Most agressive zodiac signs. Photo: KnowsInsiders
Most agressive zodiac signs. Photo: KnowsInsiders

Today, when someone clearly feels negative about a situation, whether anger or annoyance, but chooses to express it indirectly instead of directly. Unfortunately, it's usually up to you to figure out why that is—and for people who are direct communicators, this can be particularly frustrating.

They might not actually be doing anything, but just the fact that they are known for having an attitude – and not being afraid to use it – can be enough to make you want to stay away from them forever.

1. Libra

Photo: Women's Health
Photo: Women's Health

Even though Libras are a social, chatty air sign, they prioritize balance and harmonious relationships overall, making them the most passive-aggressive zodiac sign. "They will suppress their feelings and emotions and prioritize yours," says Adler.

And even when the frustration bubbles to the surface, they won't know how to voice their concerns because they're too worried about rocking the boat. If they do happen to get involved in an argument, however, "they will make you apologize," says Newman.

2. Leo

Photo: Style Caster
Photo: Style Caster

When it comes to being aggressive, you can trust that the lion of the zodiac is at the top of the list. They do not back down from a fight and are rarely seen as peacemakers.

Not only does Leo refuse to back down, but they also tend to enjoy fighting to an extent. They will pick fights with people. This is especially true if they are sticking up for someone that they love.

Arrogant Leo

Leo is almost as arrogant as they come, but he’s arrogant for an entirely different reason besides wanting to be right all the time. It’s no secret that Leo can be pretty superficial at times. Always wanting to look good and be the center of attention usually comes with an inflated sense of self. And boy, does Leo have an inflated ego.

Leo is SO egotistical, in fact, that he would better be served dating himself and being his own best friend because no one will ever get close to his greatness. He’s actually not afraid to say some variation of this, either, which makes his arrogant nature that much more headache-inducing.

He believes that if he’s honest about his big ego that it’ll make it easier to swallow, but it really just makes him look like a bigger jerk.

3. Aquarius

Photo: Hellogiggles
Photo: Hellogiggles

Aquarius is one of the angrier zodiac signs. They are quick to anger. In addition to that, they aren’t afraid of confrontation. If they have something to say to you, they are going to say it. Aquarius does not go out of his way to hide his anger or make other people feel comfortable.

When you’re in a partnership with an Aquarius, this can be quite often. This sign is known for exaggerating the smallest things, which often makes them appear a little crazy.

Aquarius is a person that takes pride even in their worst traits. Even when their ideas or actions affect other people in a negative way, Aquarius will be convinced they do everything right. They won’t back down.

They often live in their fantasies and dreams, say a lot about nothing. Sometimes they seem to be completely out of touch with reality. Their thoughts are soaring high above with their dreams, which they rarely can make come true.

Thinking of lending out money to an Aquarius? Don’t. You’ll have a hard time getting it back: they’ll spend it immediately and conveniently forget they owe you anything. They don’t keep their promises; they never have time for that. Aquarius is that person whose work ethics leaves much to be desired. As a result, they are constantly in need of money. And when they get some, they invest it in some “promising” project that’s unlikely to pay off.

4. Taurus

Photo: Star Naming
Photo: Star Naming

What makes Taurus without a doubt the most arrogant sign isn’t just that he is full of himself. It’s the fact that he is so stubborn and uncompromising that even if you did want to disagree with him on something, you’d just be wasting your breath. Being around Taurus when he’s acting arrogant is frustrating because he’s not one to back down about anything.

Taurus could be blatantly wrong about something and STILL be too stubborn to concede. That said, he tends to go out of his way to back up his big-headedness, which only makes it that much more unbearable. People tend to underestimate Taurus when they don’t know him that well because he’s very unassuming… until you’re faced with his arrogance for the first time.

5. Cancer

Cancer zodiac sign. Photo: Style Caster
Cancer zodiac sign. Photo: Style Caster

Cancers have been reincarnated with the gift to feel. "This water sign is incredibly sensitive and quick to get offended if their desire for connection isn't reciprocated," says Adler. Cancers get lost in their emotions easily and don't always look to solve the issue at hand.

"They will not complain in this case but will instead engage in passive aggressiveness and make unpleasant comments until you arrive and inquire about the matter," says psychic reader and spiritual healer Emily Newman. Direct talks are off the table until then.

Cancer can be prone to aggression when they are angry, but they go to such great lengths to avoid being angry that they are rarely considered an aggressive zodiac sign.

As soon as this sign starts to get annoyed with something, they tend to avoid the situation altogether. They might change the subject or simply walk away. This is them avoiding their anger. They will continue to do this until they have calmed down.

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