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Facts about the USA. Photo: Worldatlas
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Here’s a list of 15+ amazing facts about America that you probably didn’t know, which KowInsider want to share with you:

1.Americans consume 3 billion pizzas in total per year

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Pizza might originate from Italy, but the Americans sure do love their pizzas! Reports even claim that the pizzas that Americans eat every day would cover an area of 100 acres.

2.NASA – Exploring Space

The United States of America is the only country in the world who has set foot on the moon. NASA is the government organization and they’re number 1 in space exploration.

3.No official language

Many might say English and even Spanish are the official languages of the US, but the country actually has none. Records indicate the Founding Fathers did not see a need for one. English was dominant at the time of Confederation, and so it needed no special protection. In addition to this, other languages were also spoken widely, and there was no need to risk offending anyone.

4.The world’s biggest GDP

The US does not always rank as number one in the world when mentioning the globe’s richest countries. This is because countries may be ranked according to their GDP per capita, so the wealth of a country divided by its population. When it comes to pure production power, however, and specifically in reference to gross domestic product, the US comes in first.

5.The water in Lake Superior could cover all of the Americas

Lake Superior straddles the border between Canada and the US, and if you spread all its water out, this lake would actually cover the entire North and South American continents in a massive puddle about 1 foot deep. Hopefully life will never come to that of course, for our sake, and that of the fish. Lake Superior also houses 10% of the world's fresh water.

6.Alaska has the longest coastline

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Glacier Bay Mountains, Alaska. Photo: Worldatlas

Alaska has an astoundingly long coastline stretching about 6,640 miles (10,686 km). This is said to be longer than the coastlines of all the other 49 states combined. The country's total coastline is 12,383 miles (19,928 km).

7.The US uses about 17% of the Earth’s energy

In addition to pizza, Americans also love their electricity. According to the U.S Energy Information Administration in 2017, the country used about 98 quadrillion British thermal units (Btu) of energy, which is, quite frankly, a lot.

8.James and Mary are the most common given names in the United States

If your name is James or Mary, you got the most common male and female names. As for surname, Smith is the most common one. About 1% of the total population has Smith as their last name.

9.American inventions

Throughout history, there has been countless of American inventors who’ve come up with inventions that have changed the world. Some of the most notable inventions are the transistor, the internet, the lightbulb, the airplane and of course the improved cell phone by Martin Cooper. These are just some of the many inventions that Americans have given the world.

10.There’s a palace made totally out of corn

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Mitchel Corn Palace. Photo: Handluggageonly

Yup, you can actually visit a life-sized corn palace in the USA. It sounds like something legends are made of but I assure you it’s true. I couldn’t quite believe it when I saw it in person. I mean, a palace you can potentially eat.

11.Alaska was once Russian

Back in the earlier parts of the 19th Century, Alaska wasn’t part of the USA. In fact, it was a part of Russia. It wasn’t until it was sold off to the Americans that it became a US territory. It wasn’t until almost a hundred years later, in 1959 that Alaska actually became a state. The state now has numerous national parks and even the tallest mountain in the USA, called Denali.

12.The USA has the longest cave system in the world

Just scratch the surface of Kentucky and you’ll come across some incredible natural sites to explore. For instance, the Mammoth Cave National Park actually has the longest cave system in the world and a place that’s great to visit.

13.Slaves helped build the White House

When the call went out for workers in Europe to come build Washington D.C. as the US national capital in 1792, not enough people came forward to do it. And so, officials turned to enslaved and free African Americans (although likely mostly enslaved people, given the cost) to get their work done. These men built the White House and various other early US government buildings. The Land of the Free was only free for some, after all. Many across all groups, however, were brave.

15.One of the best Passports in the world

4425 passport thrillist
American passport. Photo: Thrillist

Americans can travel the world quite freely and they can pride themselves with the fact that they have one of the world’s best passports. The U.S. citizens can travel to 116 countries without a visa requirement and get a visa on arrival in additional 44 countries.

16.Russia and the USA are only 3.8km apart at the nearest point

In the middle of the Bering Strait between Alaska and Siberia, the U.S. and Russia own 1 island each which are divided by the international date line. These two islands are just 3.8 km (2.36121053 miles) apart from each other.

Quick Facts About America (USA)

Total Population: 326,681,307

Highest Mountain: Denali – 6190 meters.

Land area: 3,796,742 sqm

Biggest Lake: Lake Superior.

National Day: 4th July.

Government: Federal presidential constitutional republic.

President: Donald J. Trump

Currency: U.S. Dollars (USD).

Official language: No official language, but English and Spanish are the two most spoken languages.

Member of Nato: Yes.

National song: “The Star-Spangled Banner“

Time zone: (UTC−4 to −12, +10, +11)

Country Number/Prefix: +1

Capital: Washington D.C.

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