Unluckiest Zodiac Signs In The New Week
4 Unluckiest Zodiac Signs In The New Week from 2 to 8 May, 2022

Top 4 Unluckiest Zodiac Signs In The New Week from 2 to 8 May, 2022

The new week from May 2 to 8, 2022, has the 4 unluckiest zodiac signs in love, work and money.

Let Knowinsiders take a look at the top of the unluckiest zodiac signs of the new week.


According to the Aries horoscope in May 2022, the fortunes of this constellation are uncertain and turbulent, especially in terms of career. If you are not careful, your previous efforts will become a field of sand carts in the East Sea, returning to the original starting point.

Moreover, the relationship with colleagues, leaders, partners is not really smooth. Projects are easily interrupted, displeasing superiors.

Remember that this May, be careful what you say to your colleagues. Because who knows, words are a double-edged sword. So during the week, because it is the most unlucky Zodiac sign of the week of May 2 - May 8, it is difficult for Aries to get a firm foothold in their career.


Pisces, be more careful with your words and behavior. Also this week, let's live how to say it, how to be reasonable. Don't brag, don't brag with your words.

Remember, you are also something special in special, don't worry. With the habit of comparing, exaggerating for yourself, then you will lose your own essence.

The luckiest zodiac signs for the new week of May 2 to May 8 include Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Readers, through the article below, discover together with Digital Horoscope.

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Unusual situations can force Cancer people to make important decisions. However, rushing to come up with a solution without consulting the superiors and colleagues will push Cancer to other troubles.

Always be cautious with funds and contracts because it seems that your concentration is not very good right now. Do not think too negatively when the house is no longer a peaceful place for you to cook.

In fact, everyone has their own difficulties and if you don't know their difficulties, don't rush to blame that carelessness.

A glass of hot milk at the end of the day accompanied by a deep sleep will help Cancer regain composure. However, as mentioned, Nhi is the most unlucky Zodiac sign in the week of May 2 - May 8, so it will be in trouble for the whole week, so I have to be strong and face it.


According to the most unlucky zodiac sign of the new week of May 2 to May 8, Sagittarius' health falls into the red zone, so it will greatly affect your mood and behavior. Unlike the 3 constellations above, which face unresolved problems, Sagittarius's problems originate from the discontented attitude of this zodiac sign.

The sluggishness makes Sagittarius people ready to ruffle their feathers to challenge anyone who comes near, of course you will have strong responses from everyone around.

Temporarily avoid your lover and the elderly because you will cause irreparable arguments. Saying no to stimulants like alcohol and beer, you will easily cause a loss of control with yourself.

At the same time, the only external factor of bad luck that can affect Ma Ma is the fights between neighbors or friends that can get you into trouble.

4 Unlucky Zodiac Signs In Money, Finance (2 to 8 May, 2022)


The palace is unlucky to earn money every year

Aries loves to enjoy

Aries' financial fortune for the week is generally average. Because you focus too much on enjoyment, when you spend money, you often don't think about tightening your belt, saving for the future, but always shopping to satisfy your temporary pleasure.

Short trips during the holidays have consumed a lot of money for this constellation. You are too light-hearted, you can't see your way back on vacation. The newly received salary has been wasted quite a bit, the holiday bonus has nothing to do with the amount of money you spend.

Others are also stunned by the playfulness of Aries. You often fall into drinking parties, buy new clothes to travel, eat freely, so running out of money is not unfair.


Next week, Leo's financial fortune will be average, easily falling off the chain at a critical moment, not having the courage to seize the opportunity firmly. So, I had the ability to get rich, but now I can only see other people making good money, but I have nothing left.

Leo should refer to the experience of their Earth sign friends on how to manage finances, a typical example is Virgo. This time you are quite weak in making money, so when you earn money, remember to keep the piggy bank, do not invest foolishly.

Besides, Leo is also willing to buy gifts for friends, relatives or lend money. Therefore, if you suddenly hold a bunch of money, the constellation will be very willing to wish everyone, so it is not unfair to be in the top of the zodiac with bad luck in money in the new week.


You should pay more attention to investing if you don't want to lose money because of your own mistakes. There are opportunities for others to do it but it may not be right for you, so don't rush to follow the trend.

Capricorn is very careful when using their sweat and tears. They are the smartest shoppers but not very good at competing for money.

Just saving is not enough, if you don't earn money, where can you save it, Ket? You should put aside the arrogant ego to inquire about the predecessors, actively get acquainted with the business to make money next week.


As the new week's money unlucky zodiac sign, it sounds like you don't have your own opinions and opinions. Therefore, it is easy for you to listen to other people's opinions and begin to indulge in investing in unreliable financial channels, which originally wanted to make a lot of money but ended up bitterly realizing the loss. big.

So naive, Aquarius is easy to be deceived by bad guys, at the weekend (May 2-8, 2022) don't listen to the sweet temptations of people around, lest the money fly away in one go.

Moreover, Aquarius is very easy to get rich, but it is very difficult to control his hobbies, buying unnecessary things. Aquarius often spends money on pretty things but rarely uses them, just throwing them away.

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