Zodiac Signs Love Creating Drama. Photo: KnowInsiders
Zodiac Signs Love Creating Drama. Photo: KnowInsiders

Overreacting and creating a ruckus in different situations is second to the nature and personality of many people. They cause drama, attract many people and are very loud at times.

But this is a trait you will find in not all but some people. Categorising them as per zodiac signs, here is a list of all drama loving zodiac signs as per expert.

1. Aries: They Start Arguments Just For The Sake Of Arguing

While some choose to ignore negative interventions in life and move on, an Aries simply cannot resist taking an opportunity to start a fight. It doesn't even matter what the fight is about. It could start with a stranger saying something offensive in their presence, a customer service rep rolling their eyes, or their SO leaving the toilet seat up for the second time that day. Whatever the case, an Aries will never go down without a fight.

Photo: Times of India
Photo: Times of India
If you attempt to tell an Aries to breathe deep and rise above, you'll only make them angrier. Luckily, the sight of an Aries rolling up their sleeves and readying themselves for a heated argument is enough to send anyone running the opposite way. Which is smart, because an Aries will always win.

Aries think that by creating a scene or drama, they can achieve a balance between personal and professional life. They take to being dramatic and consider it as an achievement.

2. Gemini: They Stir The Pot & Then Watch It All Go Down

A Gemini doesn't start drama directly. Oh no, they prefer to stir drama behind the scenes, pitting people against each other and spreading gossip that may or may not be true.

Gemini can get really mean if the ones she loves don’t behave like she wants. Since Gemini is an emotional sign, she can turn into a drama queen if things are not her way.

Gemini zodiac sign. Photo: astrologyzone.
Gemini zodiac sign. Photo: astrologyzone.

If her friends try to tell her that she is wrong, she will hate them instantly and act like an ice queen.

Only the ones who know her too well will stay with her even in her worst moments since they know she isn’t a bad person.

But for the strangers she acts like somene who thinks about her needs only and those people will run as fast as they can once she reveals her real face.

3. Cancer: Their Mood Swings Make Everyone Dizzy

A Cancer has more moods than a rainbow has colors. Each of them are dramatic, intense, and overwhelming. They say Geminis have two personalities? Well, a Cancer has at least 10, and they have no control over any of them. Even the subtlest shifts in energy are enough to send a Cancer into one of their dreaded moods. One minute, they're cuddly and sweet. The next, they're everyone's worst nightmare. If you're close to a Cancer, you know that they'll snap at you and hug you within the same breath.

Cancer Zodiac Sign. Photo: Knowinsiders.
Cancer Zodiac Sign. Photo: Knowinsiders.

If you ever offer to help a Cancer learn how to keep their emotions in check, a Cancer will probably laugh. Or yell. Or cry. Bottom line: They simply cant help but cause drama with their moods.

They create drama or start being dramatic so they could make others turn in their favour and extend them full support.

4. Leo: They're More Dramatic Than A Soap Opera

Leo is a real “drama queen”. She likes to be the center of attention all the time and in case someone else tries to steal that title from her, she can transform into a real beast.

Leo zodiac sign. Photo: indiannewsrepublic.
Leo zodiac sign. Photo: indiannewsrepublic.

A Leo will turn even the most minor conflict into a full-blown saga. It's like they think they're starring in a film and it's the most important role of their life; one that's going to land them that Oscar. For a Leo, everything is dramatic. For everyone in a Leo's life, that drama is never too far away. While something might seem completely insignificant to someone else, a Leo sees it as an opportunity to completely overreact.

People who know a Leo well probably constantly attempt to explain that they should just let certain things go. However, a Leo can't hear them. They're too busy thinking about how they're going to blow the next thing out of proportion.

5. Scorpio: Everything can be dramatic

Scorpio likes when things are her way and if she sees that others don’t respect her, she can make a real drama about that.

She can’t keep her mouth shut so she will tell you all that lies on her heart, no matter if it is good or bad.

Photo: Wallpaper Cave
Photo: Wallpaper Cave

She is attention freak and if you don’t put her first you might regret later.They create a lot of drama around the things they want in life. By creating a lot of drama Scorpio are able to make a lot of contacts which helps them to reach their goal.

Scorpio loves being dramatic in their relationship

Scorpions are passionate people. Everything they do for their partners comes from the intense love they have for them. However, sometimes their passion can reflect their controlling personality, which in turn creates a dramatic atmosphere in their relationship. Although whatever the Scorpions do is out of love, but their over-possessive nature can sometimes escalate the problems.

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