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The popularity of Korean dramas, or KDramas, is skyrocketing around the world, just like K-pop. We have compiled a list of streaming sites that have been recommended by experts specifically for those like you who wish to watch top Korean dramas. Read on to find out which websites are the best for downloading Korean dramas.

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Top 12 Best Free Sites To Download/Watch Korean Dramas Today
Top 12 Best Free Sites To Download/Watch Korean Dramas Today

Why Are A Lot of People Watching Korean Dramas Worldwide?

"Korean Dramas" are South Korean television serials. You might watch them on any television network.

Passionate, heartfelt, and captivating, their content is what makes them popular.

The early 1990s saw the rise of Korean drama as part of the Korean wave, which spread south Korean culture over the world.

The Appeal of Korean Dramas Can Be Attributed To Various Factors

Korean drama actors and actresses are often described as "eye candy" due to their attractiveness. Members of the 18–30 age bracket make up the bulk of the viewership. They find great pleasure in observing attractive men and women on television.

Creative Writing—When it comes to experimenting with storylines, Korean authors have a lot of leeway. You can branch out into other industries without receiving any praise from those involved. This is why Korean dramas are becoming so popular that they are influencing viewers all around the world.

Another possible explanation is a difference in cultural norms. It is fascinating to see Korean shows portray culture. You can gain a lot of insight into a new culture by viewing films made in that country. They also introduce viewers to new cultures, which is a big draw for many.

Last but not least, and arguably most importantly, the material of Korean dramas is exceptionally clean and well-presented.

For what reasons are a lot of Korean drama websites going down?

The proliferation of pirate sites is directly correlated to the meteoric climb in popularity of Korean dramas.

Copyright infringement includes actions such as downloading, streaming, and redistribution.

Services that engage in the aforementioned actions have recently been subject to stringent action from numerous producers and filmmakers.

Top 12 Best Free Sites To Download/Watch Korean Dramas Today

1. AnimeTV


No matter how sluggish your connection is, AnimeTV is still a great choice for everyone who loves Korean anime. The content on AnimeTV is all organized and simple to locate. Not only that, you are not need to register in order to view any of the content on this site.

The Benefits:

Executes smoothly regardless of network latency

You won't have to sign up for anything Cons

2. Dramanice


When it came to downloading K-dramas, Dramanice used to have the prettiest layout. Upon rebranding to

Dramas from Japan and China are available on the site as well as Korean dramas.

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3. KShow123

Top 12 Free Websites To Download/Watch Korean Dramas


With its live updates featuring the latest releases, KShow123 provides access to some of the top KDramas currently accessible. It features an extensive library of Korean dramas with English subtitles embedded directly into the material. You may even choose to disable the commercials that appear on top of the stream player so you can enjoy your shows and movies without interruption.

4. Viki


One of the best places to view all the latest KDramas is Viki, made by the reputable Rakuten company. It provides subtitles in a number of languages and is available in the majority of countries. Even more so, Viki's Watch Party function lets you watch KDramas online with friends, no matter where they are.

5. Nkiri


Nkiri is a top-notch platform that makes downloading Korean dramas a breeze. Nkiri offers consumers a one-stop-shop for all their Korean drama demands with its huge collection of popular and classic dramas. Nkiri caters to all types of movie fans, whether you prefer romantic comedies, intriguing thrillers, or heartbreaking melodramas.



Every every day, this site receives an enormous influx of Korean drama serials. Movies, music dramas, and other categories are also available. Users may easily view or download their preferred ones with only a few clicks thanks to the clean and easy design of the website. Obtaining Korean series for free download is a wise decision. One can see the most recent episodes right on the homepage.

7. DramaBeans


Korean entertainment news, including pieces on casting and preproduction, and in-depth reviews and analyses of Korean dramas are included on Dramabeans. For the shows that are covered, it also acts as a fan forum. Also, Dramabeans has a ton of dramas from Japan, Korea, China, and other Asian countries. However, there is a limit to how many Korean dramas can be downloaded.

8. Kocowa


Kocowa is the best spot to watch Korean dramas for those in the US and Canada.

Use the login credentials from your registered account or one of the social media logins (Facebook or Google).

Over 17,000 hours of Korean dramas and variety shows, both new and old, are available for your viewing pleasure. This website even has Korean animation.

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9. iQIYI


In regards to the website's user interface, iQIYI is comparable to AsianCrush. They have an app and a website where you can view dramas.

Several Korean dramas are available for free, while others require a VIPtag subscription. Free access to the first few episodes is still available.

It keeps track of what you've watched even when you don't check in. The good news is that you can sync it across devices as long as you sign up for an account—and that's totally free.

10. OnDemandKorea

Top 12 Free Websites To Download/Watch Korean Dramas


OnDemandKorea is a website where you can watch and download Korean dramas and other Asian television shows for free. Updates to all shows happen within a few hours after their Korean airtime. With over 400K hours of content, the site offers over 500 movies.

11. New Asian TV


New Asian TV comes up next; they provide excellent KShows in HD quality.

New Asian TV is the center for all Asian dramas, as the name suggests, including Korean, Japanese, and others. This website has a plethora of popular Korean dramas that you may download.

Among the top free kdrama sites, New Asian TV is rightfully included. In the end, it facilitates searching and scrolling thanks to its user-friendly design.

12. Dramago


A leading site for downloading free Korean dramas, Dramago boasts one of the largest collections of KDramas. Searching for popular KDrama series allows users to save a lot of time discovering what they're looking for. Since Dramago provides multiple servers for streaming KDramas, you can also download any of these dramas to view at a later time.

In summary

That wraps up our list of recommended Korean drama websites.

Please let us know in the comment box if you found it useful or would like to contribute your personal recommendations. We would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

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