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Here is Knowinsider's newly updated, 7 BEST Vegetarian Dinner Food!These “tried and true” recipes are reader favorites and are hearty, flavorful and comforting. Whether you are wanting to eat more veggies or just consume a little less meat, or shift into a more whole foods plant-based lifestyle- you’ll find some good inspiration here. Take a look and pick out a couple to try this week! Please tell us your favorites in the comments below!

1. Masala Channa

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An all-season favourite for north Indians and a great source of protein, this bowlful of mouth watering masala channa is topped with tadka aloo. You can either pair it with pooris, chapati or even steamed rice.

2. Paneer Makhani Biryani

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This is biryani in its vegetarian avatar that tastes just as good. Fried paneer cubes doused in a creamy gravy, layered with rice and cooked 'dum' style. The delight is quite flavourful, according to Food.ndtv.

3. Potato Paratha

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Looking a lot like a pancake, Potato Paratha is actually a flatbread stuffed with a richly seasoned mashed potato. The coriander, cumin, turmeric, chili powder, and ginger bring a nice savory flavor that is complemented by a dollop of chilled yogurt and your favorite pickle or chutney on the side. Parathas also taste delicious with a drizzle of fresh, thick cream or a bit of unsalted, homemade butter, Thespruceeats suggested.

4. Veggie balls in a thick sauce

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A dish for special occasions, this is the delicious vegetarian alternative to meatballs (in Indian cuisine, koftas are meatballs). Although this recipe may take a bit of time to make, the flavorful and creamy results are worth it—and will please any vegetarian looking for a hearty dish. Potatoes, a mixture of vegetables, paneer cheese, heavy cream, and spices are combined well and formed into balls, and then stuffed with chopped nuts and raisins. The koftas are then deep-fried and served in a well-seasoned gravy.

5. Spiced Vegan Lentil Soup

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“I am one of several cooks at a local community “Food and Friends” dinner – it’s open to everyone. We serve between 120 and 170 dinners every Monday night. And we always like to offer at least one vegetarian hot dish. Last week this was it. I’m not a vegetarian, but OMG I loved this soup (and so did our all our community friends). Thank you so much – for me too, it’s the best lentil soup I’ve had.” – Nicola shared in Cookieandkate.

6. Ratatouille - Stuffed Shells

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Jumbo stuffed shells are your weeknight answer to homemade lasagna lasagna: Instead of endless layers, spoon a single vegetable mixture into each shell, and bake 12 minutes or until the cheese melts. Shells are also easy and fun to serve—you’ll know exactly how many equal a serving. This vegetarian version turns a French summer stew into a hearty filling, a great way to double up on vegetables in a pasta dish. Use leftover chickpeas to bulk up any summer vegetable or grain salad, according to Cookinglight.

7. Roasted butternut squash soup

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“Made this soup for Thanksgiving. it was delicious. we were a small group and everyone loved it – nothing left in anyone’s bowl! I added a little bit of freshly grated ginger just before I blended it. and I did use the immersion blender technique (thanks for adding that to your instructions). I love your recipes!” – Vicki noted.

After reading this article, if you still think vegetarian recipes are limited to just the same old salads, think again. Whether you’re a full-time vegetarian or simply looking to avoid meat for a little while, there are lots of choices as listed above. With these 7 amazing vegetarian recipes, you won’t think twice about skipping the meat.

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