Many factors contribute to a person's beauty, sex appeal, or charm, including anthropology and genetics. However, astrology has long been regarded as one of the factors that contribute to your charm and attractiveness, from body to soul and personality.

Join KnowInsiders to find out which zodiac sign is favored by the god of love and beauty as the most attractive in the astrological universe.

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Top 5 Most Handsome and Beautiful Zodiac Signs. Image: KnowInsiders

1. Pisces

Venus, one of the top five most beautiful zodiac signs, is exalted in the Pisces house. Venus is the planet of love and beauty, so the Pisces zodiac sign contains all of Venus' best traits.

Pisces has a sophisticated appearance, and their bodies are typically slim. This constellation's bone structure is typically smaller than others, and its appearance can only be described as "light as a feather".

This highlights Pisces' features, such as her perfect smile and soft eyes, more than other signs. Despite its small size, this constellation is very powerful.

Pisces girls' long hair, large eyes, and slim body make them more appealing to the opposite sex than ever. Anybody can fall in love with her. She possesses a rare beauty that distinguishes her from other women.

People born under the sign of Pisces have dimples on their faces and light blue eyes or large, round, and sparkling fish-like eyes, regardless of gender.

Some Pisces walk like a fish swimming gracefully through the water. They take short steps, shifting their weight from one foot to the next.

Pisces are known for their large breasts and attractive physique, which includes toned legs and thighs. The eyes of this constellation will tell you how they feel; they are also people who cry frequently, but it is a sweet kind of crying when they express their sincerity and depth for you.

Their facial features are frequently attractive and seductive, whether male or female. Looking into their eyes, you will notice their dreamlike appearance and be easily captivated by them.

Their faces are typically round or angular in shape, and their mouths are quite large. Their skin is very white, and most of them have no blemishes.

Pisces prefers to dress in clothing that fits well because it makes them feel secure and comfortable. They frequently research clothing and develop their own style. Their fashion sense frequently reflects their unique personality.

Pisces are naturally associated with feet, so taking care of them on a regular basis will have a greater impact on their overall health and wellbeing.

Ngu's feet are either small, delicate, or quite large. Pisces are most beautiful when they know how to care for their feet; carefully manicured toes or even decorative shoes can lift their spirits.

Pisces rules the 12th house, which represents hidden things. Pisces is one of the Sun signs with the friendliest personalities, as evidenced by their constant smile.

Their smiles are consistently sincere and inviting. Pisces are generally happy, and they rarely fake a smile. Their bright smile can be contagious and leave everyone around them heartbroken.

Pisces bodies, both male and female, are highly adaptable. Most people born under this sign do not sweat much, even when it is hot outside. When it's freezing cold, their cheeks appear rosy and beautiful.

Pisces are naturally charming and graceful creatures, and even when something is missing, they appear flawless.

2. Libra

Top 5 Zodiac Signs with the Most Handsome or Most Beautiful
Libra Man with the Most Handsome - Image: KnowInsiders

Librans have a great figure and stand taller than the average person.

Some Libras have distinct and curved heart-shaped or lime-shaped lips, as well as dimples. You often wear jewelry to complement your outfit.

Libra often appears weak when confronted with tempting foods that cause weight gain, which can be seen in your appearance. If you avoid sweets and fattening foods, you will be able to maintain your youthful fitness.

Libra is ruled by the goddess of beauty, Venus, and their physical features are as flawless as the goddess's, whether male or female.

Cupid is Venus's child, the god of affection, attraction, and erotic love. Libra's face shares some characteristics with the gods, such as wavy hair, a heart-shaped face, a pointed chin, and a soft, pleasant demeanor. Libra women's faces resemble those of Cupid, with a square and clear jawline.

Venus, Libra's ruling planet, rules the skin in astrology, so this constellation's skin is often bright from within and healthy. The only thing that can damage their skin is leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

Libra people, whether male or female, have smooth, silky, and thick hair with natural light waves; their hair is attractive even on ordinary occasions.

In addition to their bouncy, shiny, wavy hair, they have sparkling, smiling eyes. Libra's eyes are round in the center, tapering to an almond shape and pointing upwards beautifully.

A Libra's smile can literally illuminate a room. Whether male or female, their charm is evident to all. When Libra smiles at you, it'll be difficult not to smile back.

Libra has not only a winning smile, but also stunning teeth. Their teeth are naturally straight, and while there may be a small gap between the two front teeth, it is still beautiful.

This sign also has a great fashion sense that is never flashy or ostentatious. However, they are endowed with exquisite physical beauty, which draws people to them.

A Libra's physical demeanor is quietly seductive. They are people with friendly smiles who try their hardest to get along with everyone, always remember names, and have a talent for getting others to open up about themselves.

What distinguishes these women is their small feet and hands. It could be genetic, but it applies to the majority of Libra women.

The cause of this phenomenon is unknown, but it undoubtedly contributes to Binh Nhi's adorable appearance. They are also very photogenic, whether male or female; their tall stature and long, slender legs make this constellation an ideal model for any photo shoot. If you look closely, you'll notice that this palace is home to a large number of male and female photo models.

3. Leo

People born under the sign of Leo all have very attractive external characteristics, with the most noticeable feature being their hair, which is thick and strong and as bouncy as a Lion's mane.

Leo is the most confident of the 12 zodiac signs, and while he does not have the perfect appearance of Libra, you will find it difficult to ignore the aura that this constellation exudes, propelling it to the top of the most beautiful zodiac signs. It is natural.

The majority of men and women born under this sign have cat-like characteristics, particularly in their faces. Big round eyes, honest and unsuspecting, quick and sharp.

Eyes can be gray, blue, or brown. His eyes exude approachability, and his heart is filled with joy. The skin is in good condition, yellowish or tanned, and very healthy.

Their typical figure is tall and slim, but there are some people who are short in stature; even if they are shorter than everyone else in the room, you will notice them due to the aura they exude.

Leo carries himself majestically. The girls have long, thin legs and exude royalty and pride, as one would expect from a strong female zodiac sign.

Her face is wider than most others'. Her eyes are usually large and warm. She has tiny nose and ears. Her neck isn't long.

Leo men and women both have beautiful legs, triangular faces with cat eyes, thick and healthy hair, and many women of this zodiac sign enjoy growing their hair long and wearing bows.

Leo women want to look beautiful, so their bodies are always adorned with stunning jewelry. She can be difficult at times, but she is also very delicate and generous. Leo women have a natural desire to emulate those they admire and strive for leadership positions.

This zodiac sign, with the best hair, bold collarbones, and long, slim legs, enjoys spending some of his savings on clothes or shoes, even if they are expensive. It's difficult to see the constellation wearing an old outfit.

Furthermore, if at home alone, the constellation will prefer to wear new shorts over old sweatpants. They dress beautifully not just to look beautiful, but because they want to appear attractive to everyone.

Top 5 Zodiac Signs with the Most Handsome or Most Beautiful
These 5 Zodiac Signs Are Most Handsome and Beautiful - Image: KnowInsiders

4. Taurus

Taurus' physical characteristics make them one of the top five most beautiful zodiac signs, with a round face and sexy lips. Your hair will be thick and healthy, and your neck will be noticeable in some way.

Many of you will have a round nose with a high, long, elegant, or thick nose tip that lends you incredible charm. Taurus enjoys dressing fashionably and knows how to put together outfits. You adore designer clothes and stand out from the crowd with your flawless style.

This male sign has a muscular and attractive body as a result of astrology's gift of health.

Ox wants to be surrounded by beauty, love, and material possessions. Taurus women typically have a medium figure, plump body, a wide forehead and thick neck, naturally black hair, and skin that is extremely sharp and clean.

Females of this zodiac sign have broad shoulders and bright eyes, and their muscles are as developed as men's. They are quite friendly, and it is not a problem if you become friends with them.

Taurus women are known for their thick, curly hair and deep, warm voices.

Many girls born between late April and May have thick or curly hair and an hourglass figure, which is extremely attractive and appropriate for European tastes.

They can also improve their appearance by wearing tight clothing or high heels. Taurus men and women are regarded as extremely attractive.

They may not have the sexy supermodel body that most people are familiar with, but you should be aware that these people have the ability to attract any person of the opposite sex they come across due to their natural and warm demeanor. pressure.

5. Virgo

Top 5 Zodiac Signs with the Most Handsome or Most Beautiful
Virgo - The Most Beautiful Zodiac Sign

Virgo is the sixth of the twelve zodiac signs, and it is known for its perfectionist nature, honesty, integrity, charm, and intelligence. With sparkling eyes and a determined, meticulous demeanor, Virgo exemplifies the phrase "beauty through the mind".

You all have your own unique beauty, but what distinguishes a Virgo is its fierce, bold appearance, a face full of personality, and a naturally intimidating aura that will astound you.

His crystal clear eyes can detect even the smallest flaws, and his slim body, bright smile, and exceptional physique make even their flaws unnoticeable.

This zodiac sign's girl is of average height with a well-proportioned physique. Virgo women, like their male counterparts, have a pointed chin and a kind, lovely face.

Virgo women's eyes are sharp and even, adding beauty to their faces. Chu's face is soft and gentle, with beautiful, round lips and a medium-sized nose that make it difficult to look away from her.

Women born under this sign have a high, broad forehead and smooth skin, which emphasizes their intelligence. Virgo's face is calm and vibrant. He appears to be trying to hide something from the world.

Men will be attracted simply by looking at the face of this constellation. Having a beautiful body allows Virgo to show off her sexy curves. Women under this sign know how to dress appropriately for work, parties, shopping, going out, and even traveling.

Her hair is long and elegant, but not overly voluminous. She knows how to keep soft teen hair for a long time. Virgo women have a plump figure, walk sexily, and are very appealing to men.

Virgo men and women always walk with their heads held high, displaying their strong personality. Sometimes this person's face is difficult to recognize, especially in front of ordinary people.

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