Top 20 Craziest Laws in the US That Still Exist Today Top 20 Craziest Laws in the US That Still Exist Today
Top 10 Most Ridiculous and Craziest Laws in the World of All Time Top 10 Most Ridiculous and Craziest Laws in the World of All Time

In contemporary parlance, laws in all fifty states are deemed "irrational" for an assortment of reasons. Certain legislation that was deemed acceptable a century ago may have inadvertently persisted, remaining in effect to this day and turning us off somewhat.

Here are the top 13 strangest laws in the US!

1. Alabama: No stink bombs or confetti

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Consider relocating to Mobile, Alabama if you're the stuffy school principal from a 1980s movie: There, it is strictly forbidden to use "funk balls," "stink bombs," and other items "whose purpose is to create disagreeable odors." Confetti, "spray string," and taking a bath in a public fountain are all prohibited. Feeling innocent? Right now, you're probably in violation of one of these actual marriage laws.

2. Alaska: No moose on sidewalks

The antics of bartender Pete Buckholtz and his pet moose had grown old in the eyes of Fairbanks, Alaska's mayor and city council in 1913. Buckholtz insisted on continuing to bring his oversized animal to work at the neighborhood saloon.

Officials created an ordinance declaring that moose were not permitted on city sidewalks in order to stop the animal from entering. This effectively stopped the moose from walking on the sidewalk and into the bar or other businesses.

3. Arizona: Illegal for a donkey to sleep in a bathtub

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A local dam burst in the 1920s, flooding the home of a rancher. The donkey of the rancher had grown accustomed to sleeping in the bathtub, which would fill with water and carry him long distances. The town passed a law forbidding donkeys from sleeping in bathtubs after working to save the animal.

4. Arkansas: Say it right

There is a legal code in Arkansas that explains how the state’s name should be pronounced. While it’s not technically illegal or punishable to say it wrong with a hard “s” at the end of the state’s name, Arkansas is legally supposed to be pronounced “Ar-kan-saw.”

5. Colorado: Whack your weeds

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In the city of Pueblo, Colorado, it is illegal for a landowner to not cut, destroy or remove weeds 10 inches or taller, including sunflowers and dandelions. If they don’t do so within 10 days of being notified, the city will do it for them — then send them a bill.

6. California: No nuclear weapons

Within the boundaries of Chico, California, it is forbidden to construct, maintain, or use nuclear weapons. Due to the alleged repercussions, a law that started in the 1980s as a serious anti-nuke statement has evolved into an Internet joke: The offense carries a $500 fine in addition to self-destruction.

7. Connecticut: A pickle must be able to bounce

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This law puts farmers in Connecticut in a very difficult situation. Two men were detained in 1948 after they were caught selling pickles that were "unfit for human consumption." Officials discussed ways to identify good pickles and decided that a pickle is only legitimate if it bounces. The two men were detained, fined, and the pickles were destroyed because the aforementioned pickles did not bounce.

8. Delaware: Strict trick-or-treating times enforced

If Halloween falls on a Sunday, "such going door to door and house to house for treats shall take place on the evening of October 30" instead, in order to avoid "mischief of any sort," children in the City of Rehoboth Beach are only permitted to trick-or-treat between the hours of 6 pm and 8 pm on Halloween.

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9. Florida: No fault for ‘bad dog’

A dog's owner is not liable for damages caused by their pet if, at the time of any injuries, the owner "displayed in a prominent place on his or her premises a sign easily readable including the words "Bad Dog"," with a few exceptions, according to a Florida state statute. Therefore, it's best to heed any "Beware of Dog" warnings in the Sunshine State.

10. Georgia: Live on a boat for more than 30 days is illegal

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Oh, buoy! If you're planning to retire on a boat, the Peach State is definitely not the place for you. According to state law, it is prohibited to live on a boat for more than a month.

11. Hawaii: No billboards

Hawaii has a handful of strange laws, some of which are meant to protect the spectacular views of its natural landscapes. For example, it is illegal to erect, maintain or use a billboard, or display any outdoor advertising device.

12. Idaho: Always smile

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Pocatello, Idaho, has adopted its reputation as the "U.S. Smile Capital" after the mayor passed a law making it unlawful to not smile in 1948. In an effort to lighten the mood following particularly harsh winter weather, the "Smile Ordinance" was passed. The law unintentionally remained in effect until it was rediscovered, at which point Pocatello took pride in it.

13. Illinois: Underage culinary students to drink alcohol is legal

In 2012, the state passed a law known as "Sip and Spit," which permits culinary students under the age of 21 to legally taste alcoholic beverages (by sipping and spitting), on the theory that young students in culinary school need to learn how to taste wine.

Let's toast to a well-rounded, or perhaps we should say full-bodied, educational experience!

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