Top must know mediation tips for begginers!
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Have you ever wondered about meditation for beginners? Meditation offers immense physical and mental health benefits. It makes you more productive and confident, relieves stress, and empties the clutter from your mind. You’ll be more focused and you’ll achieve more, without trying. In essence, meditation helps you to know yourself. So, once you decide to do meditation, you should know in hand some essential tips to make the process more effectively. Knowinsider would like to introduce to you top 7 must-know tips for meditation for beginners.

Top must know mediation tips for begginers!
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Choose a meditation that works for you.

The very first thing you should do is to choose a suitable method that works for you. There are many different kinds of meditative practices. Breath-counting meditation is simplest for beginners, because you can do it anywhere.

Let your mind wander. That’s what it does. When you realize that you’ve lost the count, just restart your count.

Top must know mediation tips for begginers!
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Schedule meditation time every day.

As a new meditator, you’ll feel the health benefits immediately. When I meditate, I find that I’m more relaxed, and much more productive. I sleep better, and wake up bright and alert, ready to face the new day. The 10 to 20 minutes you spend meditating each day are amply repaid with your enhanced productivity, and my overall well-being and happiness.

Get Comfortable

Meditation does not necessarily mean that you have to sit cross-legged on the floor in lotus position! If that is not a comfortable position for you, you will never be able to properly focus. Meditation is the art of focusing 100% of your attention, and if you are distracted by a foot that is falling asleep or an itch or some other sort of discomfort you will not be able to achieve full & proper meditation. Find a quiet space and sit in a way that is comfortable & allows you to focus.

Meditate In The Morning

Often the early morning is a quiet time before the busyness, demands and challenges of the day. The morning is a great time for you to find quiet and solitary peace that will allow you to transcend into a tranquil state. Also, after you’ve gotten up and shaken off the lingering snatches of sleep, it is less likely that you will be tired and less likely the mediation will simply spiral into a short nap session!

Top must know mediation tips for begginers!


Stretching helps to focus your attention on your body, helps to loosen muscles and helps you to sit or lay more comfortably. A good workout session followed by a short period of meditation can work very well. The exercise tires your mind enabling you to slow down or even stop your flow of thought for a controlled period of time.

Pick A Focus

It is important to remember that meditation is an active process in which you are engaged in a purpose. Pick something specific to focus your attention on or else your mind will continue to wander. For instance, with your eyes closed picture a loved one. Imagine their face in your minds eye. The more detail you can bring to the picture in your mind the better.

Top must know mediation tips for begginers!
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Focus On Your Breath

Not sure what to focus on? Start by focusing on your breathing. As you do

you will become more aware of your body, relax your muscles and slow your heart rate.

To conclude, when you hear the word meditation you may think of religion and/or superstition. The fact is though – meditation is an ancient art form designed to reduce stress and improve overall health. However, in recent years, health researchers have started to seriously investigate and harness the power of meditation. Hopefully, this article is helpful for you!
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