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While the world of streaming has opened up a vast amount of possibilities in terms of viewing options, it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to decide exactly what to choose—especially when you have the entire family on the brain. That’s why we’ve crafted a specially curated list of the best family movies on Netflix, which runs down the very best movie-watching options for all (or at least most) ages to enjoy. They range from animated features to uplifting live-action stories of real-life heroes.

But it’s not only Disney movies—our list of the best family and kids movies on Netflix features films from all kinds of studios, all kinds of eras, and all kinds of genres. So if you’re looking for the perfect viewing option that both kids and parents will enjoy, we’re pretty confident you’ll find something here. Check out our full list of the best family movies on Netflix below.

And for even more recommendations, check out our full list of the 8 best movies on Netflix right now.

1.We Can Be Heroes

If you’re looking for a sweet and silly sci-fi adventure that’s fun for the whole family, Robert Rodriguez’s We Can Be Heroes is a pretty delightful option. Set in the same universe as his beloved 2005 family superhero film The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, his Netflix film brings all that bright and bubbly energy to a new generation of heroes. After Earth’s legion of superheroes are captured by aliens, their children have to step up and save the day, each with their own distinct set of powers, from classic superhero abilities like controlling time to controlling objects by singing to a good old-fashioned knack for leadership. And lest we forget the scene-stealing Guppy, Sharkboy and Lavagirl’s adorable young daughter who inherited Shark Strength and knows how to use it. It’s a light-hearted, breezy fantasy/sci-fi adventure for kids that should land well with fans of Sharkboy and Lavagirl and Rodriguez’s Spy Kids franchise, Collider cited.

2.Zathura: A Space Adventure

It's not just Jumanji in space — though it's that, too. Zathura: A Space Adventure was made by director Jon Favreau in between his two biggest hits — Elf and Iron Man — and represents the best impulses from both of those films in one shining, accessible, emotional, fleet, and funny package. When a trio of dysfunctional siblings (Josh Hutcherson, Jonah Bobo, and Kristen Stewart) find a sci-fi-themed board game to play while bored out of their minds, they do so semi-begrudgingly, unwittingly unleashing all matter of space adventures and terrors into their actual home. The resulting adventures feel appropriately Amblin-esque (especially when centering around a never-better Dax Shepard), combining thrills and heart inextricably. The film is a slept-on, minor cult hit, never quite attaining the pop culture pull of its jungle-themed older sibling. Now that it's on Netflix, let's rectify that.


After brilliantly bringing the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy to life, meticulous filmmaker Gore Verbinski tried his hand at animation – and won an Oscar in the process. Rango ostensibly follows a pet chameleon who gets lost and stumbles upon a down-on-its-luck Western town populated by other talking animals, where he portrays himself as a tough drifter. The desperate townspeople plead with Rango to become their new sheriff, and hilarity ensues. The animated film features incredible cinematography by legend Roger Deakins and stunning visuals, pulling heavily from the Western genre.

4.The Croods

The 2013 DreamWorks Animation film The Croods is charming as heck. Set during Earth’s ancient past, it follows a family of cave people who survive a natural disaster, only to spend much of their lives sheltered in their cave thanks to their patriarch’s (Nicolas Cage) overprotectiveness. The daughter, played by Emma Stone, wishes to be more adventurous and gets her chance when they come across a more modern boy named Guy (Ryan Reynolds). Guy and the father butt heads as this band of colorful characters attempt to find common ground during a dangerous time period. The film is pretty funny, sweet, and great to look at.


No one guessed in the '90s that the original Jumanji would eventually spawn a successful franchise of films that would still be going strong several decades later, but here we are. Jumanji's simple "magic board game" premise has significantly evolved since the first film's premiere in 1995, with the introduction of new characters, new rules, and the suggestion that the game itself is at least slightly sentient.

What started as the tale of two kids, two adults, and one very immersive game has now grown into a much more complex saga — especially when you start considering the multiple alternate realities spawned by various rounds of Jumanji — and we wouldn't blame you if you're not entirely sure how it's all supposed to fit together. Read on as we go all the way back to the very beginning of the story, walking through and tying together all the winding branches of adventure and friendship in the fractured realities of the Jumanji films.

6.Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Taika Waititi is undoubtedly an “It” director right now, with films like the Oscar-winning Jojo Rabbit and What We Do in the Shadows under his belt (and Thor: Love and Thunder on the way). If you’re a fan of the Kiwi auteur’s work, you should definitely check out 2016’s Hunt for the Wilderpeople. The adventure comedy follows 13-year-old Ricky Baker as he flees from the law with his foster father in a charming and eccentric story set in the New Zealand wilderness.

7.The Half of It

Ellie Chu is a lonely teenage girl who lives with her father in small-town Suquamish, where she makes a nice profit writing papers for her classmates. Her business takes a turn when Paul—a goofy but well-meaning jock—hires her to write love letters to his crush Aster, the pastor’s daughter and prettiest girl in school. Along the way, Ellie realizes that she’s fallen in love with Aster. Equal parts cheesy, tender, and refreshing, Netflix's original The Half of It is a queer teen rom-com that will draw you in with its charm.

8.EuroVision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams star in this daffy musical comedy about two small-town Icelandic musicians, who travel across the world to chase their dreams of pop stardom at the global music phenomenon known as Eurovision. If you’re a Eurovision newbie, the toe-tapping soundtrack and on-stage mishaps will enthrall you, while Eurovision fans will be delighted by Easter Eggs like cameos from fan-favorite contestants.

Comedy is one of the most difficult genres to pin down. Every individual has their own sense of humor, and no list of the best comedy movies is ever going to align perfectly with everyone. That being said, we’ve gone and attempted to handpick the very best comedies on Netflix right now.

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