Top 5 Biggest & Majestic Offshore Wind Farms in the US
Largest Offshore Wind Farms in the US

Overview: US Power Industry

With a 36% reduction from 2007 levels, emissions from the power sector have been on the decline for more than ten years. But how much CO2 is produced by the American power industry? In the US, carbon dioxide emissions from electric power were estimated to be 1,551 million metric tons in 2021.

Natural gas led the way in the production of electricity from fossil fuels in 2021, despite the record-breaking deployment of renewable energy sources over the previous ten years. This century has seen an exponential increase in renewable energy capacity, with wind and solar power making up 90% of new capacity additions in 2021.

Offshore wind is central to the American government's plan to spearhead a clean energy revolution. The Biden administration is moving in the direction of a greener future. The 'Green New Deal' includes the suggested infrastructure investment.

It doesn't involve just one initiative or piece of legislation. The general principles to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions throughout the US economy by 2030 are outlined in the Green New Deal, which was developed more than ten years ago.

The most ambitious climate plan ever proposed by a US president, Biden wants to achieve this goal by 2050 while also addressing inequality and the climate crisis.

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Offshore Wind in the US: Huge Potential

Currently, the wind industry employs 120,000 Americans. By 2030, the US Departments of Energy, Interior, and Commerce want to increase offshore wind capacity to 30 GW. In the ensuing years, this could create 83,000 new jobs and unleash billions of dollars in investment.

There is only one operating offshore commercial wind farm (Block Island Wind Farm) off the coast of Rhode Island and a total capacity of 42 megawatts (MW) for US offshore wind energy.

The goal serves as both a ramp-up and a catalyst for the long-term growth of the offshore wind industry in America. Many experts have discussed the difficulties and opportunities to get the US on track to deliver 30GW of offshore wind installations by 2030.

They support a plan based on infrastructure, leasing, regional cooperation, and globally standardized training.

What is the Largest Offshore Wind Farm in America - Ocean Wind 1

The Biden administration has given the go-ahead for the largest offshore wind farm in the country, a sprawling 98-turbine complex that is sure to stimulate a developing energy market that is widely regarded as crucial to achieving the country's climate goals.

The newly proposed Ocean Wind 1 project, created by the Danish energy firm rsted, will be situated 15 miles off the coast of New Jersey and produce 1,100 megawatts of electricity, which could supply 500,000 homes. It follows Vineyard Wind off the coast of Massachusetts and South Fork Wind to the east of Long Island, New York, as the third proposal of its kind to receive approval from the Biden administration.

Despite considerable controversy surrounding offshore wind development in the previous year, the project moved forward. Republicans in Congress claim the sector will hurt tourism and attribute a recent wave of whale deaths to it. There is no evidence, according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration officials, connecting the fatalities to offshore wind turbines. Instead, the federal agency cites other, more probable causes like climate change and ship collisions.

As the country moves away from fossil fuels, the Biden administration cites offshore wind as a major source of clean energy and employment. By 2030, the nation will have installed 30 gigawatts of offshore wind, which is enough to power 10 million homes. This goal has been set by President Biden. By 2025, the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management wants to have evaluated 16 projects.

Expanding the industry, according to Department of Energy officials, will take advantage of the stronger, more reliable winds that blow over the ocean, where the rapidly developing technology produces more electricity per turbine than onshore farms. The United Kingdom, China, Germany, and other countries heavily rely on offshore wind farms, even though the United States only has two operational ones—one close to Rhode Island and the other off the coast of Virginia.

According to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Ocean Wind 1 will generate more than 3,000 jobs over the course of its development and three-year construction. The offshore wind industry has already established itself as a "economic lifeline" for workers displaced from the struggling oil and gas industry along the Gulf Coast. The Department of Energy estimates that an offshore operation in the Gulf could generate 150 permanent operations jobs in addition to 4,500 construction jobs.

It's anticipated that Ocean Wind 1 will start operating in late 2024 or early 2025.

Top 5+ Biggest Offshore Wind Projects in the US

America's top renewable energy source right now is wind, and it's growing. 20 offshore wind projects with a combined cost of $61 billion are planned for the following five years.

Over the next ten years, Massachusetts ($14 billion), New Jersey ($12 billion), Maryland ($12 billion), Virginia ($10 billion), and New York ($7 billion) will spend the most on offshore wind power projects.

Over 15 miles off the coast of Massachusetts, this project is the country's first utility-scale offshore wind energy development. The development of 800MW of installed capacity will launch a new industry in Southeast Massachusetts, and the project recently received federal approval for construction.

1. Vineyard Wind 1

Top 5 Biggest & Majestic Offshore Wind Farms in the US
Vineyard Wind 1 - Biggest Offshore Wind Farms in the US

Over the course of the project's life, Vineyard Wind 1 will generate thousands of local full-time equivalent jobs while reducing carbon emissions by over 1.6 million tons annually.

It is the largest wind farm currently being built in the United States, with an investment of over $3 billion.

Vineyard Wind 1 will produce approximately 2GW of wind energy, which will be sufficient to power more than 400,000 homes and businesses. In 2023, it is anticipated to provide clean energy across the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

2. Ocean Wind

A utility-scale offshore wind project with a total capacity of 1,100 megawatts (MW)—enough to power 500,000 homes in New Jersey—has been proposed by Ocean Wind. The wind energy area, which is in New Jersey close to Atlantic City, is about 16 kilometers off the coast and has an average water depth of 24 meters.

More than 500,000 homes in New Jersey will receive clean, dependable energy from Ocean Wind. It is being created by rsted and Public Service Enterprise Group (PSE&G), and it is anticipated that commercial operations will begin by the end of 2024.

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3. South Fork Wind

Top 5 Biggest & Majestic Offshore Wind Farms in the US
South Fork Wind - Biggest Offshore Wind Farms in the US

The Town of East Hampton will be able to reach its goal of using only renewable energy thanks to the 132MV wind farm, which will be the first to connect in New York State. The project will use 12 turbines and a cutting-edge transmission system to produce enough clean energy to power 70,000 typical homes and offset tons of emissions annually.

The South Fork Wind project is a joint venture between rsted, the industry pioneer in offshore wind, and Eversource, a major player in the domestic energy market with in-house know-how in regional energy transmission. By the end of 2023, it should be up and running.

4. Revolution Wind

Off the coast of Massachusetts, Revolution Wind is a project that combines offshore wind energy and energy storage. The wind farm will be situated in the same lease area as the South Fork Wind Farm, which is being constructed to supply New York with electricity.

In this project, an offshore transmission backbone will be combined with a hydroelectric pumped storage system to create a "first-of-its-kind offshore transmission backbone." The project will provide 304MW to Connecticut and 400MW to Rhode Island.

The estimated start date for construction is 2023, and the estimated completion date is 2025. Eversource and rsted have a 50/50 partnership on Revolution Wind as well.

5. Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Farm

Top 5 Biggest & Majestic Offshore Wind Farms in the US
Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Farm

The project involves the development of a 2.5 GW-capable offshore wind area in New Jersey's federal waters. It is ideally situated to satisfy the expanding requirements of renewable energy targets in numerous east coast markets.

The Atlantic Shores site is located between Barnegat Light and Atlantic City, between a distance of 14 and 32 kilometers off the coast of New Jersey. The project is anticipated to start supplying electricity in 2027, and the site's water depths range from 18 to 30 meters.

A 50:50 joint venture between Shell New Energies and EDF Renewables North America is called Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind.

Top 5 Green Hydrogen Projects Starting in 2023/24

Find out more about the five clean hydrogen plants that are currently in the construction stage and will begin operations before the year is over.

1. St. Gabriel Green Hydrogen Plant

The project is a 15-ton per day green hydrogen plant that will begin operating in Louisiana in 2023 and supply the fuel cell market. Known as Hidrogenii, the joint venture was established by Plug Power Inc. and Olin Corporation. Plug Power will market the hydrogen and handle the logistics, while Olin will produce the hydrogen and offer operational support.

215 jobs will be created by the plant's construction in 2023, and more than 25 full-time, permanent jobs are anticipated to follow. This plant is the latest addition to Plug's expanding nationwide network of hydrogen production facilities in states like New York, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, and California.

Plug projects that it will be able to stop 4.3 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions in North America by 2025 by producing 500 tons of liquid green hydrogen per day. The company anticipates producing 1,000 tons per day of liquid green hydrogen by 2028.

2. Sauk Valley Green Hydrogen Plant

This is Invenergy's first green hydrogen project in Illinois. Utilizing the co-located solar plant of Invenergy and low-carbon electrolyser technology from Ohmium International, the project will produce green hydrogen.

The plant will begin operations in 2023 and have an annual capacity of 52 tonnes. It will also have on-site storage capacity for 400 kg of hydrogen. The facility will have a PEM electrolyser from Ohmium, which can generate 6kg of hydrogen per hour.

3. Kingsland Green Hydrogen Plant

This undertaking is a Plug Power-run green hydrogen facility in Camden County, Georgia. Daily output from the plant will be 15 tonnes of hydrogen, which will be liquefied and stored before being loaded onto a vehicle for transportation. By the end of 2023, operations should begin and more than 200 construction jobs should be created.

4. Casa Grande Green Hydrogen Plant

Air Products will own and run the green hydrogen production facility in Casa Grande, Arizona, which will have a daily capacity of 10 metric tons. The facility is anticipated to be operational in 2023, and its output will be sold to the Californian and international hydrogen mobility market.

By using renewable energy sources to run the entire facility with zero-carbon energy, the production process eliminates carbon. The facility will also use two ThyssenKrupp Nucera electrolysers to create gaseous hydrogen, which will then be transformed into liquid hydrogen using exclusive technology from Air Products. A terminal for distributing goods to customer locations will also be present on the site.

5. Donaldsonville Green Hydrogen Project

In this project, a 20MW alkaline water electrolysis plant will be built at the company's Donaldsonville, Louisiana, manufacturing complex to generate green hydrogen. The facility will generate 20,000 tonnes of green ammonia annually and be integrated into current ammonia synthesis loops.

The project, which will be managed by CF Industries, is scheduled to finish construction and installation in 2023, at which point it will become the biggest of its kind in North America.

The electrolyser, which converts water into carbon-free hydrogen and oxygen, requires 100% of the electricity that CF Industries will purchase across its network from sources that are grid-connected. ThyssenKrupp and the project have partnered to release it.

Green Hydrogen in the USA

The majority of recent energy transition investments have been made worldwide in solar, wind, energy storage, and electric vehicles. Green hydrogen, or hydrogen produced from renewable energy, has, however, been brought up more and more as a crucial step on the road to net zero.

By substituting hydrogen for fossil fuels in processes like refining, making iron, steel, chemicals, and transportation, hydrogen as a fuel has a great potential to decarbonize a variety of industries and hard-to-abate sectors.

Since the United States rejoined the Paris Agreement and introduced Energy Earthshot, which aims to lower the price of clean hydrogen by 80% to $1 per 1kg in ten years, the nation has adopted a 'all R&D community' approach to driving science and technology innovations. They want to advance climate science solutions while addressing technological and financial barriers.

30 green hydrogen projects worth a combined $14 billion are planned for the United States over the next five years. Over the next ten years, Mississippi, California, Louisiana, and Texas will spend the most on green hydrogen projects.

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