Top 9 Best Colleges In Canada For International Students
Top 9 Best Colleges In Canada For International Students. Photo:

With reasonable tuition and living costs and streamlined application processes, Canada has emerged as a top choice for international students.

Canada offers a stress-free environment in which to study, and the visa application process is quick. In addition, with open policies for international students in finding work and settlement opportunities, the number of students studying in Canada has increased rapidly.

This article ranks the best nine colleges and universities in Canada for foreign students.

1. George Brown College

Top 9 Best Colleges In Canada For International Students
Photo George Brown College


Tuition fees: Annual tuition fees range from $15,190 CAD to $41,895 CAD depending on the program selected.

Scholarships: Several scholarships, awards, and bursaries are available for international students at George Brown.

The busiest financial and commercial hub in the world, Toronto, is home to George Brown College. George Brown College, one of Canada's top admissions schools, was established in 1956. The school is commended for its teaching quality by Maclean's magazine and is honored to receive the "Canada Top 100 Employers" award, which recognizes the top 100 recruitment agencies in Canada, in recognition of its contributions to education and enrollment.

The three campuses of the school are situated at Ryerson University, Casa Loma, and St. James. The school also constructed five sizable libraries with a wide selection of books to accommodate students from all faculties and disciplines.

Graphic Design, Digital Design, Game Development, Design Management, Interaction Design & Development, International Fashion Development & Management, Management Fashion, Jewelry Design Art are among the majors offered by George Brown College.

George Brown College was ranked as one of the few institutions that produce students of the highest caliber in a survey of GTA employers. According to GTA, George Brown College offers the greatest vocational training programs for students, equipping them with skills in manufacturing, service, and collaboration.

2. Sheridan College Canada

Top 9 Best Colleges In Canada For International Students
Photo Sheridan College


Tuition fees: Ranging between $16,771 CAD and $30,182 CAD per year, depending on the program selected.

Scholarships: An international entrance scholarship of $1,000 to $2,000 for all international students enrolled in a full-time post-secondary program (except English as a Second Language).

Among the biggest and most well-liked universities in Canada is Sheridan. The school's two campuses are situated in the western suburbs of Ontario, in Oakville and Brampton, respectively.

The institution, which was established in 1967, is well-known for its courses in design, music performance, animation, and illustration.

Numerous additional courses in business, computer science, applied computing, community studies, and liberal arts are also available at Sheridan. Sheridan College is particularly well-known worldwide for producing electronic engineers.

Additionally, the institution offers collaborative programs with other Canadian universities, including Brock University, York University, and the University of Toronto at Mississauga.

3. Seneca College

Top 9 Best Colleges In Canada For International Students
Photo Aspire Square


Tuition fees: Ranging between $20,791 CAD and $35,743 CAD per year, depending on the study program and type of credential.

Scholarships: Based on academic performance, a limited number of scholarships ranging from $500 to $1,000 CAD per year are available for international students enrolled in diploma and graduate certificate programs.

Seneca is one of the biggest universities in Toronto that receives government funding. To better serve students, the university offers a wide range of courses across majors at its eight campuses.

Founded in 1976, Seneca College is the recipient of the OSCAR award for education. Additionally, Polytechnics Canada is a member of the university. Training in engineering and applied arts is the school's main goal. The top 12 programs in the world for animation, business, communication, science, and technology are among the training areas where the school excels.

4. Centennial College

Top 9 Best Colleges In Canada For International Students
Photo Centennial College


Tuition fees: Ranging from $15,385 CAD to $19,484 CAD per year, depending on credential.

Scholarships: Merit-based scholarships are offered to two international students each year.

Centennial College was the first public college in Ontario, having been founded in 1966. With students from more than 80 countries, the school is acknowledged as one of the most multicultural establishments in "the country of maple leaves".

The school is renowned for its excellent curriculum, which provides pupils with a comprehensive education. Approximately 25% of all students are highly regarded by recruitment companies, and up to 80% of Centennial College graduates find employment within six months of graduation.

The school currently provides more than 160 courses at all college and university levels to accommodate students' needs while they are studying in Canada.

One can mention business, transportation, health and community, design and communication, tourism, and hotel as training fields at Centennial.

5. Conestoga College

Top 9 Best Colleges In Canada For International Students
Photo Easy Uni


Tuition fees: Ranging from $20,625 CAD to $22,788 CAD per year, depending on the study program selected.

Scholarship available: International students may qualify for several merit and need-based scholarships and awards offered by Conestoga.

One of the most well-known polytechnics and a founding member of Polytechnics Canada is Conestoga College, situated in southwest Ontario. About 8,500 full-time students, 4,000 apprentices, and 38,000 in-service students are enrolled in classes at Conestoga right now.

Conestoga has been in the top three colleges with the highest employment rate (up to 94%) for three years running.

Conestoga is Canada's best college, per independent studies done by the Ontario Ministry of Coaching, Colleges and Universities.

Business and hospitality, technology engineering, information technology, life and health sciences, community service, design, and media are among the majors offered by the school for training.

6. Douglas College

Top 9 Best Colleges In Canada For International Students
Photo Douglas College


Tuition fees: The annual tuition fee (30 credits) for international students is approximately $18,727 CAD.

Scholarships: Entrance, merit, and athletic scholarships are available to international students.

One of the biggest public schools in British Columbia, Canada, is Douglas College. Douglas College, which was established in 1970 and now enrolls over 24,000 students—more than 3,000 of whom are from abroad—offers bachelor's degrees, general undergraduate arts and science courses, and career programs in the creative arts, business, human services, and health care.

International students can study in two main campuses at Douglas College: one in Coquilam and one in New Westminter, in an amazing environment. In the center of Vancouver, British Columbia, are both campuses.

The school offers transfer courses to some of Canada's most esteemed universities, including Simon Fraser University in Toronto, Alberta, and the University of British Columbia. It is guaranteed that students will earn enough credits at Douglas to transfer into year three of the university after completing two years of bachelor's degree work.

7. Humber College

Top 9 Best Colleges In Canada For International Students
Photo Scholarship Canada


Tuition fees: Ranging between $11,086 CAD and $30,577 CAD per year, depending on the program selected.

Scholarships: Entrance scholarships of $2,000 CAD are offered to 10 undergraduate and graduate international students with good academic track records.

In Ontario, Humber College stands as one of the top universities. Pupils can study in a setting complete with amenities and facilities. The school actively arranges a number of business exchange programs so that students can network with employers and discover openings for internships and jobs.

All of the professors and doctors who teach at the school have extensive teaching backgrounds and are highly competent professionals.

Numerous majors, courses, and specialized training programs are available at Humber College. It is up to the students to select a major that fits their orientation and areas of interest.

Statistics show that, within six months of graduation, up to 85.4% of Humber College students secure employment. Employers value the caliber and abilities of school graduates, as expressed by 97% of them.

Students at the school quickly adjust to the workforce after graduation thanks to the highly practical training program.

In addition to specialized knowledge, Humber College offers a wide range of extracurricular clubs and activities for students to participate in that enhance soft skills. The school also offers assistance to students on matters related to academics and careers, health centers, immigration guidance, libraries, labs, etc.

8. Langara College

Top 9 Best Colleges In Canada For International Students
Photo Scholarship Canada


Tuition fees: Ranging from $15,750 CAD to $18,762 CAD, depending on the program you select.

Scholarships: Langara College offers several international student financial awards, including entrance scholarships, merit-based awards, and awards for athletics and student club contributions.

Founded in 1965 as a division of Vancouver Community College, Langara College is situated in the picturesque city of Vancouver, British Columbia. In 1970, the college opened its West 49th Avenue campus. The Provincial College and Institute Act allowed Langara College to become an independent public college on April 1, 1994. We are referred to as the College by the Musqueam First Nation, whose unceded traditional territory we are situated on, as snəw̓eyəɬ leləm̓, house of teachings.

Presently, Langara stands as one of the top undergraduate institutions in British Columbia, offering courses and programs in University Studies, Career Studies, and Continuing Studies to over 23,000 students each year.

9. Okanagan College

Top 9 Best Colleges In Canada For International Students
Photo Shiksha


Tuition fees: Ranging between $14,730 CAD and $32,046 CAD per year, depending on the study program selected.

Scholarships available: Several internal and external scholarships and awards are available.

The Okanagan region, which is renowned for its breathtaking views of mountains, lakes, vineyards, and beaches, is where the school is situated.

The university is spread across four campuses: Salmon Arm, Vernon, Kelowna, and Penticton. The majority of international students attend Vernon and Penticton, two sizable campuses.

15,900+ students attend OC each year

7,988 full-time equivalent students

1,515 Indigenous students

18 students make up the average class size.

What is the difference between university and college in Canada?

In Canada, colleges and universities are two distinct categories of educational establishments, in contrast to certain other nations. While both provide post-secondary education to students who have finished high school, there are differences in the programs they offer, as well as in the cost and duration of the programs. The following are the main distinctions between Canadian colleges and universities:

Program lengths and types: Colleges provide one-year certificate programs, two-year diploma programs, and three-year advanced diploma programs. Four-year bachelor's degree programs are also offered by some colleges. Conversely, universities normally offer three- or four-year bachelor's, one- or two-year master's, and four- to six-year doctoral degrees.

Program goals: To prepare students for the workforce, Canadian colleges place a strong emphasis on practical knowledge and work-related training. Universities, however, place a strong emphasis on theoretical and academic learning.

Program costs: In Canada, attending college is less expensive than attending a university. University courses are not only longer than those at colleges, but they can also cost twice as much annually.

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How to select the right college in Canada as an international student

Your destiny will be significantly impacted by the school you attend. It will affect not just the caliber of education you get but also your time spent studying in Canada and your chances of finding employment once you graduate. The following advice should be considered when selecting a Canadian college:

Verify whether it qualifies as a designated learning institution (DLI)

A letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution is necessary in order to be eligible for a study permit in Canada (DLI). DLIs are educational institutions that have received provincial or federal approval to admit international students. If your college is not listed on the government's DLI list, you will not be granted a study permit.

Select a course of study that will help you achieve your career goals

Take the time to assess your professional objectives and identify courses of study that will enable you to reach them. Your chosen study plan should advance your professional goals and make sense as a continuation of your prior coursework. Once you've compiled a list of programs you're interested in, find the best Canadian colleges that provide those courses. Make sure you are eligible for a PGWP from the program you have chosen if you plan to obtain one after graduation.

Note: The visa officer may not be persuaded that your reason for studying in Canada is valid if your study program doesn't match your career goals. In this case, your study permit application may be denied.

Verify if you fulfill the requirements for admission

Every college establishes requirements for admission to its courses. Applying to study programs you are certain you will be accepted into will increase your chances of admission to Canadian colleges, which have a competitive admissions process. Applying to fewer colleges will save you money because many of them have non-refundable application fees.

Examine tuition costs to make sure they fit within your budget

Depending on the college and study program you select, the length of your program, and other factors, the cost of education can vary significantly. Even though Canadian colleges are less costly than Canadian universities, tuition costs for out-of-country students can still be quite high. Make sure the study programs you are interested in are affordable by carefully reviewing the tuition and other fees for each college you have shortlisted. Additionally, see if those universities provide scholarships to overseas applicants who have strong academic records.

Select the province and city that you wish to call home

In most of Canada's ten provinces and three territories, there are top-notch universities. To experience the urban lifestyle that these cities have to offer, a lot of international students decide to study in big cities like Toronto (or the Greater Toronto Area), Vancouver, Ottawa, or Calgary. On the other hand, less populous provinces and smaller cities may have cheaper tuition fees.

Your career prospects can be impacted by your college's location in addition to your lifestyle. If you intend to work part-time while you study, make sure it will be easy for you to find employment nearby. Consider whether the college will allow you to develop your professional network in your desired industry or field while you are studying, particularly if you plan to remain in Canada and work on a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) after graduation.

Connect with former college students

Speak with former or present students at the universities you've narrowed down your list. Their firsthand knowledge is frequently more illuminating than that found in college pamphlets. You can learn more about the programs offered, the facilities for students, the faculty, resources for international students, employer networks, and other aspects of your college by networking with alumni. The network you establish prior to applying to colleges may also prove beneficial to your post-graduation profession.


The top universities for overseas students are listed above. These all provide a wide range of training options, a multicultural learning environment, and numerous scholarship opportunities.

Should you be considering an education in Canada, these universities should be at the top of your list. access to their websites to learn more about the requirements and application process.

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