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Wherever you are, trust me, pick up your butt and go to try the top 7 irresistible soups from all over the world below, none of them will disappoint you:

#7. Laska (Malaysia)

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Characterized by its rich and spicy broth, this comforting noodle soup is one of the classic dishes found in many Southeast Asian countries. It was developed under the influence of different culinary traditions, which has led to the creation of numerous regional varieties that differ in flavors and ingredients.

Two of the most famous versions are the sour, tamarind-based asam laksa and the creamy curry laksa. Especially favored in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, laksa is usually prepared and enjoyed at hawker centers as a hearty main course.

#6. Minestrone (Italy)

Top 7 Irresistibly Delicious Soups You Must Try Once In Life
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One of the very bases of traditional Italian cuisine, minestrone is a thick, chunky soup made with whichever vegetables are in season. Historically, being a poor man's food dating as far back as the year 30 CE, this peasant-style soup was made with a mashed bean or spelt base and leftovers from various contorni (side dishes) and other meals.

Today, even though there's not a set recipe for this dish and every region has its own version, the most common ingredients include stock, onions, tomatoes, celery, carrots, and legumes. The vegetables are cut-up and simmered for quite a long time, but they must not turn mushy.

Lastly, pasta or rice can be added to round-up this inexpensive, yet filling dish. Depending on the method of cooking, these flavorful soups are divided into two main categories: minestrone a crudo and minestrone col soffritto. While the first version uses raw vegetables and often garlic-flavoured olive oil added towards the end of cooking, minestrone col soffritto is made with vegetables which are first sautéed in butter, oil, pork fat or lard, together with pancetta (bacon) and pork rind.

The perfect comfort food to warm a cold day, minestrone is even better when made in advance and served reheated, as it takes some time for the flavours to fuse and deepen,á cited by Taste Atlas.

#5. French Onion Soup (France)

Top 7 Irresistibly Delicious Soups You Must Try Once In Life
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French onion soup can be traced back to ancient times. It was once seen as a food for poor people, but the modern version originates in France in the 18th century. Made with beef broth and caramelized onions, French onion soup is then topped with bread or croutons and cheese, most commonly gruyère or swiss. It is then finished by broiling the soup in a ramekin, melting that beautiful cheese, according to Spoon University.

#4. Birria (Mexico)

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According to Travel And Leisure, Birria is a goat meat dish traditional to Jalisco. Mexico has cornered the market on a few excellent soups: It’s got pozole, tortilla soup, and a vast variety of saucy molés and salsas if we’re not being technical. In the Mexican state of Jalisco, however, birria—a soup traditionally made with goat, although you might see variations with pork and beef—is king. Dark, rich, and cooked low-and-slow, its broth might use bright green tomatillos or red tomatoes, but regardless, you won’t leave the table hungry.

#3. Tom Yum (Thailand)

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Tom Yum is one of the best known Thai dishes, a spicy, sour, and aromatic soup that is traditionally served with rice. It consists of shallots, lemongrass, fish sauce, minced fresh ginger or galangal, shrimps, mushrooms, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice, and minced Thai chilli peppers.

Usually served as an appetizer, tom yum is traditionally garnished with coriander leaves on top. Due to its popularity, different versions of the soup started to appear over the years, such as tom yum gai, with added chicken, and tom yum Talay, with mixed seafood.

There's also a version made with pork. Full of nutrients, flavorful, satiating, and healthy, tom yum is one of the most popular Thai dishes for a reason.

#2. Ramen (Japan)

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Ramen is a noodle soup that first appeared in Japan in 1910 when Chinese cooks combined the noodles with a salty broth. These curly noodles were of bright yellow colour and more elastic than the Japanese noodles prepared at the time – the dough was kneaded with a sodium carbonate-infused mineral water called kansui.

In 1958, its name was derived from the pronunciation of the Chinese word lamian (pulled noodles), and that same year, Nissin Foods produced the first-ever instant version of noodles with a chicken-flavoured broth called Chicken Ramen.

The dish can be either kotteri (rich) or assari/paitan (light), depending on the opaqueness and the heaviness of the broth which is usually made using animal bones or dried seafood mixed with onions, garlic, ginger, leeks, and mushrooms.

Two most famous types of ramen are ramen of Kyushu, prepared with a boiled pork bone broth called tonkotsu, and ramen of Hokkaido, made with a traditional seasoning called red miso.

#1. Pho (Vietnam)

Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup, Vietnam's national dish, street food, comfort food, and a way of life. It is also one of the most beloved Vietnamese dishes in the western hemisphere due to its complex, unique flavours, and elegant simplicity. Although it is classified as a soup, pho is served as the main course and the two bowls of it never taste the same.

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It is traditionally made with chicken or beef broth, where the bones simmer lazily for at least three hours until the broth is perfect. The addition of herbs and spices accentuates the flavours, and the chewy rice noodles, juicy beef slices, and crunchy sprouts elevate the dish to another level.

There are two main types of Pho in Vietnam - one is Pho Bac, made in the northern parts of the country, with a clear, simple, delicate flavour and spices, without the herbs and garnishes found in Pho Nam, which is made in the southern parts of the country, with added spices, bean sprouts, various toppings, fish, and hoisin sauce.

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