50 Fun Things To Do With Kids When They Are Bored At Home
50 Fun Things To Do With Kids When They Are Bored At Home. Photo: KnowInsiders.com

Don’t worry. There are plenty of fun indoor activities that help kids entertain and learn new things.

Trying to entertain kids who are tired of being cooped up at home? Try some of these parent-approved games and activities.

1.Build a Fort

50 Fun Things To Do With Kids When They Are Bored At Home
Photo ParentsMap

Who doesn’t love a fort on a stormy day? It’s a great indoor activity for kids that can also exercise their motor skills.

Have your kid round up some chairs, blankets, pillows, and cardboard boxes. Make a pillow fort for them to hide in. Throw a slumber party with a flashlight and some plush toys.

"A cozy hideaway, complete with a fan in place of air conditioning, blankets, pillows, and books. Unplanned works of art in the yard... Sophie later put on a show for me using her homemade puppet theater and finger puppets. Creating a "museum" out of a child's playthings.... Using craft materials to make ornaments.... Having fun in a mud kitchen in the backyard.

2.Write a Letter

Did you know that children can develop their fine motor skills by cutting, coloring, and writing? Let your kids decorate the paper by providing colorful stationary, plain paper, and envelopes. Encourage them to write a letter to a long-lost relative or friend. They can improve their communication skills by writing a letter. Have them create an illustrated card if they are too young to write. Show them how to properly address letters and describe the operation of postage and stamps.

3.Sock Puppets

Here is a quick craft project that will keep you busy for a while. Do you have any sock companions laying around who are lonely and single? With your child, enjoy making them into sock puppets. Draw faces with markers, and cut a mouth with scissors. With your sock puppets, you can then perform a puppet show!

4.Dress Up

Create a costume collection bin at home. Put old Halloween costumes, vintage clothing, and amusing finds from thrift shops in it. Pull out the costume bin whenever your child is looking for something entertaining to do, and let them dress up!

5.Imaginary Creatures

Allow your child to create a fictional animal. It doesn't even have to be an actual animal; it could be a pet they wish they had. The fictional animals can occasionally be more entertaining. Does it possess both an eagle's body and an elephant's tusks? Could it fly? Only in pools is it capable of swimming. Make your child come up with a name for their creature and a backstory. Your kid can use drawings to illustrate the tale of how their creation came to be.

♦ Editor Note: An educational guide catering to children from preschool to college, please take a look here!

6.Tea Party

50 Fun Things To Do With Kids When They Are Bored At Home
Photo The Spruce

Allow your child to dress up and gather their favorite stuffed animals. You could pretend to be the butler and provide "tea" while your kid hosts a conversation with his or her friends. When our children are learning their first words, we frequently consider communication milestones and language development, but language development doesn't stop there. Did you know that when your child plays, they are developing conversational and social skills?

7.E-visit the Louvre

Transport you and your family to Paris, France by taking a digital tour of one of the most famous international museums, the Louvre.

8. Bake together

Cookies, cakes, brownies. Anything! Baking is a great lesson in measuring, ingredients, and of course, making delicious goodies.

9. Ice paint

Paint and ice cubes: Ice paint time!

10. Have an indoor picnic

50 Fun Things To Do With Kids When They Are Bored At Home
Photo Deets on Eats

Grab a sheet, some food, and have a picnic in your living room (without the ants). Even that memory exercise, "I'm going to a picnic and I'm bringing," can be played concurrently. Each person adds one item after taking turns recalling (in order) what everyone is bringing.

11.FaceTime family members

FaceTime is another meaningful way to connect with family and friends while practicing “social distancing.” Use it to check in on family members and to socialize, even if over the phone.

12. Train the dog

No, seriously, this could be a good one. If the family dog doesn’t know how to sit or stay, start there. If he’s ready to move onto more complex tricks, try focusing on training an hour a day. You can move onto down and roll-over.

13.Have a Family Game Night

Are you looking for family activities that children of all ages can enjoy? Then consider hosting a game night with your family! Unable to locate the ideal game to play? Check out this list of games that the whole family will enjoy, which includes everything from card games to games that encourage movement and motor skill development.

14.Close your Eyes and Guess Game

Playing this entertaininggame will aid in your child's sensory development. You take turns closing your eyes for this game, as the name would imply. Let your child feel a mystery object on their hand, describe how it feels, and then make a guess as to what it might be. Try a fruit or book, or a feather. With the help of their sensory integration abilities, this game forces kids to use their sense of touch instead of vision.

15.Cook a meal or bake some cake or cookies

Are you trying to find family activities that kids of all ages can participate in? Then think about having a family game night! Not being able to find the perfect game to play? Check out this list of family-friendly games, which features everything from card games to games that promote movement and the development of motor skills.

16.Make a home cinema with popcorn and movies

If you can’t go to the movies, a fun activity for kids at home can be making your own cinema. Close the blinds, turn off the lights, make some popcorn and put a film on and there you are.

17.Listen to an astronaut read from space

Storytime From Space is unlike any other kind of storytime; NASA astronauts read stories to kids while they float around in space.

18. Take a tour of a farm

Learn about what it takes to run a farm, meet farm animals, and more by taking a virtual farm tour on Farm 360.

19. Create an animal fact sheet

Ask your kid to choose an animal. Can they compile a fact sheet about that animal that contains everything they know about it? Do some research now. Ask your child to add new information to the sheet about the animal after learning a little bit more about it.

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20. Do a yoga class on YouTube

50 Fun Things To Do With Kids When They Are Bored At Home
Photo yoga for kids

If you can't get the kids outside to exercise, yoga is another option. You Tube has some great yoga for kids videos, including our favorite, Cosmic Yoga, which is available for free online viewing. Make it a habit to help children grow in strength, serenity, and wisdom. One of the best exercises for kids to perform at home is this one.

21.Make slime

There’s a bunch of different ways to make slime but if you’re just getting started, the below tutorial is perfect for beginners.

22.Practice spelling

Ready for the next national spelling bee? Make practicing spelling fun by computing your child’s vocabulary words to Spellingcity, where you can turn vocab words into spelling lessons.

23. Join a free virtual arts & crafts lesson

McHarper Manor is offering a free arts and crafts lesson on Facebook Live every day at 1 PM EST. You can check out their supply list for what you’ll need for the first few projects on their website.

24.Try origami

Might as well hone our origami skills, right? Learn how to make dozens of origamis: dinosaurs, swans, frogs, and more.

25.Make a time capsule

Nothing brings back memories like opening a time capsule. Instruct your child to gather mementos from the year—toys, collectibles, or anything else that serves as a reminder of the time they are experiencing—and to store them in an airtight container. Place the box in a basement, attic, or another safe place where it will remain for a long time. Include the day that you have all agreed to open it.

26.Make a when I grow up poster

One of the best ways to kill boredom is to get creative and imaginative. Let their imaginations run wild and make a list of all the things they would do as adults. The best ones can be turned into a drawing which includes them in their costume and the rest of the family standing with them.

27.Re-organize the room

Cleaning and reorganizing the room won't be something they complain about if you are willing to help and offer a worthwhile reward. Try to rearrange a few things, replace some things that are worn out, or do anything else to make the space feel new. Ask them to assist you in the kitchen if the space is too dull.

28.Take a mindful walk

A mindful walk is different from a regular walk where you go with an agenda. During a mindful walk, take time to notice small details which you otherwise wouldn’t, such as the sounds, the animals, the birds and the smell of the air. You could also observe the pavement, the clouds in the sky, direction of the wind and walk without intending to go somewhere.

29.Create a Bowling Alley

Get creative using items such as cups, toilet paper rolls, action figures, etc. to set up as pins to create a bowling alley in your hallway. Use a ball and let the kids take turns bowling while keeping score.

30.Tie Dye

50 Fun Things To Do With Kids When They Are Bored At Home
Photo At Charlotte House

Although it might be messy, this is a fun activity. I'd advise going outside to get it. Use some of the fun-to-tie-dye items you have around the house, such as a shirt, shoes, hat, socks, etc. Rubber band them together in creative patterns, color them, and let them dry.

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31.Blow Bubbles

If you bubbles on hand, no worries. You can make them with dish soap and water and use items around your house for a wand such as a straw, toilet paper roll, etc.

32.Go Through Old Photos

This is a fun way to relive old memories by going through old photos. Kids love to see themselves as a baby and their relatives.

33.Learn How to Sew

Teach the kids how to sew something simple such as a hair scrunchie or a pillow. You can practice using old clothes, or rags lying around the house.

34.Play Bingo

If you don’t have a bingo card, no worries there are plenty of free printables online that you can print off or make your own. For markers you can use coin, goldfish crackers or chocolate chips. For prizes you can use some things around the house such as candy, pencils, and toys to reward the winners.

35.Science Experiment

You don’t need fancy equipment to do a science experiment. There are plenty of things around your house that can be turned into an experiment. Research online what you need to show the kids some really cool things.

36.Comedy Show

Kids are always telling jokes so this is the perfect opportunity to let them shine. Give them some time to prepare their jokes on an index card and let them put on a show that will make you laugh.

37.Fashion Show

Use the clothes they have to play dress up or let them go through mom and dad’s closet to create outfits. Then set up a runway so they can show off what they created.

38. Music Concert

If you have musical instruments at home, let the kids put on a music concert. If you don’t have any, you can always make your own using coffee cans for drums, cardboard and string for guitar, etc.


If you don’t have a trivia game on hand you can come up with your own trivia. Pick a topic and ask the questions to see if they can guess the answer. You can choose topics such as movies, cartoons, characters, songs, food, etc.

40. Musical Cups

Sometimes making music can be done so simply. Fill up glass cups with different amounts of water and rub you hand across the top to make music.

41. Make a Marshmallow Shooter

50 Fun Things To Do With Kids When They Are Bored At Home
Photo Skip To My Lou

Create a marshmallow shooter that shoots marshmallows out of PVC piping. Because the marshmallows are small and soft, it is completely safe. After building it, kids can engage in a marshmallow fight throughout the house.

42.Flashlight Tag

This game can be played in the dark indoors or at night outside. While others are hiding, the person who is it takes the flashlight, counts to 50, and attempts to find them by shining the beam of light on them and calling out their name to draw them out. Pick a new person to serve as it once everyone has been located.

43.Finger Painting

Use pudding or finger prints and let the kids create a masterpiece on a piece of paper, cardboard or outside on the sidewalk or driveway.

44. Hydro Dip

If you want to make something colorful, this is a fun activity. Give the item a base coat and allow it to dry for two to three hours before hydro dipping. Then, squirt various colors of spray paint onto the water's surface in a plastic container that has been filled 3/4 full with warm water. After that, gently submerge your object in the water, remove it, and let it air dry.

45. Write a Story

Kids are always telling stories. Allow them to write it down on paper, fold it and make it into a book. Then, allow them to illustrate the book to read out loud.

46.Indoor Skee Ball

Large cardboard should be laid out on the ground with one end propped up. Create circles out of smaller pieces of cardboard, number them 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 for the points they receive if the ball lands in them, and then glue or tape them on.

47.Two or Four Square

Remember this fun activity as a kid? Use that sidewalk chalk and create 2 or 4 squares depending on how many people are playing and grab a ball to play.

48. Paint with Water

This is something I remember doing as a kid. My grandma would give me a paint brush with a bucket of water and I would paint her porch swing over and over. If you have a paint roller that would work also.

49.Listen to an Audio Book

If you have access to going to a library, use the online option to get a free audio book to listen to. There are plenty of books to choose from and would be good for quiet time.

50.Don’t forget about Disney+!

50 Fun Things To Do With Kids When They Are Bored At Home
Photo Disney

Remember that Frozen 2 is currently streaming on Disney+ if all else fails and you break the screentime restrictions. Or, if you're a stickler, think about taking the family to a nearby drive-in theater for a night of movies!

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