Top 10 Best Japanese Perfume Brands You Must Try
Top Best Japanese Perfume Brands
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Japanese perfume companies have a long history of producing high-end, intriguing scents. starting with scents that boost our attitude and confidence and moving on to those that frequently cause our thoughts to be stimulated.

The popularity of many Japanese perfume brands has spread internationally, appealing to both men and women.

KnowInsiders updates and introduces the Top 10 plus most well-known Japanese perfume brands in the market today in this article.

Top 13 Best and Famous Japanese Perfume Brands in The World Today

1. Shiseido

One high-end Japanese brand that has achieved international recognition for its cosmetics is Shiseido. Unexpectedly, it is one of the most powerful Asian cosmetic brands to have entered the global beauty, fashion, and cosmetic scene.

Perfumes are one of this brand's standout offerings among its assortment of high-end luxury goods. In 1872, Shiseido was founded as a pharmacy in the western fashion. Later on, it became the center of fashion in Japan.

Shiseido is a top brand that is dedicated to offering cutting-edge innovations in the beauty industry. Since releasing its first perfume in 1918, it has gained traction in both the Japanese and international cosmetics and beauty markets.

It's interesting to note that Shiseido sells its goods in more than 130 nations. This brand is notable for its capacity to combine science and art to produce distinctive beauty products. The Shiseido Ever Bloom for women is one of their most popular perfume creations.

2. Kenzo

One of the top Japanese brands for luxury goods and fragrances is Kenzo. The founder of the Kenzo fashion house and a Parisian designer named Kenzo Takada launched this brand in 1970.

This company's subsidiary, Kenzo Parfum, has as its goal to beautify the world. Since its 1994 launch, it has experienced exponential growth. With more than 20 years of experience in the perfume industry, Kenzo Parfum has produced incredible scents that are sold and distributed through their numerous retail locations around the world.

Their scents appeal to both men and women. They add a touch of magic to the world of fragrances because they are gentle, smooth, and distinctive.

They are renowned for creating some of the most well-known Kenzo scents. Flower by Kenzo is one of their best designs and top sellers.

3. Issey Miyake

Before branching out into other fields (including costuming), Issey Miyake founded his namesake company in Tokyo in 1970 as a high-end producer of women's fashion. L'eau d'Issey Eau de Parfum, the brand's first fragrance, debuted in 1992 to great acclaim and enjoyed particularly strong sales in the US and Japan.

In 1992, the company debuted its first fragrance as a result of a partnership between BPI and the Miyake design studio. The name of this perfume is L'EAU D'ISSEY. This company's fundamental tenet is to invent new, cutting-edge products through imaginative fragrances that complement modern life.

Issey Miyake sells its goods through a number of distributors and retail locations around the world. They are a perfume brand that has created some of the perfumes that are most popular on the market. The 1992 L'EAU D'ISSEY, a perfume made specifically for women, is one of their best works.

This creation has an all-day wearable scent that is feminine and fresh. The vitality and purity of water served as the source of inspiration for this fragrance.

4. Miya Shinma

Miya Shinma, a company founded in 1927 by Masami Shinma and Kiyoshi Kuroki, is well-known for its fragrant floral perfumes. The perfumery of this company features a variety of blissful scents, from musky to soft floral.

In order to create their perfumes, they strive to use the highest caliber ingredients. They are also known for making inexpensive fragrances that are not very expensive. It's interesting to note that the best raw materials are used in the Miya Shinma lab for the design and production of these perfumes.

Their ingredients impart a clean, transparent, and natural note of sparkling sea breeze. The Sakura (cherry blossom) scent is one of this brand's most popular fragrances.

The floral notes of cherry flowers are what make this romantic floral scent so well-known. You can sense its freshness, and it has a certain modern vibe. Despite the rarity of the fragrances, they have chosen scents that develop and are polished into perfume.

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5. Zoologist

Another well-known Japanese perfume brand is Zoologist. It is excellent for daily use and can help increase your confidence because of its smooth essence. This brand's perfumes combine a natural and contemporary feel.

Zoologist Perfumes, a 2010 brand that has won numerous awards, is well known for producing scents for well-known Japanese celebrities like Kazumasa Oda. Their perfumes have a distinctive design, a contemporary vibe, and a natural scent.

This company names its products after animals like the Musk deer, Panda, and Bee in addition to being inspired by animal scent. Nightingale is one of their best designs and top sellers. It is a fruity fragrance for both sexes that was introduced in 2016. recognized it as one of the Best Perfumes of 2016 (Editors' Choice).

When you wear this plum blossom chypre, you will experience a modern vintage essence that will give you more self-assurance. It smells rich and warm, with notes of AUD, moss, and patchouli among others. Your heart will melt from its complex scent.

6. Monocle

One of the most well-known perfumes is made by the Monocle brand. One of the most recognizable perfume lines in the world, according to many. The brand boasts amazing products from other subsidiary brands in addition to perfumes.

As a luxury brand, they create stylish apparel, handbags, and beauty products that have made fashion statements.

However, Monocle debuted in 2007 as a magazine. The Monocle perfume company created Scent One: Hinoki, one of their top featured products, in partnership with Comme des Garcons.

It represents a sense of nature and spring and is the most coveted item under this brand. Your memory of mosses and trees is brought together by the combination of floral and citrus scents. Simply put, it is reviving. Around the world, Monocle has a number of retail and shipping locations.

7. Hanae Mori

One of the first female fashion designers in Japan to have her own internationally renowned company with its headquarters in Paris is known by the name Hanae Mori. Hanae Mori introduced a line of perfumes in 1995 with an emphasis on "East Meets West" formulations and its distinguishing butterfly logo.

The brand's official website states that legend suggests using Hanae Mori was born under the butterfly's astrological sign. With a classic olfactory blend of florals, red fruits, and priceless woods, Hanae Mori's Butterfly Eau de Toilette honors the arrival of spring and ethereal, fluttering butterfly wings (look at that gorgeous bottle design).

What better way to demonstrate one's passion for haute couture than by dressing stylishly and wearing perfume? This eau de toilette has provided its users with a rich olfactory experience since its 1998 debut thanks to its distinctive blend of coriander, Lily-of-the-Valley, jasmine, and sweet bergamot for a fresh, floral scent.

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8. Parfum Satori

The scents produced by Parfum Satori are renowned. It is also a top-tier fragrance brand created by Satori Osawa, a Japanese perfumer. Satori Osawa started expressing her perfume line in a Tokyo studio in 2000, and that is where this brand got its start. She creates incredible products for her line of goods in addition to other corporate goods.

This perfume's brand philosophy is to make scents that linger in your memory. Currently, Parfum Satori offers about 20 different perfume collections. Like most perfumeries, Parfum Satori focuses on scents that have a natural feel to them, such as those from fresh flowers, trees, fruits, and water.

The Hana Hiraku is one of their best-known and best-selling products. The top note of this perfume is fruity, followed by a floral middle note and a woody/iris finish. For Japanese people, this scent brings back a certain level of nostalgia. Other well-known scents include Parfum Satori Sakura, Wasanbon, and Iris Homme.

9. Di Ser

In Japan, Di Ser was founded in 1999. The lotus is the symbol of their company. They see it as a contrast between elements of nature that are viewed as beautiful, like a flower, and those that are not, like mud.

Most of the scents used in their perfumes are floral, woodsy, or citrusy. It seems like the perfumes would have a clean, energizing scent. There are numerous options to choose from, and the website provides a detailed description of each.

The website offers links to places where you can buy the brand across many different countries but does not host an online show. The cost of the perfumes is a little higher than average. $250 buys a 33 ml bottle.

If your budget is more open-ended, this might be a great brand for you because the products are highly rated.

Di Ser was founded in 1999 as a fragrance and cologne brand, specializing in creating prescription medications and expensive fragrances for both sexes. Natural cosmetics and herbs are among the products made by the Di Ser brand.

They sell their goods in a variety of international markets. The Kyara, which debuted in 2000, is one item from this perfume line that is well-known. Agarwood is used to make Kyara perfume. It stands for Japanese traditionalism.

10. Keiko Mecheri

Japanese perfumer Keiko Mecheri and her husband Kamel Mecheri established the Keiko Mecheri fragrance line. In 1979, she produced her very first design. Despite having her base of operations in America, some of her perfumes have a feel and essence similar to the Japanese Riviera.

About 20 collections from the Keiko Mecheri brand are created for both men and women. Their products strictly adhere to using only organic components that have a supple and calming feel. Her ingredients include airy, woody, and floral notes.

This company's top-selling products for both men and women are Tomboy and Savage Beauty.

11. Kanebo

Kanebo is well-known for its line of cosmetics and fragrances. Although it started out as a cotton trading company in 1887, it has expanded rapidly and now has over 17 subsidiary brands.

When it comes to perfumes, Kanebo is currently one of the top leading brands. It's interesting to note that they have headquarters in Tokyo and more than 50 offices worldwide. They sell everything from skincare to cosmetics. In order to produce top-notch, unique products for its customers, this brand spends its time innovating and perfecting its processes.

Their most well-known scents include Chypre, Garance, and Kyoto 1981 Eau De Parfum. These cologne scents are embodiments of beauty. The chabre-smoky aroma of Kyoto Eau de Parfum is well-known. It is appropriate for everyday use and for spring. Sadly, it appears that production has stopped.

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12. Harajuku Lovers

This Japanese-inspired perfume line is a little unique compared to others. Gwen Stefani invented it in 2005. Numerous fragrance experts collaborated to create the perfumes. They are for fans of Harajuku, thus the name.

Despite the lack of recent releases, you can still find some. On top of each perfume bottle in the packaging are adorable dolls with a Japanese design. Hinoki wood, pear blossom, cranberry, and other scents are available.

Each of these bottles contains 1 oz, or roughly 30 ml. The fragrances are also less expensive than most. Depending on the one you choose, they cost anywhere from $15 to $40.

There are many different dolls that match the various scents. The dolls might be used as ornaments.

Despite having fewer traditions than other Japanese perfume brands, this one offers comparable scents and a more affordable version of Japanese culture.

13. Sholayered

This Japanese perfume company wants to capture the scent of Japan and spread it throughout the world. in order for you to feel as though you are in Japan when you use their fragrances.

Made in Japan, this is a high-end brand. In addition to perfumes, they also sell body lotions, fragrances for your home, and other goods. The packaging offers an aesthetic appearance and is very simple.

Their goods are all well-reviewed. They have a variety of scents for their body spray, including lemon peel, orange blossom, sugar lychee, and others.

This is also on the affordable side. 100ml bottles cost $59 each. The most popular fragrance of their body spray is Fresh Peer. The body spray comes in a 10ml bottle, which costs $10, allowing you to try out different scents.


If you took the time to read through, you would notice that the natural, smooth, floral scent that these Japanese perfume brands produce is what sets them apart from other brands. They give you exciting fragrances and are definitely worth the splurge because they are delicate and airy.

Nobody can match the complexity, style, and class that the Japanese infuse into their perfumes when it comes to scents. With their intense aroma profiles that can immediately take you to a beautiful world in a beautiful time, the best Japanese perfumes are truly in a class of their own. Japanese perfumers are constantly inspired to create bold or delicate scents that are equally lively, musky, and amazing, from the spring cherry blossoms to the ethereal evenings of deep winter.


What scent does the Japanese like?

In Japanese culture, many people like fresh scents that are light and natural such as sweet floral, green tea, and citrus.

How do Japanese people always smell good?

Because of their clean lifestyle and nutritious diet, Japanese people have a naturally pleasant scent. Sweating is also less common in Japan. Many people also use perfumes and delicate natural scents to improve their aura.

What scents are the most feminine?

Floral notes like jasmine, lavender, vanilla, and woody notes like sandalwood make the most feminine and beautiful scents.

What type of perfume lasts the longest?

Shiseido Ever Bloom Eau De Parfum and Shiseido Zen Eau De Parfum are two well-liked, long-lasting perfumes that you can wear all day.

What is a person’s natural scent called?

Pheromones are chemical signals or natural scents that the human body produces.

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