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It should come as no surprise that the political realm is frequently taken quite seriously. Political parties are, after all, a catalyst for discussion and conflict among people. Notable political fringe groups have given rise to some of the most odd political parties in both the UK and Canada. In this articleyou will find out Top 15 Weirdest and Funny Political Parties In The World’s History.

Top 15 Weirdest and Funny Political Parties In The World’s History

1. Rhinoceros Party (Canada)

Top 15 Weirdest and Funny Political Parties Around the World in History

The Rhinoceros Party was likely the most well-known Canadian fringe party to date. It was founded in the 1960s and continued to exist for a few decades following.

It attracted notice for its satirical platform, which called for repealing the law of gravity and swearing to break all of their pledges. Remarkably, they placed second in one federal election. Their nominee? a clown with experience.

2. The McGillicuddy Serious Party (New Zealand)

In the 1980s and 1990s, the McGillicuddy Serious Party was a political organization in New Zealand. Their unusual method of choosing candidates, which included musical chairs, newspaper sword duels, and water balloon fights, was their greatest claim to fame.

Their platform ridiculed the positions of the major parties in terms of policy. Among their measures were the promotion of sand as legal tender, the reduction of the voting age to eighteen, and the requirement of homosexuality for one-third of the populace.

3. The Canadian Extreme Wrestling Party (Canada)

Founded in Newfoundland, the Canadian Extreme Wrestling Party rose to prominence in the early 2000s. Professional and amateur wrestlers collaborated to make it. It held an 11-man wrestling contest and awarded the title to the victor to determine who would lead the party.

The party, despite its ridiculous name, had a fairly sensible program that centered on supporting economic and environmental initiatives.

4. Polish Beer-Lovers’ Party (Poland)

Operating out of Poland, the Polish Beer-Lovers' Party peaked in popularity in the 1990s. It developed as a result of Poland's somewhat erratic post-Communist party structure.

Their program encouraged people to switch from vodka to beer in an effort to combat alcoholism. They separated into the Little Beer Party and the Big Beer Party after gaining sixteen seats in the Polish parliament at one stage. They unexpectedly developed into a respectable political organization with a solid agenda.

5. American Vegetarian Party

When political aficionados and foodies come together, you get the American Vegetarian Party, a distinct force in politics. This party was established with the goal of addressing important issues such as public health, animal rights, and climate change from a plant-based and sustainable living perspective."Do they have a chance in the meat-loving, burger-flipping, BBQ nation?" you may be asking yourself right now.

Despite not being a major force in the population, the party is gradually gaining ground in local politics because to the support of residents who care about the environment and are committed herbivores.While others say that a vegetarian platform may not appeal to a broad audience, proponents of the movement think the American Vegetarian Party is ahead of its time. The party's message may gain traction as more individuals adopt plant-based diets and become aware of the negative environmental effects of eating meat.

6. The Death, Dungeons and Taxes Party (UK)

A satirical political party, the Death Dungeon and Taxes Party was founded in 2005. In that year's general election, it fielded two candidates: Brett Harris in Edinburgh and Damien Fleck in York.

They have some eye-opening policies in their manifesto, just like the majority of the more bizarre political parties in the UK. Among them were:

Immigration: Hot oil and longbows will be used to drive immigrants out of the UK

Murderers will be cut to ribbons

Individuals who utilize text messaging in their daily lives should be put to death

Litterers are going to hang

To conquer and annex France

Reducing the age of departure from school to nine

With barely 89 and 93 votes, respectively, Harris and Fleck received just 0.2% of the total vote in each constituency. Since then, there has been no general election representation for the party.

7. The Union of Conscientious Work-Shy Elements (Denmark)

In contrast to the majority of political parties discussed in this article, the Danish Union of Conscientious Work-Shy Elements Party succeeded in winning an election in spite of all the odds. The party was founded in 1979 by comedian Jacob Haugaard, who ran unsuccessfully in each general election until an unexpected victory in 1994 with 23,253 votes. Among his electoral policies in that race were:

improved weather

The freedom to be helpless

Army field rations with Nutella in them

Everyone should have eight hours a day of sleep, eight hours of relaxation, and eight hours of free time.

More cetaceans

Improved Yuletide gifts

More bread in parks for the ducks

There is more Renaissance furniture in IKEA branches.

He was successful with two of them; he also added Nutella to soldier rations and increased the amount of bread given to ducks in parks. Following his first term in office, he retired.

8. The Fancy Dress Party (UK)

The Fancy Dress Party, which was founded in 1979, is frequently cited as the Official Monster Raving Looney Party's precursor. With the intention of being a laughable alternative to the UK's mainstream parties, the party ran candidates in the general elections of 1979, 1983, 1987, 1992, 1997, 2001, and 2010. There were several main rules for the fancy dress party, including:

chopping up police files in school to fashion your own doilies

In order to expedite construction, new schools will be inflatable, which will make it simpler for misbehaving students to disrupt the entire school.

the elimination of student top-up fees by guaranteeing that students have the same right to a pint of beer as everyone else

lowering the size of school classes to 3' x 2'6"

Using a smaller font size will instantly reduce unemployment figures.

9. The Boston Tea Party (UK)

Top 15 Weirdest and Funny Political Parties Around the World in History

The Boston Tea Party, which originated in 2006 as a political offshoot of the Libertarian Party and went by the catchy slogan "Time to party like it's 1773!" should not be confused with the Tea Party movement that is currently in Congress or the 18th-century protest against British taxes. The Boston Tea Party is the source. The Boston Tea Party advocated for legalized marijuana, withdrawal from overseas military installations, and an end to government monitoring, taking the libertarian principles of limited government a step further [source: Byrnes]. The party expanded its opposition to government meddling in any domestic matters during its convention in May 2012 and demanded an end to the "war on poverty" and the "war on civil liberties." The Boston Tea Party intended to dissolve most of the federal budget and the federal government's assets, which is likely how such significant reforms were implemented.

10. The Surprise Party (US)

The 1940 Surprise Party's very immediate popularity may have been its most peculiar aspect. Comedian Gracie Allen declared on her radio show "The Burns and Allen Show," which she co-hosted with George Burns, that she intended to become America's first female president, long before comedian Stephen Colbert launched his fictitious presidential campaign. Although the joke was just a publicity stunt for the comedy team, the audience responded well to Allen's Surprise Party ticket and took her announcement seriously. As a reaction, Allen set off on a train excursion that took him from Los Angeles to Omaha, stopping along the way to make powerful speeches to large audiences [source: NPR]. Thousands more write-in votes went to Allen even after she withdrew from the contest and President Franklin D. Roosevelt handily won a third term.

11. Official Monster Raving Loony Party (UK)

The Official Monster Raving Loony Party, founded in the 1980s by activist, singer, and 3rd Earl of Harrow David Edward Sutch, sometimes known as "Screaming Lord Sutch," is arguably the most well-known of the UK's fringe political parties. Their manifesto always makes for interesting reading, and they field an unexpectedly large number of candidates in every general election.

They have pledged in the past to outlaw the use of asterisks and designate the Loch Ness Monster as an endangered species, but surprisingly, several of their policies—many of which first appeared contentious—have become laws. This covers voting at the age of 19, pet passports, and all-day pub openings. While they may never have elected a Member of Parliament, they have elected local council members and are nevertheless an enduring, if somewhat peculiar, element of the British political system.

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12. The Guns and Dope Party (USA)

The Guns and Dope Party attempted to bring the left and right of California politics together in 2003 when it was founded as a joke by writer Robert Anton Wilson to challenge the results of Arnold Schwarzenegger's recall election. They advocated the idea that if left-wing drug users could collaborate with right-wing gun fanatics, they would become an invincible force. Their slogan was "I'll tolerate your hobbies if you tolerate mine." In addition to this goal, they also had a number of peculiar policies, such as:

A third of Congress will consist of ostriches.

Substances for people who desire them

Weapons for the possessors

Everyone should be the president

13. Free Soil Party (US)

When the Free Soil Party first emerged in 1848, the debate over slavery was dividing the country. Abolitionists, disaffected Democrats, and some traditional Whigs banded together as the Free Soilers to oppose the "Slave Power." "Free soil, free speech, free labor, and free men" was their catchphrase. That sounds so mouthful.These men didn't hold back when they were led by charismatic figures like Salmon P. Chase and Martin Van Buren. They insisted that any newly formed states that emerged from the West must be free from the bonds of slavery, just like a bird. And how they stirred things up! Although they did not succeed in winning the president, their influence was enormous. They laid the foundation for the Republican Party, which would go on to become powerful and abolish slavery.

14. United States Youth International Party

The counterculture movement of the era gave rise to the Youth International Party, which was founded in the US and operated during the 1960s and 1970s.

Despite having admirable objectives, this party gained notoriety for its publicity stunts, which included a pig running for president and an effort to raise the Pentagon using psychic energy. They were also widely known for their intense protesting.

15. The Hungarian Two-tailed Dog Party

Top 15 Weirdest and Funny Political Parties Around the World in History

The most bizarre party in Hungary has promised a lot of things, like free beer for all, a restaurant on Mars, one-day work weeks, and perpetual life. And a nationwide survey conducted this year shows that voters are (slowly) beginning to pay attention. The Two-tailed Dog Party received one percent of the vote. For a spoof, not too terrible.

In summary

Some of the most uninteresting, cowardly, and dumb personalities can be found in politics. Just consider how dull a night out with Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband, and David Cameron would be. Fortunately, there are also a lot of eccentrics, crackpots, and extroverts drawn to politics. All you've read is a list of the strangest political parties in the world. And some have even had laws made in their honor!

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