Free Ways to Watch Live Man United vs Southampton from Anywhere Free Ways to Watch Live Man United vs Southampton from Anywhere

Guide and update completely free ways to watch Manchester United vs Southampton match in Premier League live.

Top 30+ Best Free Sites To Watch English Premier League Matches - Updated
Best Free and Legal Sites To Watch English Premier League Matches
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What is the best easy way of streaming these hottest English Premier League matches while at home?

Of course, the best football streaming sites and free sites are those with no lag and offer viewers the best quality. Which streaming platforms meet this threshold?

Most of broadcasters are launching football streaming apps that allow users to watch English Premier League matches from their mobile devices.

Some broadcasters offer a link that you can use to stream games from a browser application.

The websites that introduces below are all legal. If any website is illegal, please let us know immediately.

We recommend that you absolutely do not access and watch the Premier League from illegal websites because you violate copyright and face many troubles such as personal data theft, virus intrusion, and fraud. hack accounts etc.

Top FREE and Legal Sites to Watch Live English Premier League Matches 2023/2024 and Updated

Are you curious about how to watch the English Premier League on your laptop, computer, or smartphone for free?

The best option is to watch all Premier League games live online without depending on services like ESPN, NBC, Sky Sports, etc.

Top FREE and Legal Sites to Watch English Premier League Matches Right Now

Note: Some of online streaming websites will offer you to install their software, although most don’t, but if you’re not comfortable with any software you don’t have install anything.


Watch Live Premier League's Last Matches on Youtube

The easiest and most popular way to watch Premier Leagueis You can watch it for free and especially with English commentary.

Watch Live Premier League's Last Matches on Facebook

To watch Premier League live on Facebook, you just need to visit and type in the keyword of the matche. Facebook accounts around the world will provide you with countless live streams in many different languages. However, the quality of the live video is very poor and often interrupted.

♦ Latest Updated February 2023:

Link 1:

Link 3:

Link 3:

Link 4:

Watch Football (Soccer) Streaming Live for Free, including some big matches of English Premier League.


This website streams a wide variety of football matches, including club, national, division, and sub-20 games in addition to EPL matches.

To Firstrowsports, all hail! The top website for streaming sports. It's a difficult moment for many. Nearly all sporting events are bought out by large, wealthy corporations.

Link to the free site to watch Premier League:


This website specializes in providing schedules for various sports, primarily soccer. Using their schedules, you can watch Premiership matches in real time. Go to Live Sports at the top to watch live TV as well. You must download a client from this website before you can proceed.

You have just chosen to use MyP2P to watch live sports streams. Everyone can access free streams on Myp2p. Sites don't care if you are an avid sports fan or a casual observer. Nonetheless, the staff at MyP2P would appreciate it if you returned each time you were looking for a sports link. The majority of sport streams from every category, including American football, basketball, tennis, motorsports, and EPL matches, were listed on these websites. To view a more curated list of streams from a particular genre, select your preferred sport from the menu above.

Link to the free site to watch Premier League:


One of the greatest places to get free football content is this one, which shows practically all major live sporting events, including English Premier League games. To ensure you don't miss any matches, they also have a section where you can download all of the previous matches.

A website called Rojadirecta compiles various live sports streams into one location. That makes sense, don't you think? You should at least give us a try—it's free—because you can expect nothing less than the greatest online from Rojadirecta live sports streams!

Link to the free site to watch Premier League:

4. -

This a free online TV that streams news, entertainment and importantly sports events especially EPL matches. You get to watch lots of live matches during core weekends; Saturdays and Sundays.


Similar to or before the USA seized or stole their domains, is a free sport streaming website. As a minimalist sports streaming website, allows you to access flash streaming directly from our homepage. We apologize, but if you are a visitor from the UK or the USA, you are prohibited from using Atdhe and will no longer be supported.

Simply click on the stream you want to watch after selecting it. Try another one if the first one doesn't work. Since aggregates sports streams, additional links are typically added for the same event. This indicates that there aren't any streams hosted on this website, never have been, and never will. Occasionally, certain stream links need third-party software to function.

6. -

There's another football streaming website where you can watch global major league football matches. Numerous live events are shown on the website, including EPL, Bundesliga, Seria A, La Liga, and other events.

Watching free live soccer streams at Drakulastream has never been simpler! Take advantage of the greatest free soccer live stream available online by clicking!


The newest website to stream all major sports events, including every Premier League match, is this one.

Watch Live Sports Online: Sky Sports, BT Sport Live Stream, BT Sport Europe Live Stream, Football Live Streaming, Football HD Live, Football Online, Football Online Streaming, Free Football Streaming, Watch Football Live on your Mobile, iPhone, or Tablet.

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EPL Fans shoud try more FREE Streaming Sites in 2022/2023

You should copy and past the link on the space in new tab.


2.http://www.hammerstv. com/htvstream.htm


3.http://cricfree. sx/watch/live/


5. – choice of streams








Top 10+ Best Sites to Watch Football Online for Free Top 10+ Best Sites to Watch Football Online for Free

Check out The Top 10 plus Best WebSites to Watch Football Games Online for Free and Live Stream!

Top 15+ Best Streaming Sites To Watch Live English Premier League Matches - Free Day Trial

Top 30+ Best Free Sites To Watch English Premier League Matches - Updated
Free Sites To Watch Live English Premier League Matches

It's never been easier to watch Premier League games. Streaming platforms are less expensive than satellite TV services and have the capacity to display multiple games simultaneously. Additionally, some feature a catch up feature that lets you watch a football game again whenever you want. The greatest places to watch English Premier League games are these ones.

Football fans can watch their favorite teams' English Premier League matches on these platforms or streaming websites. Which ones are therefore the greatest for streaming? Which ones can be streamed for free or at a low cost?

1. NBC Sports

Users of NBC Sports can access Premier League fixtures, scores, tables, and rumors in addition to watching live matches. You can stream more than 175 games on compatible devices, such as TVs, tablets, and smartphones, as well as online.

You can watch past game highlights, read match analysis, and see your favorite team's statistics on NBC Sports. By confirming your TV service provider identity or live streaming TV subscription, you can watch live events on NBC Sports.

How to watch all Premier League Matches in HD on NBC Sports Live Extra for free:

1. Sign up with an VPN Provider of your choice.

2. Download login coockie here:

3. Copy the downloaded files to your browser's cookie folder

4. Got to the NBC website and enjoy!


One of the greatest places to watch Premier League football on any compatible device is fuboTV. It allows you to watch all Premier League matches as well as schedules, highlights, and other content. Numerous leagues are available on the platform, such as La Liga, MLS, Serie A, Ligue 1, UEFA Champions League, and international competitions.

While watching football games on fuboTV requires a subscription, you can take advantage of a free trial and access more than 200 channels, including multiple sports networks. Keep in mind that you can only watch or listen to the EPL on channels that are authorized to do so in your region.

3. Spark Sport

English Premier League matches can be watched on smart devices by subscribers of Spark Sport, a premium on-demand and live sports streaming service. Mobile devices, desktops, laptops, Smart TVs, Apple TVs, Chromecasts, and browsers that support them can all stream Premier League matches.

You can buy individual games with the pay-per-view service if you would rather not subscribe. After registering for the monthly service, you will receive a 7-day free trial as a new user. You will then be able to access all of Spark Sport's content.



Serie A, Europa League, and UEFA Champions League are the only sports streaming leagues available on DAZN. However, it also bought the rights to televise Premier League games in 2020–2021.

To take advantage of complimentary Premier League football streaming, use DAZN to obtain a 30-day trial. You'll be able to view Premier League content such as talk shows, replays, highlights, and fixtures with that. On your smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, and gaming consoles, you can stream every one of the 380 games.

5. Amazon Prime Video

The Premier League has a partnership with Amazon Prime Video. It is permitted to air a limited schedule of games for three seasons, ending in 2021–2022. This implies that you can use it to stream live EPL games to a variety of devices, including gaming consoles, Fire TV, Smart TVs, and the Amazon app.

You must first download the Amazon app and sign up for Amazon Prime in order to get started. In addition to live game streaming, Premier League magazine shows, football documentaries, and replays and highlights are available.

6. beIN Sports

Among the top services for watching the Premier League live is beIN Sports. All of your favorite live EPL matches, as well as other international sports and competitions, are available to watch and stream. La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Champions League, and Europa League are a few of these.

You can also watch video highlights, news, talk shows, and the most recent fixtures on beIN Sports. To view content on beIN Sports, you might require a TV provider in your area. As an alternative, you can purchase a package that includes access to every channel that streams the Premier League.

7. BT Sport

You can watch Premier League games for the 2022–2023 season instantly on BT Sport. You don't need to sign up for needless contracts or choose a broadband service in order to use it to stream Premier League games.

One of the best places to stream Premier League matches online, it provides you with the best possible viewing experience by allowing you to watch live matches in 4K HDR with amazing Dolby Atmos surround sound. The service can be accessed via an online player on the web, TVs, consoles, and mobile devices.

8.CBS Sports

You can view the most recent sports news, commentary, and videos on CBS Sports. It features a wide variety of sporting events, such as curling, baseball, basketball, football, and the NHL. It's also the greatest service for watching Premier League matches online.

For the most recent information on the Premier League, including live scores, player stats, standings, predictions, and fantasy games, visit CBS Sports. Using an accredited TV provider or signing into CBS All Access is the best way to watch the Premier League on CBS Sports.


The English Premier League is available for live streaming on computers, smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices via ESPN. With the service, you can view thousands of live performances and events from all over the world. You will receive expert analysis of the EPL along with highlights, on-demand news, and scores.

You can watch other ESPN shows and channels, such as ESPN+ Originals, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, and SECN, as a subscriber. You can also view the schedule and follow your favorite EPL teams.

10. Hulu

On its platform, Hulu lets you use compatible devices to watch all live sports events. Football matches from leagues like the English Premier League, MLS, and UEFA Champions League are available for streaming. All subscribers can access the service via Hulu + Live TV.

You can watch your favorite teams on Hulu to make sure you don't miss any of their upcoming games. By beginning a 30-day trial, you can also take advantage of free live streaming of Premier League football and access to over 65 live and on-demand channels.

11. Optus Sport

The exclusive home of the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, and English Premier League is Optus Sport. It provides you with both live and on-demand gaming. For each of the 380 games, you can watch highlights and mini-matches.

All Premier League games are available on Optus Sport, along with replays and the latest news. You will see an analysis of the top players to add to your team if you are a fan of the Fantasy Premier League.

12. Peacock TV

For the 2020–2021 season, Peacock TV is bringing you 175 Premier League matches that are exclusive. Football week's greatest moments, game previews, and analysis can all be found on Premier League TV, which is available on numerous channels. You can also access videos, interviews with your favorite players and teams, fixtures, results, and news about the Premier League on this platform.

The fact that Peacock TV only costs $4.99 a month is a benefit. On the other hand, you can take advantage of the free seven-day trial to watch Premier League football live.

13.Sky Sports

When it comes to English Premier League streaming, Sky Sports has the best content. You can watch football on a number of its channels, such as Sky Sports Main Event, Sky Sports Football, and Sky Sports Premier League.

You can watch Monday Night Football, highlights, replays, and in-depth analyses of different teams and players, to name a few programs. The best source for comprehensive Premier League statistics is Sky Sports.


14. Sling TV

You can watch a variety of live soccer matches from anywhere with Sling TV. It offers more than 70 channels with live streaming for various leagues, such as La Liga, MLS, and the Premier League. Using your favourite streaming device, you can watch your favourite EPL teams competing for glory. Subscribers to the service are not locked into long-term contracts. New users can take advantage of a complimentary seven-day trial.

15. YouTube TV

A subscription streaming service called YouTube TV lets users watch live TV. You can watch every live EPL match on its roster of more than 85 broadcasters and well-known networks. You can stream Premier League games or take in local and national live sports events with it.

Additionally, talk shows, sports news, and match highlights are available to subscribers. Despite its monthly cost of $64.99, YouTube TV offers new users a 7-day free trial.

16.BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer is a fantastic resource for watching UK football matches without any advertisements. This implies that you won't have any interruptions while watching every Premier League game in the comfort of your own home. To view live streams, you will need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect from your country to a UK-based server if you are not connected from the UK.

Similar to the mother of streaming websites is It's one of the top football streaming sites in Australia, offering live streaming of basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and football. The platform allows you to watch live sports for free, but if you want to stream in high definition, you'll need to sign up for a premium account.


*Editor Note:

1.Most of the FREE streaming sites are illegal, so English Premier League football fans will face many inconveniences when watching live.

2.In addition, because of broadcasting rights, some FREE streaming sites may not be in your country.

3.Free Sites to watch the Premier League live are updated continuously by us before the matches. If you visit the site (the old url is usually not viewable).

4.Because it is a free site, most football commentary is not in English

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