Top 30+ Most Common Questions Asked About Life in America - Best Answers
Top 30+ Most Common Questions Asked About Life in America - Best Answers
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The United States of America, the land of the free consists of 50 states. Over 328 million people reside in America making it the third most populous country in the world. The US is also the fourth largest country in the world by total area. This vast country is well known across the world and has a cultural imprint that is driven by technological innovation, popular movies, television, and music.

The United States of America are famous for many things including national parks, cities, landmarks, the economy and plenty more.

So, are you ready to discover how well you know the USA? Let’s get started!

Why Should Live in the USA?


Healthcare in US is amongst the very best in the world. Well-funded hospitals, well-trained staff and world-leading medical innovation mean you can be confident you will receive the very best treatment should you need it. Since 1975 90% of all medical innovations can be credited to the US. America also leads the world in dental care and proudly boasts some of the whitest, straightest smiles in the world.

Naturally, this standard of care comes at a cost and many potential ex-pats worry about the cost of healthcare in the USA. Employers will, however, often offer generous medical and dental care policies as part of your salary package that may even cover partners and dependent children.


If you are moving to the USA with children, ensuring they get the best education will be a top priority. Rest assured, the standard of schooling is so high in America, it’s one of our top 10 reasons to move to the USA. You can choose to send your child to a public or state school and find institutions following the British or International Baccalaureate curriculum should you wish. Whatever you choose, you can be confident your child will receive a good education and qualifications recognized around the world.

If your children are a little older, or perhaps you are considering furthering your own education, the American college system is also world-renowned. According to the QS World University rankings, half of the top 20 colleges on the planet are in America.

Economic Strength

Her economic strength has helped the USA weather the storms of global depression and financial crises. The US dollar is the World’s primary reserve currency, a sure sign of stability and respect. A survey of all OECD countries revealed that Americans enjoy the highest average household income in the world.

America is also a surprisingly inexpensive country. The US was ranked number one for the affordability and security of food in a Global Food Security Index. British ex-pats will certainly find their fuel and food bills substantially reduced. Housing is also cheaper than in many other wealthy nations due to comparative abundance and low cost of land.

Career Opportunities

America is a country that works hard and takes pride in what they do. Earning a living is something Americans take pride in and do well with only 5.5% of the population unemployed. The US also regularly ranks in the top five countries in the world for workforce productivity.

Employers are willing to look overseas for the very best talent to boost their business. If you have a skill that a US company is in need of, they will often help in any way they can, from organizing visas to helping you find a home. Once there, you can enjoy good job security and satisfaction, and, providing you demonstrate a good work ethic and continue to be an asset, your career can flourish. British employees are particularly attractive due to the (almost) shared language.

Natural Beauty

While we’re on the subject of America’s wide-open spaces, they’re not just abundant, they’re also spectacularly beautiful. There are vast lakes the size of a small country, rugged mountain ranges to ski and climb, and coastlines spanning two oceans. From the Grand Canyon to the Everglades, there are so many natural wonders to explore, the difficult choice is where to start.

The USA’s 58 National Parks and countless managed parks and wilderness areas are populated by an incredibly diverse ecosystem. It is home to 784 different species of birds, 428 different mammals, and 606 different reptiles and amphibians.

Top 30+ Most Common Questions Asked About Life in America - Best Answers

Photo: missvickie
Photo: missvickie

1. Why does American Bread Taste Sweet and Unhealthy?

Probably because it's filled with sugar. A typical slice of white bread contains more than a gram of sugar.

The cause of sweetness of American bread is something that is prevalent in a lot of average American foods.

Americans buy lots of prepared foods, and manufacturers often add sugar trying to make more sales so Americans have gotten used to foods having lots of sugar. So when they make stuff from scratch they are disappointed if they don’t come out sweet like those prepared foods.

► More specific reasons why American bread is too sweet can be read here!

2. Seriously, why is it that in some states you can buy beer in a pharmacy but not in an actual liquor store?

Pharmacies are meant to sell things that make you healthier.

3. Why are Americans so rude, ignorant, and loud?

It might just be cultural differences. There are certain things Americans do that people in other countries find terribly rude.

4. Why are your soft drink sizes so crazy big?

In Australia, our large is the size of your small. Surely nobody can actually finish your large?!

5. Why does American Beer Taste so Bad?

That depends on what American beer you're drinking. A lot of the world's best beers come from smaller breweries in the US.

6. Do Americans actually call it 'hot cocoa'

Do Americans actually call it 'hot cocoa'

7. Why is American food so bad?

Because, for better or worse, we love processed foods.

That doesn't mean all American food is bad, however — look no further than a list of Michelin-starred restaurants in the US.

8. Do Americans actually eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or is that just some inside joke u all have??

Photo: buzzfeed
Photo: buzzfeed

Heck yeah! You should try it!

9. Why do Americans hate Canada?

We don't! There are just lots of good jokes about Canada.

10. Why do you refer to a whole pizza as a pie?

A pie is a pie. A pizza is a PIZZA.

11. Why are American jobs important?

American jobs are a key talking point in the Republican and Democratic primary debates. Some people are concerned about jobs going overseas or illegal immigrants taking jobs in the US, while other people are busy fighting to raise the wage of fast-food employees.

It's a hot-button topic that continues to percolate around the country.

12. And what's the deal with the gaps in the toilet stalls?

Nobody needs to make eye contact with someone while they're on the loo.

13. Are Americans Stupid?

From Common Core to failing school systems, there are a lot of problems with America's education system. The US ranks fairly low in math and science compared to the rest of the world, according to the Pew Research Center.

That doesn't mean all Americans are stupid, but it could be contributing to our perception abroad.

14. Why do you have to make American versions of TV shows that are already really great?

Everyone else in the world manages to enjoy your TV shows, as American as they are — why can't you try and appreciate ours?

15. Do Americans Have Âccents?

America has a variety of regional accents. We pronounce our vowels differently around the country and sometimes we have different words for certain objects.

Here's a handy map to show how many regional dialects there are in the US.

16. What are grits?

If they're not oatmeal, what the hell are they?

17. Are Americans Allowed in Cuba?

Yes! After 54 years, the US and Cuba agreed to normalize relations with one another in 2014. Part of that includes travel between the two countries, and President Barack Obama is even going to Cuba later this month.

Here's what US citizens need to know about traveling to Cuba.

18. Why does America support Israel?

Israel and the US have a complicated relationship. It is our ally, but we differ on certain issues and Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have had public conflicts in the past.

19. Why does American chocolate taste bad?

Photo: 12tomatoes
Photo: 12tomatoes

British people especially love to complain about how bad American chocolate tastes.

And it's not imaginary. British chocolate tends to have a higher fat and cocoa content. American-made chocolate, meanwhile, typically contains a larger dose of sugar.

20. Do Americans really need hall passes????

Experiences vary. More prominent are hall monitors who make sure you’re not just wandering around to blow off class.

21. Can Americans travel to Iran?

There are currently no travel restrictions between the US and Iran, but the US Department of State warns citizens to "carefully consider the risks."

22. Do Americans really have the last 4 digits of their social memorized, or is this just one of those TV things just to save time?

It's to the point that a very large proportion of people use the last four as their debit pin code

23. Why does American TV Look Blurry?

The consensus appears to be that the US uses different technology from Europe, Canada, and the UK.

America uses the NTSC (National Television System Committee) while British TV uses a system called PAL (Phase Alternating Line).

24. Why do they write the date starting with the month, then the day, then the year?

Since a day is the shortest, it should totally come first tbh.

25. Why do Americans Love Guns?

Photo: thedailybeast
Photo: thedailybeast

From the US Constitution to Western movies, owning a gun is deeply entrenched in America's national psyche.

26. And do Americans realize how confusing using Fahrenheit is?

In Celsius, zero degrees is the point that water freezes and 100 is where it boils.

27. Can Americans work in Canada?

Yes, they can, although Americans will need a visa or work permit to do so.

28. Why is America in debt?

Debt in the US is a complicated matter, but the 2008 financial crisis and War on Terror have not helped matters.

29. Why does the American school year start so early?

By the early 1900s, everyone had pretty much agreed that US public schools would start after summer break on Labor Day, but recently start dates have been getting earlier and earlier so teachers can cover more material and give students finals before — and not after — winter break.

30. Why are American Flags at Half Mast?

When the American flag is at half-mast or half-staff, it means that the nation is in mourning.

According to the US Flag Code, "By order of the President, the flag shall be flown at half-staff upon the death of principal figures of the United States Government and the Governor of a State, territory, or possession, as a mark of respect to their memory."

31. Why do Americans call football soccer?

Scholars believe soccer was originally a British colloquialism for the game of football. Instead of calling it football, however, Americans — and Australians! — stuck with the nickname soccer.

It's actually a fascinating, complicated history.

32. Wait do Americans seriously have whole tests that are multiple-choice??? is that a thing??

Less work for the teacher. They can run all the tests thru the scantron and it grades them and stamps them.

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