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The majority of American parents want the best education available for their kids. But for some families, this entails enrolling their kids in private schools from kindergarten on. Even though there are many private schools in the country, not every family can afford them without financial assistance, particularly if they have their sights set on one of the most prestigious institutions.

The average yearly cost of a private elementary school in the United States is $11,660 per student, while the average annual cost of a private high school is $16,144, according to the Education Data Initiative. Of course, where you live also affects the final cost.

For instance, the average cost of tuition in Connecticut is $28,894. That exceeds the $17,010 that University of Connecticut in-state tuition will cost in the autumn of 2024. At the lower end, the average cost of tuition for grades seven through twelve at a private school in South Dakota is $6,535 per year.

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Top 13 Most Expensive US High Schools That Only for Rich Families
Top 13 Most Expensive High Schools In The US 2024/2025

Top 13 Most Expensive High Schools In The US

1. Valley View School, Massachusetts

Tuition: $125,000

The most costly high school in the US is located in Massachusetts! The all-boys Valley View School costs $125,000 a year in tuition and provides academics, athletics, and the arts in addition to therapy.

They work hard to support their pupils in becoming intelligent, kind, and resilient people and don't want them to feel burdened by labels. This school would be the first to combat toxic masculinity if such a school existed.

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2. The Pinnacle School, Connecticut

Tuition: $107,000

For the 2023–2024 academic year, The Pinnacle School in Connecticut is among the priciest private schools in the US. For current academic year, the cost of tuition at a public university that is on the more costly end of the college spectrum is $107,000, which would cover four years of study.

They are experts in assisting students who struggle in conventional classroom settings and helping them develop into exceptional learners who are prepared for college.

3. Brehm Preparatory School, Illinois

Tuition: $86,346

An additional private school for pupils with learning difficulties is called Brehm Preparatory School. This school has been working with students with differences since 1982 and helps these pupils in a comprehensive way.

Since then, they have expanded significantly and now feature both boys' and girls' residential halls in addition to a sizable campus with a wide range of services. If they are charging $86,346 annually, they must have a very good track record!

4. THINK Global School, New York

Tuition: $94,050

Oh my god. Have you looked at that price? This is among the priciest high schools in the country overall and on this list. Because you will be studying and traveling to four different countries during your four years of high school, this high school is really global.

Although it seems like a great program, the money you would have spent on your high school education could have bought you a pretty nice house.

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5. Greenwood School, Vermont

Top 13 Most Expensive US High Schools That Only for Rich Families

Tuition: $92,900

For teenage boys with learning difficulties, there is a boarding and day school located in Vermont called Greenwood School. It is situated in the center of nature trails in a fairly rural location, making it easier for the kids to escape the hectic pace of modern life.

This is just one more extremely pricey educational choice for Northeastern students with disabilities. These educational institutions are pricey!

6. Sedona Sky Academy, Arizona

Tuition: $83,000

Girls in residential treatment can find a wide range of services at Sedona Sky Academy, including individualized therapy tailored to each student's requirements and a curriculum that is highly regarded. Their commitment to the arts, athletics, and service is combined with their aim of preparing their pupils for college.

Although tuition at this school is quite expensive, people who need it but are unable to pay the whole cost can apply for tuition aid.

7. Lawrenceville School, New Jersey

Top 13 Most Expensive US High Schools That Only for Rich Families

Tuition: $79,500

This school sounds a lot like Hogwarts in real life from the way it describes itself. Students are organized into houses and interact mostly with other members of their own house, but they also become friends and are peers with students from other houses under the house system.

To guarantee that each student is making the most of their time at this boarding school, the institution also maintains a strict timetable that they must all adhere to. This appears to be the place to be if you want prestige in New Jersey, and it only costs $79,500 a year!

8. St. George's School, Rhode Island

Top 13 Most Expensive US High Schools That Only for Rich Families

Tuition: $76,050

Another day and boarding Episcopal school is called St. George's. Why is it so costly? They appear to genuinely care about each of their students and provide a very thorough education.

They offer a wide range of courses and numerous chances for their pupils to truly blossom while they are enrolled. Nevertheless, it's situated on the eerie Purgatory Road.

9. Perkiomen School, Pennsylvania

Top 13 Most Expensive US High Schools That Only for Rich Families

Tuition: $75,900

With more than 40 sports teams, more than 140 courses in topics like artificial intelligence and creative arts, and a tiny class size ratio of 12:1, Perkiomen School is located in Pennsylvania.

All of this comes at a very hefty cost—$75,900 per year—but if you truly want your child to attend Perkiomen, they do promote scholarships that can help you afford that enormous amount.

10. Midland School, California

Tuition: $73,900

California's Midland School takes itself in offering students a "live your education" experience in which they perform jobs on the school, which also happens to be a functioning ranch, in addition to attending classes. In order to promote a healthy balance, they do have limited access to technology and Wi-Fi since they respect their kids' ability to be both connected to and removed from technology.

This might be the right location for your child if you're willing to spend more for one year of high school than you would for regular university tuition.

11. Brewster Academy, New Hampshire

Top 13 Most Expensive US High Schools That Only for Rich Families

Tuition: $72,700

Brewster Academy appears to be just another private high school that conforms to the common misconception about private education. They do claim to be "an elite boarding school without the elitism," but have you ever met anyone who attended a private institution?

Students can take advantage of excellent options including theater, equestrian, and even a freshman year spent in Cadiz, Spain. Every year, the tuition is also $72,700. Is it truly not a university, are we sure?

12. Rocky Mountain School, Colorado

Tuition: $71,000

Colorado Rocky Mountain School places a strong emphasis on academics and helps pupils identify their strengths through mentoring. After they graduate, the teachers serve as mentors to help the students become self-sufficient adults who can do great things in life.

With a $71,000 yearly fee, we're hoping for the best program!

13. Indian Springs School, Alabama

Tuition: $50,400

This institution is situated just outside of Birmingham on 350 acres of land that includes a lake. Day students pay $27,300 in tuition, while boarders pay $50,400. However, tuition for overseas students can go as high as $63,200 annually.

With only 325 students overall, the school is small, but it makes up for it with stellar SAT, ACT, and AP results. After graduation, all of its graduates attend college.

In summary

Less than 25% of the more than 33,000 high schools in the country are private. Families of children enrolled in private high schools pay tuition fees, which vary based on the resources and amenities the school provides. These schools charge $12,350 in tuition on average per student nationwide. But a lot of colleges charge a lot more than that.

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