What is the First Bicycle in the World History What is the First Bicycle in the World History

Bicycle plays an important role in our daily life. We mostly take it for granted. But do you know what it looked like before the ...

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Top 15 Most Famous and Best Bicycle Brands In The World. Photo KnowInsiders

What are the benefits of biking?

Cycling is one of the healthiest and low-impact forms of exercise - meaning it causes less strain and injuries than most other work outs. So it's a hobby you can continue to enjoy throughout you long life.

And, unlike other forms of exercise, you won't dread doing it. Even if you take cycling seriously and go at it hard, the blood pumping and wind in your face is still exhiliarating, even when it's difficult. But the good news is, you don't have to take cycling seriously to enjoy it's numerous benefits.

Riding your bike:

burns calories

builds strength

increases balance

builds endurance and stamina

increases flexibility

defines shape and muscle tone

increases cardiovascular fitness

improves joint mobility

improves coordination

decreases stress levels

reduces anxiety and depression

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Top 15 Most Famous and Best Bicycle Brands In The World

1. Merida

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Merida mountain bike. Photo luxatic

Merida is a very popular brand of mountain bikes and looks stylish. There is a manufacturing company called Merida Industry Co which is known for designing, manufacturing and selling fashionable and expensive bicycles all over the world. It's a Taiwanese brand that started working in this field in 1972 by Ike Tseng.

Ike Tseng is a very famous engineer who founded this brand and is now working to deliver thousands of mountain bikes in various colors and models.

Tips: Get to know the types of bikes before making decisions on which one should be bought

The National Bike Dealers Association (NBDA) maintains a database of commonly stocked bicycle models. The two extreme varieties of bicycles are mountain bikes and cruisers (seen above), but there are plenty others. The breakdown is as follows:

You can ride a mountain bike on the road or trail, despite its name.

Road bikes are designed for riding on paved surfaces, such as in urban areas. designed for maximum velocity.

Bicycles that combine the best features of mountain and road models are called hybrids. Commuting bikes fall between between road bikes and mountain bikes in terms of speed and durability.

A cruiser is a relaxed bicycle designed for just that. Bicycles like those commonly seen ridden on beach boardwalks.

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2. Trek

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Photo: Luxatic

Trek, headquartered in Waterloo, Wisconsin and with a storied history in the bicycle business, is another current household name. You've probably seen their motorcycles around town.

The idea for Trek Bicycles originated in the 1970s in the United States with the hope of producing high-quality bicycles there. The name was decided upon during a lengthy discussion fueled by alcoholic beverages, which brought to mind notions of unrestricted movement and exciting new experiences. Since its humble beginnings in a barn in 1976, the firm has been turning out high-performance bicycles that help make the world a better place to ride.

3. Specialized

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A bike branded Specialized. Photo luxatic

Motivated by a deep appreciation for cycling, Specialized has made a name for itself as a manufacturer that prioritizes the demands of its customers above all else. That's why they work so hard to become the go-to brand for serious cyclists.

Even their mission statement, "if you ride, we're for you," alludes to superior performance, quality, and technological expertise.

In 1981, they released the Stumpjumper, the first mass-produced mountain bike in the world. It's still made today, but the stylistic and technological improvements have allowed for full suspension and hardtail variations.

4. Cannondale

To ride a Cannondale bicycle is to ride a well-known and highly regarded Canadian brand. This company has a stellar reputation for producing high-quality bicycles in a variety of modern designs. It's the most popular and cutting-edge label out there, and it consistently produces innovative bicycle designs.

This brand is American-founded and headquartered, with factories all across the globe. In 1971, the company's founders, which included names like Jim Catrambone and Ron Davis, began producing in this space. Their bicycles are offered at prices that most people can easily afford.

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5. Schwinn Bicycles

Schwinn Bicycles package German engineering with Chicago’s hard-working spirit. Ignaz Schwinn founded his namesake company in the windy city in 1895. Nearly 100 years later they were bought out by Pacific Cycle.

Notably, Schwinn Bicycles have two separate lines that cater to different markets. Their Schwinn Signature Series is their premium line of bikes though they also manufacture less expensive bicycles that you can find in big box stores.

6. Rad Power Bikes

As North America's largest electric bike brand, Rad Power Bikes is actively changing the way people and goods move. Their passionate team creates ebikes that are built for everything and priced for everyone.

The Rad Story

Mike Radenbaugh started Rad Power Bikes after constructing his first electric bicycle in 2007 to use as transportation to and from high school. For many years, he ran his business as a lone entrepreneur, transforming standard bicycles into electric bicycles for local consumers.

Mike and his lifelong buddy and college roommate Ty Collins both agreed that e-bikes were the wave of the future when it came to getting about. Together, they launched Rad Power Bikes to the public in 2015. It all started with the RadRover electric fat bike, which they used to restart the company as a DTC venture.

7. Raleigh

Photo road cc
A Raleigh bike. Photo road cc

Raleigh is a well-trusted name and one of the best bicycle brands. Both of these facts are proven by the company’s long tenure.

They were founded in Nottingham, England all the way back in 1885. Their longevity and sustained success show that their ability to continually improve themselves while staying true to their vision has ensnared many a customer.

The company operates on the principle that biking should be available to everyone regardless of price, age, or ability. They manufacture bikes for toddlers, children, and adults.

Price range of bikes

Starting at just $80 and going no higher than $300. These simple metal frames serve their purpose but may still be fashionable. Several budget-friendly manufacturers, like as Huffy and Forge, have products available at Target.

These bikes vary from $300 to $1,000 in price. The higher quality wheels, chains, and pedals on these aluminum or lightweight metal bikes make them the finest option for regular riders.

Premium bicycles might cost $1,000 or more. For heavier use in regular life or casual competition, look for models constructed from lightweight metals like carbon or titanium. Bicyclists may customize their own models to their liking by picking out the perfect size frame, color scheme, and set of wheels at a brick-and-mortar shop or on the web.

8. Kona

Kona is a very famous bicycle brand in the world. It is basically a North American brand and production started in 1988. The company was founded by Dan Gerhard and Jacob.

The brand has opened offices in many other countries making their bicycle products available in Canada, Switzerland and USA and many more. The company has also introduced the latest series of women's bicycles with eye-catching colors and different designs specifically for women.

9. Scott

Photo bikeradar
Scott bike is a Swiss company. Photo bikeradar

Its bikes feature stylish designs as well as reliable quality. It is a Swiss company specializing in the production of various bicycles, winter sports equipment, sports equipment as well as sports racing equipment.

The company was founded by Ed Scott, who worked in Sun Valley in 1958. For the first time in its history the brand produced aluminum skis, a great achievement for the brand.

10. Ride1Up

We've written about Ride1Up Bikes previously, a company that launched in 2019, because of our in-depth looks at some of their best bikes. Since then, we've just become more fond of them. The company's e-bikes are among the most stylish available, on par in aesthetic with the latest Unagi scooters and electric motorcycles.

In addition, Ride1Up produces a selection of e-bikes that are both suitable for novice riders and those with more experience (commuters, all-terrain, etc.).

11. Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is a famous bicycle brand in the world for high-end bicycles. This company is a brand from California. Recently they have launched the latest bike for cycling teams and are famous all over the world.

The company started production in this area in 1993 by two people, Rich Novak and Rob Roskopp. Its bikes with the latest style and affordable prices are what appeals to this brand.

12. Marin

Photo wikipedia
Marin is one of the most famous bike brands in the world. Photo wikipedia

When it comes to bicycles, Marin is up there with the finest of them. In 1986, California native Bob Buckley launched the firm to begin working in this space.

The brand is best known for its extensive selection of high-quality mountain bikes, which can be found in a rainbow of hues and accompanied by a wide range of optional extras. The premium versions they produce are some of the most costly motorcycles in the world. Various regions, including Marin County, are commemorated on the motorcycles of this brand.

13. GT

The American company GT has become a globally recognized brand. Dorel, a Canadian conglomerate, laid the groundwork for the enterprise. The brand's name is synonymous with top-tier mountain bikes, BMX bikes, and long-distance bicycles.

Production at the firm began in 1979; in 1998, Richard Long and Gary Turner partnered together, only to split up again in 2001. Moreover, its bikes are fashionable and come in a rainbow of hues.

14. Giant

Top 15 Most Famous Bicycle Brands In The World
Giant is the best and top rated brand of bicycles

They're the most popular and widely-ridden variety of bike in the world. Their bicycles have the best design and are built with the finest components.

It's a Taiwanese company that was formed by King Liu back in 1972. The organization has several smaller branches in nations all over the world, including the Netherlands, China, Taiwan, etc. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, these bicycles also have the highest quality components.


Top 15 Most Famous Bicycle Brands In The World
Yeti is one of energy-saving bike brands.

The Yeti SB5.5 is a 2-fork model that has done well for the company. The Yeti SB5.5, like other models in the SB family, features a Switch Infinity fork with 140mm rear and 160mm fork travel characteristics to provide a smooth and secure ride, regardless of the terrain.

The Kashima short 2-track design utilized by the Switch Infinity fork system (co-designed by Fox Shox and Yeti) aids riders in conserving energy on steep inclines.

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