Top Female Zodiac Signs Who are the Breadwinners
Top Female Zodiac Signs Who are the Breadwinners

Economic realities have meant that most families must rely on more than one income to meet the family’s current needs and future aspirations.

Men are still the predominant breadwinners, though, in recent years, more women are earning the mantle in their families. Women breadwinners are more commonplace. Nowadays, they are more likely to have more education, a career and make more than men, but still take the lead in caring for children and the home.

They are the breadwinners in their family.

Since the 1990s, there has been a rise in the number of households in which women are working more hours than their male partners across the UK and other advanced economies. Female breadwinners are often stereotyped as career-oriented, empowered, and high-earning women.

In 2017, 41 percent of American mothers were the sole or primary breadwinners for their families, earning at least half of their total household income.

1.Leo Women

Of the 12 zodiac signs, Leo women are famously strong. Like lions, they can accept whatever life sends them. They are willing to take risks, regardless of the thorniest challenge. This "catch the waves, catch the wind" personality makes them likely to get into trouble, but they are resourceful enough to solve problems quickly.

The Leo woman is particular about money because she craves financial security but from an emotional perspective. This woman will make generous investments in friends and family because she often seeks validation in her relationships. She is driven by a deep sense of insecurity and tends to liberate herself by spending on extravagant fineries.

But just as much as the lioness likes to spend, Leo women also strives to earn to achieve complete independence. She has a natural understanding of what it means to be a leader, shoulder the weight of the gun barrel with absolute resilience and work diligently to achieve the highest record. She is an excellent candidate for corporate leadership roles therefore a career as a marketing strategist or interior designer would suit her tremendously. She loves working with a team of loyal followers so a career in the entertainment industry or a sales & marketing associate in a technology firm would be appropriate.

Quotes for Female Leo: “Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” - Nora Ephron

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Top 4 Female Zodiac Signs Who are the Breadwinners in Family
Women As A Bread Earner Of The Family: Top 4 Zodiac Signs

Virgo women think they are soft, but they are extremely tough. They are steadfast in their goals, take a firm stance, and are not easily defeated. Many people mistake the Virgo woman for the "easygoing" type because of what she looks like, but in reality, they are much tougher than you think. Virgo is always trying to create a good future for themselves, ready to break the rules to make a difference.

Not one to take big financial risks, a Virgo woman will invest her money in a conservative portfolio. Her endless worry about money coerces her to make a lot of it but to spend very little. She survives on less by spotting bargains and negotiating when the price is too high.

Leave her alone, and she will complete a task by herself flawlessly. Her strive for perfection leads her to produce superb work, but it also exhausts her.

This zodiac sign, Virgo woman, really is the breadwinner in the family!

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Sagittarius women are fierce, adventurous, optimistic, spontaneous and intellectual. As the Fire sign ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is willing to challenge themselves with new things. Sagittarius is a pillar, a ray of hope that helps lift people's spirits, when adversity comes. Her humor, witty jokes, combined with her natural ability to turn negative situations make Sagittarius one of the most energetic women in the zodiac.

Top 4 Female Zodiac Signs Who are the Breadwinners in Family
Top Women Zodiac Signs Are the Breadwinners in the Family

Using her mouth comes naturally, so a Sagittarius woman tends to be a great salesperson. Always one on the lookout for something new, she prefers different tasks and various atmospheres. Some of the professions best suited to her personality include travel agent, researcher, and ambassador.

Her bubbly personality and enthusiasm will likely make her money, but her desire to explore will make her spend it. She is not concerned about the details of how she will earn money again, as she believes the universe will provide everything she needs.

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Capricorn is "buffalo" so it is not easy to give up. They often do their best before they fail. They fiercely protect the ones they love, have power and self-control. Capricorn's independence can make someone uncomfortable at first, but eventually, their desire to stay true to themselves helps them attract others. Women of this zodiac sign always know how to protect themselves and for others.

A Capricorn woman is very ambitious about her career and will do anything to achieve her goal and will cross all the hurdles which may come in her way. She is very responsible and accountable and a Capricorn woman loves to work in a structured and organized environment. She takes her decision with utmost care.

A Capricorn woman saves every single penny which she can save for the retirement days. She believes that money is security for life so she handles money well, and also takes care while spending the money.

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Increasingly, women are the primary breadwinners in their households

Nearly 30% of heterosexual married women are primary earners, excluding women who are sole earners. 41% of mothers are breadwinners, up from 15.9% in 1967.

In educational attainment, 46.6% of women have a bachelor’s or higher compared to 40.3% of men.

Women hold more than half (51.8%) of the American jobs in management, professional, and related occupations.

The gender pay gap stubbornly remains, with women earning about 80.5 cents of every dollar earned by men. However, women’s compensation is moving closer to parity (up to 98%) with men in many professional fields. Pay gaps can result in significant retirement gaps, especially when women leave the workforce for caregiving.

40% of all American businesses are women-owned.