Top 5 Most Handsome and Hottest Italian Actors
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There are many reasons for us to fall for Italian movies, one of them might lie in Italians, and Italian actors are pretty good-looking.

The List of Top 5 Most Handsome and Hottest Italian Actors

1. Stefano Accorsi

2. Primo Reggiani

3. Gabriel Garko

4. Giulio Berruti

5. Raoul Bova

Who are the most handsome and hottest Italian actors?

1. Stefano Accorsi

Photo:  ContoCorrenteOnline
Photo: ContoCorrenteOnline

He was born on 2 March 1971. There was a couple of Italian movies and one TV film you’ll need to check out if you want to see more of this little hunk. One of his best pieces was probably 2001 The Last Kiss but you’ll need subtitles to watch it.

2. Primo Reggiani

Photo:  Alchetron
Photo: Alchetron

Primo Reggiani was born on November 5, 1983 in Rome, Lazio, Italy as Primo Nunzio Jasis Reggiani. He is an actor and producer, known for Il clan dei ricciai (2018), Raccontami (2006) and La piovra (1984).

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3. Gabriel Garko

Photo:  Madalina Ghenea
Photo: Madalina Ghenea

Gabriel Garko is very sexy both on the stage and in real life. In fact, he worked as a model too. Incredibly hot, right?.

He was born on July 12, 1972 in Turin, Italy as Dario Oliviero. He is an actor, known for His Secret Life (2001).

4. Giulio Berruti

Photo:  Fanpop
Photo: Fanpop

He was born on 27 September 1984. He’s got the handsome ruggish Italian stallion look about him and we’re glad he made the choice to be an actor. When he was at school, he trained to be a dentist and when he was going through school, he wanted to be a model!

5. Raoul Bova

Photo:  FilmDoo -
Photo: FilmDoo -

He was born on 14 August 1971. He is a famous actor and gets popularity for his talent and handsome appearance.

Above is a list of the 5 most handsome and talented Italian actors that you might fall for. I believe that you also have your own list relating to this theme so feel free to discuss it in the comment section below. If you find yourself interested in this article, don't forget to like, share and follow KnowInsiders for more updated news. Thanks for tuning in with us!

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