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Top 5 Zodiac Signs Make The Best Sex Partners
Top 5 Zodiac Signs Make The Best Sex Partners. Photo: horoscopes.lovetoknow.com

For various reasons, we don’t always discuss our sexual preferences with our partners. It might be because of natural shyness or strict religious upbringing or something else, but the result is the same. We are afraid to open up to people we are closest to and it often leads to problems.

Looking to the stars could be the key to discovering what signs you should be swiping right for on your quest for sexual compatibility.

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The Most Sexual Zodiac Signs

Leo - Sexual Zodiac Signs

Leo men - Sexual Zodiac Signs

More often than not, Leo men don’t bother themselves with wooing a woman. They’d rather expect women to come to them first. Their penchant for leadership extends to intimate relationships as well, but they never get rough when it comes to sexy times.

Their manhood is always a special subject of their care and pride. They are concerned with its size and they won’t miss a chance to learn about some methods to enlarge it. Impressing their partners both with their physique and sexual prowess is definitely something up their lane, cited astromix.

Leo women - Sexual Zodiac Signs

Few men are able to resist the charms of a Leo woman. But these women are too self-possessed and level-headed to give in to passion completely. When they look at their partners, the first of all see a potential candidate for marriage. Even in the heat of passion, they remain practical and demanding.

In a relationship with a Leo woman, much depends on her partner. If they are able to tug on the heartstrings of this demanding lioness, she can go full wildcat in bed. And keep in mind that if she is exceptionally good in bed, she’ll want to hear a few compliments to her prowess. Otherwise, you might not have a second chance to enjoy her company between the sheets.

Just like Leo men, women of this sign are not extremely creative. They are quite happy with the tried and proven techniques. Truth be told, many of them think that their partners must be happy with the very fact they share a bed.

Desire to dominate might get them interested in using sex toys, the kind that helps to emphasize their dominance.

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Zodiac Signs are Best in Bed

1. ​Leo - Best in Bed

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Make The Best Sex Partners
Photo: indastro.com

The king is easily one of the best zodiac signs on the bed. Leo is synonymous with a fiery, passionate lover and loves to take charge in the bedroom. He will leave no stone unturned in making you feel extremely special in between the sheets. This sun sign is also known to be a pretty respectful lover and is sure to take your needs and demands into consideration, according to timesofindia.

Style: wants to be a star and shows it both in everyday life and in bed. Craves for recognition and approval. They’ll keep satisfying you as long as you keep praising them. Leos are incredibly sexy, inventive, and devoted lovers.

Compatible with: Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.

Something to try: Mutual masturbation or mirror play provide great opportunities for Leos to put on a show.

​2. Libra - Best in Bed

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Make The Best Sex Partners
Photo: stylecaster.com

If you crave a romantic partnershipwith the right amount of fun then you sure can try your luck with Librans.

Even though they are generally indecisive in nature, it doesn’t surpass their sense of commitment when they have found ‘the one’. This means they might take longer to choose their life partner, but when they do, it’s forever.

When it comes to the bedroom, Libras highly value balance and beauty, making them incredibly generous and fair-minded lovers, who are super stimulated by simply taking in the attractiveness of their partner. Flirtatious and adventurous, Libras love to flaunt their assets and be adored, and are always up for giving new things a go, reported Balance Media.

Style: intellectuals and perfectionists, Libras are great lovers. They enjoy eroticism and the new approaches to pleasure. They are open-minded enough but sophisticated. So they won’t mind trying anything you suggest unless you go too far.

Compatible with: Gemini, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.

Something to try: The good old 69 – the pinnacle of balanced lovemaking.

3. Scorpio - Best in Bed

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Make The Best Sex Partners
Photo: thehoroscope.co

The most sensual sign of the zodiac, Scorpios are passionate and intense in the bedroom and see physical intimacy as a crucial part of a relationship. Expect steamy antics like power play and role play, incredible sexual prowess, and a foray away from the traditional positions.

They also make amazing life partners and friends because when they love they stand by it forever, no matter what. They are the sun signs most likely to commit, wrote bonobology.

Style: weird but very shrewd. They love sex but don’t trust easily and will be intimate with you only when they are sure there is a deep emotional connection between you.

Compatible with: Cancer, Pisces, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Something to try: Fifty. Shades. Of. Grey. Get your handcuffs and whips – Scorpios were born to dominate in the bedroom.

4. Virgo - Best in Bed

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Make The Best Sex Partners
Photo: yourtango.com

If you are a fan of slow, sensual, and passionate sex, the perfectionist of the lot is your best bet. Known to get stimulated with intelligence and humor, a Virgo leaves no stone unturned to create a comfortable yet sensual environment for you. This sign is also eager to please, so be rest assured that they will want to know all about your sexual preferences and fulfill as many of them as possible.

The dark horses of the zodiac, you’d be wrong to think that relatively private Virgos are simply innocent. Meticulous and considerate, they are keen to hit the sexual sweet-spot of their partner, and are therefore happy to indulge in different tastes, fetishes, and fantasies, and are actually relatively primal themselves.

Style: those who think that Virgo people are boring just don’t know them too well. They are just pragmatic and like to have sex in a clean and pleasant environment. They are sweet lovers who enjoy a stable relationship and dislike being aggressive in bed.

Compatible with: Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Something to try: Precise when it comes to knowing what they want and how they want it, all Virgo women should treat themselves to an OMGyes subscription – the ultimate resource for mastering the practicalities of pleasure.

5. Sagittarius - Best in Bed

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Make The Best Sex Partners
Photo: pairedlife.com

These people have a very adventurous attitude to sex. They quickly burst into flame and embrace the passion. As a rule, they have that sex appeal that always attracts people, so they have no problem finding sex partners. Thanks to their sexiness and considerable experience people always know them as masterful lovers.

Their behavior in bed varies. Sometimes they are only interested in personal pleasure while all but ignoring the feelings of their partners. And sometimes they can be more than generous lovers that direct their energy to their partners’ satisfaction, according to astromix.

Style: this passionate lover and adventurer will make you feel like the only one when they sleep with you. But as soon as they hear the adventure's calling, they’ll leave without a single regret. However, they are open-minded, creative, and love having fun. New thrilling places turn them on.

Compatible with: Aries, Leo, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.

Something to try: The thrill of outdoor sex could be just the ticket for the adventurous and playful Sagittarius.

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What Zodiac Signs Are Compatible?

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Make The Best Sex Partners
Photo: astrologybay.com

According to Bonology, here are a few of the zodiacs that are as good as made for each other.

Libra and Cancer

Despite being air and water signs respectively, these two signs tend to be highly compatible with each other. A Cancerian brings calm stability to the otherwise hyper Libran. The Libran brings the joy and sparks that a Cancerian might miss in their otherwise subtle lives. Despite their differences, these two zodiacs come together to make a really wholesome duo that constantly complements each other. They push each other forward and add to each other’s qualities.

Capricorn and Taurus

These are both earth signs so needless to say they get along well together. Capricorns are said to be ambitious, disciplined, practical but also sensitive while Taureans are intelligent, dependable, hardworking, and persistent. When these two signs come together they make the ultimate power couple. They drive each other to their goals and push each other’s limits (but in the best way possible).

Aquarius and Aries

Air and fire are known to get along splendidly! Aquarians are known to be independent, open-minded, and freedom-seeking. These qualities are very attractive to an Aries person who is uncomplicated to the core. They love the colors that an Aquarian brings to the relationship. However, sometimes it is possible that an Aries might get frustrated by the Aquarian’s unwillingness to discuss things on an emotional front.

Pisces and Scorpio

Being water signs, a relationship between a Pisces and a Scorpio fuses together like two rivers into an ocean. These signs complement each other to no end. The staunch loyalty and honesty of a Scorpio supplement the empathy and emotional sensitivity of a Piscean. A Scorpion will love and believe in the Piscean and provide them with positive reinforcement when they need it.

Leo and Sagittarius

When we talk about Zodiac sign compatibility, these signs are sure to come up! Leo and Sagittarius make the perfect blazing match! They are both fire signs. Their love is full of warmth and they understand each other to such an extent they almost never get jealous or insecure. Definitely, a match made in heaven!

Gemini and Libra

These signs are highly compatible because they are super alike. They are air signs and hence a relationship between the two of them is very fresh. They are both outgoing people and hence wherever this couple goes, the party goes with them. They get along splendidly with each other and many others! If you are a Libra or a Gemini looking for someone to complement your fun side, you will find them in each other.

Why do you need this list?

Intimacy is and has always been a very important part of romantic relationships. And still, for many of us, sex-related themes remain taboo. We don’t talk about our physiological or emotional needs, preferences, and fantasies. Even with long-time partners.

At the same time, healthy sex life can really make a couple happy and create a stronger bond between them. And its absence might eliminate any chances for any development. It’s especially disappointing when you do want your relationship to go to the next level.

The positions of planets at the moment of birth affects more than just disposition or behavior patterns. They also have an impact on your sexual potential and preferences. By reading a person’s intimate horoscope and comparing it to yours, you can learn a great deal. This gives some insight into how your intimate relationships with potential partners might develop. What’s more, it helps to avoid disappointments, cited astromix.

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