Top 12 Fastest MBA Online Programs In The World
Top 12 Fastest MBA Online Programs In The World
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What are the advantages of applying to fast online MBA programs?

Gaining admission to the fastest-growing online MBA programs greatly enhances your job opportunities. A sizable 22% of graduate management education candidates preferred the full-time, one-year MBA option, demonstrating its popularity and promise in the job market.

Getting an MBA from the fastest online programs has significant financial benefits. In the same year, professionals working in management jobs made an average of $131,200 per year. This high median wage highlights the possibility of a profitable return on investment for individuals holding an MBA.

Selecting the fastest online MBA programs provides an unmatched level of flexibility. The online format meets the varied needs of contemporary professionals by enabling you to pursue your degree from any location. This flexibility allows people to balance their academic endeavors with other responsibilities in life, which is especially helpful for those who have work or family obligations.

Working professionals find it difficult to pursue an MBA, which is why they are looking for flexible programs. Drawing from my 10 years of expertise as a career planning specialist, I have noticed a common pattern amongst MBA applicants. According to GMAC research, a sizable 22% of respondents preferred full-time, one-year, and flexible MBA programs.

This tendency highlights the growing need for MBA programs to be more flexible, affordable, and accessible. In keeping with the hopes of my previous pupils, I embark on this guide using knowledge gleaned from a variety of scholarly and official research sources. My goal is to provide you with a thorough study so you can choose the MBA program that best suits your requirements.

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What should I anticipate from fast online MBA programs?

One can expect a dynamic educational experience marked by efficiency, flexibility, and thorough professional preparation by enrolling in the fastest online MBA degree programs. These programs offer expedited curricula without sacrificing quality, because they are designed to match the needs of today's fast-paced professional landscape.

Anticipate a curriculum that is in line with current industry trends that aims to improve leadership abilities, business acumen, and strategic thinking. An individualized learning experience is made possible by the online format, which lets you study whenever and wherever is most convenient for you.

Furthermore, these courses frequently use state-of-the-art technology and teamwork tools, creating an online learning environment that simulates business interactions in the real world. As a result, graduates have the flexibility and agility needed to succeed in a variety of business contexts in addition to a coveted MBA certification.

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How much money can I make if I graduate from one of the fastest online MBA programs?

In the US in 2022, there were over 9.8 million workers in the management sector, and their average yearly pay was $131,200. The earning potential of graduates of the quickest online MBA programs is shown by this statistics. Remember that industry, region, and experience are only a few of the variables that might affect a person's pay. All things considered, getting an MBA is a professional investment that frequently results in increased earning potential, particularly in positions like executive management, finance, and consulting.

Top 12 Fastest MBA Online Programs In The World

1. Florida University

Duration of Program: 16 months

$48,205 in tuition overall

For recent undergraduate business graduates, the University of Florida's Warrington College of Business is offering an expedited online MBA program. The program's main goal is to help participants develop their careers by giving them advanced business skills and a global perspective. There is just one required experiential learning course, but all other coursework is done online. A Global Immersion Experience (GIE), an online business simulation course, or an on-campus elective are the options available to students.

2. University of Baylor

Program Duration: One Year

$51,264 in total tuition, or $1,068 per credit

For individuals looking to improve their communication and strategic management abilities, Baylor University offers an online MBA program. Students can choose to specialize in fields like supply chain management, global trade, cybersecurity, or executive communication in addition to earning a conventional MBA degree from the program. All courses are offered fully online, and students have access to them at all times.

You Can Expand Your Networks with an Online MBA

Instant access to a larger professional network made up of students from various locations and backgrounds is another advantage of doing an online MBA. Online degree recipients aren't limited by how close they live to university and can network with working professionals throughout the nation and, in many cases, the globe.

Students can expand their network with a varied and experienced set of peers by participating in real-time conversations or group assignments supported by an online MBA school.

3. University of Cincinnati

Duration of Program: One Year

In-state tuition is $47,992; out-of-state tuition is $48,592.

The Carl H. Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati offers an online MBA program with emphasis on marketing, health care policy, corporate taxation, individual taxation, health care finance, and health care operations. This program has received numerous honors and recognitions. U.S. News & World Report, which ranked the 66th top distance learning program in the US, also mentioned its above-average online MBA program as providing excellent services to assist online learners. In addition to receiving a national ranking, Quacquarelli Symonds has ranked this online MBA program as one of the top 50 distance learning programs worldwide. This degree, according to the College of Business, challenges remote learners to develop strategies and solutions that will actually have an impact. It combines academic, research-centered learning with practical learning experiences.

4. University of Texas at Arlington

Program Duration: one year (full-time); two to six years (part-time)

In-state tuition is $31,352, while out-of-state tuition is $38,596.

For professionals in their early to mid-career stages, Texas Tech University offers an online MBA degree through the Rawls College of Business. It provides a wide range of concentrations together with important business skills. This covers supply chain optimization, management of health organizations, and artificial intelligence and data science. The online course is renowned for offering a comprehensive education with an emphasis on cutting-edge business trends.

5. Capella University

Program duration: 11 months

$39,139 for tuition

With over 40,000 students enrolled in various programs, this very well-known online university is quite popular. The institution is private and for-profit, with its main office located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

One of the fastest MBA programs available online, its master's in business administration is ideal for individuals that lead hectic lives. In addition to MBA programs in project management, human resource management, and health care management, there is also a Self-Designed MBA program that lets students tailor their education to their own requirements.

Additionally, students have a choice between a guided path that involves deadlines and weekly meetings with classmates, or a flexible path that allows them to complete lessons at their own leisure.

A campus-based MBA and an online MBA are both accredited degrees

Accrediting agencies employ the same academic requirements for both on-campus and online business schools when assessing their quality. Indeed, there can be extra requirements in place to guarantee that online students can access MBA material completely.

Through the online MBA program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, which has received accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), working students can obtain an internationally recognized certification.

6. Excelsior University

Program Length: around a year

$715 is the cost per credit.

For working people who want to advance to managerial positions across a range of industries, Excelsior University provides an online MBA program. There are 24 core MBA courses in the program, including project management, technology, and data-driven decision making. The curriculum is distinct in that it gives students the option to select up to three concentrations for a total of nine credits. Accounting, healthcare management, and even cannabis control are among the concentrations that offer specialized education to fulfill particular job goals.

7. University of Everglades

Duration: One year

Expense: $11,100 for 12 credits or $925 per credit hour.

The previous name of this Boca Raton, Florida, private university was American Flyers College. It provides alternatives for both on-campus and online instruction.

This program is a well-known example of an accelerated online MBA option, with a 12-month completion time. Elective courses include strategic sales, organizational behavior, and other topics, while core courses cover managerial finance, accounting, leadership skills, and applied managerial statistics. A capstone course is also completed by students.

8. Pace University

Program duration: two years (part-time); one year (full-time).

$1,460 is the cost per credit; the expected total is $56,940.

An online MBA program offered by Pace University places a strong emphasis on fundamental business subjects like operations management, marketing, and economics. To better customize their education to their future aspirations, students can choose majors in business, marketing management, or corporate finance. Enrolling at Pace has many benefits, one of which is its central location in the financial center of New York. Students can therefore take use of its solid connections to network and even land a job.

6. South Florida University

Program Time: one year (full-time); two to three years (part-time)

Cost per Credit: $32,702 (estimated total tuition); $497 (foundational); $750 (core);

The Muma College of Business at the University of South Florida provides an online MBA program that is intended for working individuals who want a flexible schedule together with excellent academic requirements. Students can access the asynchronous courses at any time. Additionally, the curriculum offers concentrations in data analytics, cybersecurity, risk management, compliance, and healthcare analytics. It also enables students to take advantage of in-person learning opportunities, such as studying abroad, just like some of the greatest and fastest online MBA degree programs. Opportunities for experiential learning include Six Sigma, design thinking, and managing using improv.

10. University of Salem

Program duration: Under a year

Price: Not fixed

Located in West Virginia, Salem University is a private, for-profit institution. A convenient and reasonably priced option is Salem's accelerated online MBA program. The curriculum assists business executives in refining their decision-making and leadership abilities. Applied business statistics, marketing management, financial management, and many other topics are covered in the classes.

11. University of John Carroll

Duration of Program: 12–36 months

Per Credit Cost: $1,100

The Boler College of Business at John Carroll University offers an online MBA program designed for top managers who want to advance their careers in a variety of fields. Business strategy, operations, human resources, worldwide development, and digital transformation are a few of them. The curriculum offers a flexible completion timeframe and is entirely online. It provides options for face-to-face learning experiences, like its International Study Tour, just like other of the best and fastest online MBA programs. In general, the curriculum is renowned for emphasizing the development of leadership abilities in professionals across a range of industries.

12. University of Western Governors

Program Duration: one to three years

$9,510 is the estimated total tuition.

An online MBA program focused on competencies is offered by Western Governors University to individuals in their early to mid-career stages. The program allows students to advance at their own speed by measuring learning and skills rather than time spent in a classroom. It's also regarded as one of the most reasonably priced programs out there. This is due to the tuition expenses for its six-month term, not the credit rate. A program mentor is another benefit of this accelerated online MBA program, helping students with work-life balance and weekly objectives. It is therefore among the most sought-after online MBA programs available.

In Summary

The quickest online MBA programs offer an expedited route to an MBA, usually taking 12 to 16 months to finish. The quickest online MBA programs may be affordably completed for $9,500 to $59,600 or more, which makes them an excellent choice for anyone looking to further their business education.

The fastest online MBA program graduates can choose from a variety of management career choices. With 105,796 MBA degrees granted in the US in 2021, there is a large and active job market.

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