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Who is the Most Handsome Man Under 40 in the World Today?

You will be overtaken and powerless in ranking if you unintentionally get lost in the world of "The most handsome young men". Numerous lists of the most attractive guys on the planet are published annually according to various standards, including facial beauty, body (as science regards it) and social network influence (followers) and more.

Naturally, part of the reason these young men are so successful and well-known in the entertainment and sports industries is their attractive looks.

The "Top 11 Most Handsome Men in the World" list by KnowInsiders targets young people under the age of forty. You will get to know new characters from England, Thailand, China, and Korea in addition to well-known faces like Ronaldo, Omar, and Robert Pattinson.

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1. Omar Borkan Al Gala (Iraq - Canada): Deported for... Too Handsome

Top 11 Most Handsome Young Men (Under 40) In The World - 2024 Report
Omar Borkan Al Gala

Omar Borkan Al Gala was raised in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) but was born in Iraq in 1990. He became an actor and model after studying hotel management. Omar caused a stir in the online community in 2013 when he was referred to as the "deported handsome boy".

Omar worked as a model, actor, and photographer in Vancouver, a port city in southwest British Columbia, Canada. He rose to fame after being kicked out of a Middle Eastern festival for being too good-looking.

At that point, Omar and two other friends received a request to leave Saudi Arabia from the organizers of a music festival. The Saudi Arabian government clarified that they feared these three men's extreme good looks would lead to a lot of people falling in love, especially women, which would cause problems and instability. safety measures during the celebration.

Of the three, Omar Borkan Al Gala is regarded by all as the most attractive man and is also the one who attracts the greatest attention from the general public. He was so well-known throughout the world as a result of this unusual occurrence that he was forced to delete his personal page. On his birthday, an unidentified woman gave him a Mercedes G55 automobile.

2. Robert Pattinson (England)

Top 11 Most Handsome Young Men (Under 40) In The World - 2024 Report
Robert Pattinson

Pattinson is a talented musician and actor who is 39 years old. He was named the most beautiful man in the world in 2020 based on the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, an old Greek formula for calculating physical perfection.

Because of his seductive charm, enigmatic charisma, and adaptability, Pattinson has been able to take on a variety of roles in both independent and mainstream film.

In addition to his acting career, Pattinson is a talented musician who has contributed to multiple movie soundtracks. Pattinson, who is well-known for his enigmatic nature and unwavering commitment to his craft, never fails to enthrall audiences with his on-screen persona.

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3. Kim Taehyung (South Korea)

Top 11 Most Handsome Young Men (Under 40) In The World - 2024 Report
Kim Taehyung

Known by his stage name V, this South Korean singer, songwriter, and dancer is most known for being a part of the boy band BTS. The 29-year-old is now the band's biggest fan due to his extraordinary musical ability and sense of style.

After making his BTS debut in 2013, Taehyung quickly became well-known for his distinctive, deep voice, captivating stage persona, and distinctive sense of style. He pursued acting in addition to music, most notably playing the lead in the historical drama "Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth."

V, who is adored by people all over the world for his talent, charisma, and charitable endeavors, never fails to enthrall audiences with his diverse range of abilities and contributions to entertainment and music.

4. Jude Bellingham (England)

Top 11 Most Handsome Young Men (Under 40) In The World - 2024 Report
Jude Bellingham

Real Madrid and England national team midfielder Jude Bellingham is well-known for his outstanding ball control, technical skill, physicality, and adaptability on the field. Bellingham, who was born in Stourbridge, United Kingdom, on June 29, 2003, is well-known for her gorgeous appearance, warm demeanor, and deep voice.

In 2024, he will have turned 20 years old. He has already made a big impact on his club and his country, establishing himself as one of the best players in the game.

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5. Regé-Jean Page (England)

Top 11 Most Handsome Young Men (Under 40) In The World - 2024 Report
Regé-Jean Page

Regé-Jean Page, an English actor, was born in April 1988 and is well-known for having a striking resemblance to the Golden Ratio of Beauty, a mathematical formula that quantifies physical perfection. With an accuracy of 93.65% to the equation, Page, the lead actor in "Bridgerton," has the closest match to the Golden Ratio, per a study.

He became well-known for playing the Duke of Hastings, Simon Basset, in the Netflix series "Bridgerton." His standout performance in "Bridgerton" cemented his place as one of the entertainment industry's rising stars.

6. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

Top 11 Most Handsome Young Men (Under 40) In The World - 2024 Report
Cristiano Ronaldo

Originated Portuguese professional football player Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro was born on February 5, 1985, in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. He stands 1.87 meters tall and has a muscular build. By 2024, Ronaldo will be 38 years old and still a major player in the sport.

He currently captains the Portugal national team in addition to playing for Al-Nassr FC in the Saudi Pro League. In addition to his achievements on the field, Ronaldo has a huge following on social media, which furthers the reach of his influence.

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7. Xu Kai (China)

Top 11 Most Handsome Young Men (Under 40) In The World - 2024 Report
Xu Kai

Xu Kai is an actor and model from China. He made his modeling debut in 2013 after winning the still model group championship in the Guangzhou national finals of the China International Model Competition. He got into the entertainment business in 2016 when he signed a deal with Yu Zheng's company, Huanyu Film. He was chosen to play Yang Jian in Zhao Ge, his debut television series.

2018 saw Xu in the palace drama Story of Yanxi Palace and the historical romance drama Untouchable Lovers. His portrayal of Fucha Fuheng in Story of Yanxi Palace, an enormous hit in China and throughout Asia, helped him become well-known.

Xu made his big-screen debut in the romantic comedy "Autumn Fairy Tale" in 2019. Xu portrayed his first major role in the Xianxia series "The Legends" that same year. He starred in the youth military series "Arsenal Military Academy" that same year, for which he received the "Wen Rong Award" for Best Actor at the 6th Hengdian Film and TV Festival of China. In addition, he was named the Hengdian spokesperson and received the Hengdian Film and Television Honors. In addition, he has received multiple honors, such as the Best Actor StarHub Night of Stars 2019 and the Most Popular TV Actor of the Year Award from iQiyi Scream Night in 2019.

Xu starred in Dance of the Sky Empire, a historical fantasy drama, in 2020.

Xu plays Lu Si Cheng, also known as Chessman, in the Chinese e-sport romance comedy television series Falling Into Your Smile in 2021. In addition, he starred in another popular drama, Ancient Love Poetry, as Bai Jue.

Xu was included in Forbes China's 2019 30 Under 30 Asia list, which featured 30 notable individuals under 30 who have made significant contributions to their fields.

8. Michael B. Jordan (USA)

Top 11 Most Handsome Young Men (Under 40) In The World - 2024 Report
Michael B. Jordan

American actor Michael B. Jordan was born Michael Bakari Jordan on February 9, 1987 in Santa Ana, California. Before his family relocated to Newark, New Jersey, Michael was born and raised in California for the first two years of his life. Michael modeled when he was younger for a few local businesses, such as Modell's sporting goods and Toys "R" Us.

In a 1999 episode of The Sopranos, he made a brief appearance in his first professional acting role. In 2001, he starred alongside Keanu Reeves in the movie Hardball, which was his first significant role.

Michael's breakthrough performance, though, came in 2002 when he was chosen to play Wallace in the first season of HBO's highly regarded drama The Wire. Michael portrayed Reggie Porter in the daytime soap opera All My Children from 2003 to 2006. In the 2009 NBC drama Friday Night Lights, Michael was chosen to play Vince Howard.

Michael acted in the movies Redtails and Chronicle, but he received a lot of critical acclaim for his performance in the biopic Fruitvale Station. His popularity grew even more when he was cast as Apollo Creed's son in the Rocky spinoff Creed and as The Human Torch in the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot.

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9. Vachirawit Chivaaree (American-Thai)

Top 11 Most Handsome Young Men (Under 40) In The World - 2024 Report
Vachirawit Chivaaree

Born on December 27, 1997, Vachirawit Chivaaree, better known by his stage name Bright, is an American-Thai actor, singer, host, and model. His most well-known roles are as Sarawat in 2gether: The Series and Still 2gether: The Series (2020), where he plays Win Metawin Opas-iamkajorn's love interest, and as a Young Peng in the 2019 television series My Ambulance.

In 2gether: The Series, he portrays Sarawat and is paired with Win Metawin Opas-iamkajorn. He is presently one of the hosts of Toe Laew, a GMM 25 program. He portrayed Thyme, the F4 leader, in the Thai television series F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers, which was an adaptation of the Japanese manga Boys Over Flowers, which debuted in 2021. He starred in the June 1, 2022, GMMTV premiere of the Thai romantic comedy Astrophile in 2022.

Bright formally left GMMTV in 2023 to pursue his own business.

10. Thomas Michael John Fury (England)

Top 11 Most Handsome Young Men (Under 40) In The World - 2024 Report
Tommy Fury

In addition to being a professional boxer, 24-year-old Englishman Thomas Fury is also well-known from reality television. There are exceptions to every rule, even though boxing traditionally values toughness over charm. The nickname "Baby-Faced Assassin" was given to boxing legend Marco Antonio Barrera because of his deceptively attractive appearance.

Now, Tommy Fury, a rising star in the boxing world, is becoming more well-known for his captivating appearance that draws viewers in, especially on the internet, in addition to his skill in the ring.

11. Olivier Jonathan Giroud (France)

Top 11 Most Handsome Young Men (Under 40) In The World - 2024 Report
Olivier Jonathan Giroud

French striker Olivier Giroud, 37, is a sight to behold as well as a formidable opponent. Giroud is well-known for his strength and extraordinary abilities, but his attractiveness goes beyond his physical prowess.

As a striker, he currently plays for AC Milan in Serie A and is a proud member of the France national team. Interestingly, he is the all-time leading goalscorer for France, a prestigious title.

In Conclusion

Since beauty is a very personal and culturally and individually variable concept, the title "World's Most Handsome Man" frequently draws attention and sparks intense discussion.

But the young men listed above deserve to be called the most attractive men on the planet because of their remarkable looks, charisma, skill, and impact as well as their contributions to their communities.

For many people all throughout the world, these young men continue to represent masculine beauty regardless of where they were born, what ethnicity they belong to, or what profession they succeed in.

Naturally, the eyes of each individual determines how attractive a guy is. Your own "World's Most Handsome Young Men" ranking is also possible.

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