Top 5 Zodiac Signs Are Born for Parties
Top zodiac signs who like to party

Maybe all zodiac signs like to party a little bit, but here are the five that like to get totally crazy and party the most! They live for parties. Their parties usually involve lots of liquor, lots of laughs, embarrassing stories and causal hookups.

For how the zodiac signs act at a party, it all depends on whether you feel shy, are prone to be social, or can be convinced to come out of your shell and talk to others.

1.Aries (March 21-April 20)

This sign is a sign of confidence and when it comes to a party, they are very open-minded and have special ways to enjoy themselves. Invite an Aries to your party and see how they liven up the entire party scene with their positivity.

When an Aries is at a party, they don't stop until they drop. They dance, and if there's any kind of competition such as a drinking game, they're in on it.

Aries are party-starters and can be a true party animal, being the first ones to act totally crazy or start taking on dares, especially when inebriated. However, being that they can also be brash, blunt, argumentative and hot-headed even when sober — adding too much alcohol can also lead to problems and become a party-killer.

Aries parties so much that even they can start to get boring. So, they tend to switch it up by going to different kinds of parties every weekend. Pool parties, theme parties, concerts, karaoke – they have done it all.

Aries have so much energy they'll probably even help with the set-up and clean-up. If the party starts to get boring, they have suggestions on what to do next, like go to another party or an after-hours club.
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2.Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Parties are Gemini's love language and they adore them. They make great hosts and even better guests. Geminis are fantastic conversationalists and can keep an entire room riveted to them when telling a story.

Geminis are charming talkers, so making friends shouldn't be a problem for them at all. This makes them always on the guest list of parties, they also like to have a good time. They know how to enjoy themselves and they can even make a great DJ.

Gemini love to socialize and have fun, always ready to talk anyone and everyone’s ear off. They’ll keep things loose and spirits high with their clever and quick-weighted repartees.

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3.Leo (July 23-August 22)

This is one of the most outgoing and social zodiac signs, they love the attention and love the spotlight is always on them. They are the ones who will make everyone dance together even if you don't know how to dance.

Parties are everything for Leos and they enjoy every aspect of them — from glamming up beforehand to being the center of attention at the party, and having such a great time they'll remember the party for a long time.

Leos are friendly and fun and love a good party. They have a lion-sized appetite for partying and want to take everything to the max. They especially want to be the center of attention and will engage in drinking games or other shenanigans to draw attention toward themselves. A little too much alcohol can turn on their lust and have them making pickup moves. Inebriation can also have them acting pompous or arrogant.

If Leo finds the other partygoers giving them the cold shoulder they will not hesitate to leave the party in search of something better.

4.Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Libra is endowed with the charm to make friends wherever they are with the utmost ease. They draw people together like a magnet, and their diplomatic personality helps them get along with all kinds of people. People of this zodiac sign are often invited to parties because they can both harmonize things there and rock it.

Libras love a good party. As long as everyone else is having fun, Libra will have a great time, but if they're not, they become concerned. They do whatever it takes to remove the bad vibes or negativity that's causing the party to take a nose-dive. It doesn't matter if it's not their party.

Librans love to create delightful and memorable atmospheres for the ones they love. This would perfectly capture the whimsical elegance that the Librans seem to exude. For setting this party, a big room would be sufficient as equipment setting minimal compared to other parties we have covered in this list.

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5.Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Sagittarius are quite possibly the most enthusiastic partiers on the planet. Any given party can turn into “Sagittarius gone wild!”.

Sagittarians loves every kind of party. It could be an underground rave, a networking event, or a wedding — but Sagittarius is there. They're going to enjoy every moment of the party and try everything.

Invite a Sagittarius! This adventurous zodiac sign will set up games, become a DJ (if you let it), invite everyone to jump in the pool and have a crazy party! They are the key to ensuring your party will be a huge success!

Sagittarians are great to have at a party because they will get people off the couch and participating. Their energy seems to be endless and they're always into the idea of keeping the party going.

The extroverted zodiac sign wants everyone around them to have a good time too so they usually go way overboard to make that happen. Fire shots, drinking games, truth and dare, and outrageous bets are some of their most popular party tricks.