Top 5 Best Gifts for Mother-in-law today:

Best Gifts for Mother-in-law: Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

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Indoor Herb Garden. Photo: Amazon

With these pretty planters, she'll have an herb garden in no time (even if she's lacking a green thumb). All she has to do is plant the seeds, fill the pre-soiled jar with water, and watch her basil, cilantro, or herb of choice start growing.

Best Gifts for Mother-in-law: Custom Cutting Board

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Cutting board. Photo: Amazon

If she's the cook in the family, then she probably has a few (too many), cutting boards, already. We bet she doesn't have her own wooden board engraved with her name, though, that will easily outshine the rest.

Best Gifts for Mother-in-law​​​​​​​: Jewelry

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Jewelry as a gift. Photo: Pinterest

Make her special day even more exceptional with one of these great mother-in-law birthday gifts. Now's the time to show her just how well you know her with a thoughtful present personalized to her and her interests. Birthstone-inspired jewelry is a foolproof birthday gift for the mother-in-law who loves to accessorize. And if her grandkids give her life, she'll cherish this family tree-themed necklace representing her and her lineage.

Best Gifts for Mother-in-law​​​​​​​: Turkish Herringbone Throw

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Turkish Herringbone Throw. Photo: Mark and Graham

This throw is the perfect addition to your mother-in-law's cozy living room set. Plus, you can have it monogrammed with her initials for an extra-special touch.

Best Gifts for Mother-in-law​​​​​​​: ​​​​​​​Pleated Tote

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Pleated Tote. Photo: Dillard's

Perfect for carrying anything and everything, this tote will take your mother-in-law through every season. While the tan color makes it a classic neutral, the pleated texture and pink interior keeps things interesting.

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