytinya holds a special place in our hearts.

Maybe it's the breezy air that reminds us of beach hopping on a boat in the Mediterranean, or maybe it's the generous brunch, which for a reasonable price includes more food than you can eat and a rosé flight with Turkish and Lebanese wine.

Whatever it is, this is a restaurant we will return to whenever the opportunity arises.

4. Mamoun's Falafel


Location: New York

If you ever find yourself in Greenwich Village and in need of a late-night snack, Mamoun's will be there for you. It has, in fact, been feeding the village since 1971 and is now a part of the neighborhood's landscape. Given that it's been around since Nixon's presidency, it's safe to say that the falafels are among the best in the city — and they're also extremely cheap!

5. Lapis


Location: Washington

Lapis serves traditional Afghan cuisine with a modern twist. The interior design is flawless, with white, minimalist decor dominating. The beautiful Afghan rugs, on the other hand, tie the space together and give it a homely, welcoming feel.

There is a large selection of soups, meats, and vegetarian dishes on the menu. We recommend the qabuli palow or Afghan dumplings for a traditional dish. "Yes, they exist," says Lapis' menu. "Genghis Khan was not the only person who knew a thing or two about dumplings."

6. Cafe Munir


Location: Seattle, Washington

Cafe Munir, a welcoming Middle Eastern restaurant in Seattle, is a local favorite. The mezzes are the restaurant's highlight, especially given the restaurant's other focus on whisky. Come here and pair a few (or a lot) of mezzes with various whisky-based cocktails.

7. Tanoreen


Location: New York

This Brooklyn restaurant has been serving home-cooked Middle Eastern food since 1998. Now an established legend of the borough, Tanoreen's kitchen continues to be run by owner-chef Rawia Bishara.

Come support this local family restaurant by enjoying its generous servings. We'd recommend the Sayadiyya, or Fisherman's meal, a snapper filet accompanied with rice sauteed with shredded fish, almonds and spices. Finish the meal with a chocolate harissa.

8. Iris


Location: New York

Aegean cuisine thrives in a softly lit contemporary dining room at Manhattan's Iris. Aegean food is peppered with sea and sun provisions, according to Visit Greece: this food oozes with mountain-grown greens, herby stews, and grilled fish bathed in fresh lemon juice, oregano, and fruity olive oil sauces. Iris' menu elevates Mediterranean cuisine through exceptional craft and innovation.

Chef John Fraser and executive chef Rob Lawson, according to The New York Times, lead with flavors of the Greek and Turkish coasts but always embrace a surprise factor. Fresh sorrel and spring onions add a burst of green to a striking white yogurt base in the spring tzatziki, which reflects the season's bounty.

9. Imperfecto


Location: Washington

Imperfecto's fusion concept is the brainchild of Chef Enrique Limardo. The menu is constantly changing in order to explore the interaction of Mediterranean and Latin American cuisines. Whites and blues are reminiscent of Greece and may conjure up thoughts of Artistolean perfectionism, a concept Limardo rejects in favor of embracing a world that evolves only through being "imperfect."

The dining room, which is bright and airy, uses height and daring curves to create architectural intrigue, emulating the feel of a white-washed Greek town. Meanwhile, the Perfectly Imperfect cocktail on the menu combines Belvedere vodka, Limoncello, yuzu juice, fresh pineapple, and vanilla syrup in a coupe glass. The Noche Caliente combines reposado jalapeo tequila, Alessio vermouth, biscotti liqueur, and agave nectar.

Bottom Line

Middle Eastern cuisine is absolutely divine, with soft, fluffy pitas, juicy skewered meat, and fragrant fluffy rice. Middle Eastern restaurants can now be found in all major U.S. cities — and many small towns — thanks to an influx of immigrants from the region.

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