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When it comes to North American sports, hockey is one of the big four. It's also becoming increasingly popular. It, like other sports, has embraced new technology. You can use your smartphone's apps to stream games, find schedules, and follow the sport in a variety of ways.

1. watchESPN

The free WatchESPN app for Android and iOS allows you to follow sports from anywhere at any time. The app offers a variety of streaming options as well as access to team schedules, match results, and other information.

You can add your favorite teams and leagues to your favorites list so that they appear in the news feed right away. The news feed adapts to your preferences, so you'll never miss out on information about your favorite league or team.

You can also watch the most recent event videos on demand. If you are unable to attend the matches in person, you can always listen to the broadcast.

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The official application for NHL employment is, to some extent, an obvious choice. It contains a wide range of materials such as schedules, news, bidding, editorial articles, assessments, and much more.

It not only allows you to track the results of all games, but it also has a reliable notification system that ensures you never miss an important event. also allows you to listen to match broadcasts and, for a fee, access to video. If you only want to follow one team, the app includes a news feed for that team. The app is clumsy, but there are no major issues.

3. theScore

theScore is one of the best sources of hockey news. It includes scores, highlights, news, trades, rumors, opinion pieces, schedules, and other features. The app is also well-designed, with plenty of information, and you can customize your news feed by selecting favorite teams. There are numerous excellent apps in this category.

Those who don't mind the monthly fee, for example, should definitely look into The Athletic. ESPN and a few other sites also work. TheScore, on the other hand, has a good mix of features and news for hockey fans.

4. Youtube

Top 15 Best Free Apps To Watch NHL Online

YouTube is a fantastic (if overly obvious) source for hockey videos. There are old and new highlights, recaps, commentary, and other moments. This includes significant moments such as Ray Bourque's epic Cup raise and Bobby Orr's legendary leap.

Furthermore, you can watch NWHL games on its official YouTube channel, though new games should be broadcast on Cheddar this season. There's a ton of stuff for hockey fans here. You are aware that it is free with advertising. Ads can be removed for $12.99 per month.

5. Hockey, THE new digital home of hockey

This application is an essential auxiliary program for all hockey fans, players, and those just starting out in one or more hockey roles.

By downloading this app, you will have access to a vast library of hockey game recordings as well as live broadcasts directly from hockey games.

There is also a special tab in the app that publishes the most recent hockey news. This feed adapts to your preferences, providing information about your favorite hockey leagues, games, and anything else that piques your interest.

This app features live coverage of top international competitions such as the FIH Professional Hockey League and FIH Hockey World Cups. You can read blogs that contain game scores.

6. NHL Live Streaming & More Bozi

Every hockey fan will appreciate the service. You can watch all of your favorite matches' live broadcasts.

This service has the advantage of not requiring a subscription. All functions are completely free. It is not even necessary to register; simply watch hockey and have fun.

The service offers high-definition video. As a result, you can clearly see all of the match's details.

Furthermore, timeline markers can be used to return to the most interesting and tense moments that occurred during the hockey game.

7. The Athletic

People choose the Athletic for a variety of reasons. These are as follows:

The content is excellent.

The app contains no advertisements.

The writers are well-informed and enthusiastic about their sport.

The Athletic offers in-depth analysis and compelling stories that extend beyond the box score.

Whatever your favorite team is, the Athletic has all the latest news, scores, stats, and more. The Athletic is a must-have app for any serious hockey fan.

8. Feedly

Photo: Mile High Hockey
Photo: Mile High Hockey

Feedly is an online news reader. It's also one of the better hockey apps. You can follow a number of sources without having to download their individual apps. That should save you a significant amount of time, space, and sanity. It's also useful for almost any other topic besides hockey. With a little patience, you could possibly set up your entire news feed in this thing. Support for phones and tablets is included.

A web interface is also available for your computer. It also connects to Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, and other services. This makes following and sharing news even easier. There is a subscription fee, but it is completely unnecessary if you are only there to watch sports.

9. HockeyTV

This app is a convenient platform for staying up to date on all hockey news and, of course, watching all hockey matches live or on demand.

The video player provided by HockeyTV is multifunctional. Aside from basic functions like pause, rewind, and forward, you can also save a video, fast rewind it, use timeline markers, and much more.

You can watch hockey however you want.

The service has a simple and clear design that makes it impossible to become confused.

10. Live Streaming NFL NBA NCAAF

This is a straightforward app that allows you to watch live broadcasts of a variety of sporting events.

Of course, finding matches is your primary goal. The upcoming matches are listed here. To access all available broadcasts, go to the settings and select the "Hockey" tab.

If you want to try something new, you can choose another sport.

The app's design is extremely simple. Isn't it convenient to watch a live broadcast of a sporting event? Nothing else but hockey.

11. Hockey Breaking News & Videos

Using this service is an excellent way to stay up to date on all of the latest hockey news. You won't miss anything concerning upcoming matches, as well as team and player events.

There is a wealth of hockey sports content available here, which is updated almost every minute. Official news, rumors, announcements, videos of the match's most exciting moments - whatever you want.

You can browse the news feed and hockey videos in the same way that you would on social media. This is useful because you are accustomed to receiving information in this format.

12. Hulu TV

Photo: The Hockey Writers
Photo: The Hockey Writers

Aside from the games and highlights, Hulu also provides NHL player stories, post-game analysis, and a wide range of related topics.

Get unlimited access to all of Hulu's content, including 60+ live TV channels. ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, FS1, TBS, and ESPN are all available.

Before you sign up, you should also check to see what local channels are available in your area.

A monthly subscription to Hulu Live TV costs $6.99. Begin your free trial by becoming a new subscriber.

13. SofaScore

SofaScore is useful for keeping track of live scores and statistics for your favorite hockey teams. The app also provides NHL and other league news, standings, and schedules. SofaScore is free to download from the Google Play Store.

SofaScore is an excellent app for staying up to date on your favorite hockey teams. You can use it to check live scores and stats, as well as stay up to date on NHL news, standings, and schedules. SofaScore is free to download from the Google Play Store.

14. FloSports

Using this service, you can keep track of all of your favorite teams' hockey games.

Although there are many other sports broadcasts, it is possible to watch hockey matches in this app.

Each sport has its own tab, so you won't mix it up with tennis, for example. You can, however, use this service to learn something new about another sport.

Watch high-quality live streams on your phone or tablet. It is also possible to connect the broadcast to the television. Use this app feature to watch comfortably while sitting on the couch in front of a large TV screen.

15. Yahoo Sports Fantasy Sports

People enjoy hockey and want to watch it whenever they can. Yahoo Fantasy Sports is one of the best Android apps for watching hockey online that many of them are looking for. Yahoo Fantasy Sports is a fantastic app for fantasy sports fans of all ages and levels of interest. The app provides users with live scoring updates, player news, game recaps, and other features.

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