Top 11 Coolest Jobs in the World You May Never Hear Of
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Do you remember being asked what you want to be when you grow up in School? A Rockstar, Athlete, Princess, Game tester, Sweet creators like Charlie and the Chocolate factory or even your favorite Monster. How many of you can say you are living out your childhood dreams? Ok so not all of us can grow up to be a Princess or a cartoon character, but we can try applying for some of the coolest careers in the World.

Are you sick and tired of your 9-5 deck-bound office job? Dreaming of a more interesting position or career, here's a quote from a yacht crew member:

"14 years on and I still can't believe I'm getting paid for this!"

Why just dream of your ideal career path, everybody can have one of the coolest jobs in the World. We guess you are already considering which one of these cool jobs you fit for.

Chill, let's take you through 11 of them!!

1. Professional Sleeper

Job Description: You can work as a luxury bed tester and spend the day sleeping on the job, under different room conditions, followed by writing reviews about the bed or suggesting improvements. Another option is to participate in experiments where you will be 'forced' to sleep for a certain number of hours or even days! The doctors would then monitor the physical and mental states for changes. Besides the obvious benefit of sleeping your days away, you are also actually helping to improve products, or in some cases, advancing science!

Salary: Around $1,200 per month on average for bed testers, up to $18,000 for 70 days for experiments.

2. Netflix Tagger

Top 11 Coolest Jobs in the World You May Never Hear Of
Photo: Forbes

Job Description: To be a true couch potato and watch several episodes of TV series or movies at one go. After which, you would be required to categorize them according to themes, tag the character to their traits and flag any shows for caution and controversy. This helps to improve the algorithm used by Netflix to make recommendations to users.

Salary: Few hundred per week.

3. Water Slide Tester

Job Description: Do you love thrills? If so, this job is for you! The responsibilities include testing slides and reviewing factors like an adrenaline rush and biggest splash! You would often be required to travel to different countries as well.

Salary: Around $25,000 per year, with all overseas expenses paid.

4. Chief Shopping Officer

Job Description: To spent $4000 within a month to purchase products using certain online services. You would also be required to upload an entertaining public video each week that showcases the process behind the purchase.

Salary: $4000 per month.

5. Seat Filler

Top 11 Coolest Jobs in the World You May Never Hear Of
Photo: Hollywood Reporter

Job Description: To sit. Quite literally. All you have to do for this job is to fill up empty seats during award shows such as at the Academy Awards for aesthetic purposes. Sounds good? Sadly, there are lots of non-disclosure agreements you have to sign, meaning that you probably won't be able to talk to the actor/actress that sits beside you.

Salary: $0. This is more of a voluntary job and the only monetary benefit is that meals are provided. However, the intangible benefits like sitting beside your favorite actor/actress are tremendous!

6. Live-stream Eater (Muk Bang)

Top 11 Coolest Jobs in the World You May Never Hear Of
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Job Description: Popular in South Korea, live-stream eaters would often consume large quantities of food for hours, eating as loudly and savory as they can. They would also be required to engage with the online audience.

Salary: As much as $9,000 per month, depending on popularity.

7. Private Island Caretaker

Job Description: If you love the sun, sand and the sea, this job is for you! Caretakers will write blog articles and photo journals about their experience. Some jobs may also require you to do some basic housekeeping or maintenance work.

Salary: Up to $300,000 per year.

8. Professional Video Gamer

Top 11 Coolest Jobs in the World You May Never Hear Of
Photo: GameSkinny

Job Description: Professional gamers play in front of audiences on video platforms including YouTube and, plus they participate in eSports competitions.

Salary: Up to $15,000 an hour

9. Sommelier

Job Description: Sommeliers serve as wine experts, and they recommend and serve bottles of wine to restaurant patrons. They research wines to learn about the type of grapes included, the vineyard that produced the bottle and the vintage or year each bottle was produced. Sommeliers understand how wines pair with different foods, and they recommend appropriate bottles that meet customers' taste preferences.

Salary: $48,736 per year

10. Movie Critic

Top 11 Coolest Jobs in the World You May Never Hear Of
Photo: Times Herald

Job Description: Similar to a Netflix Tagger, except that you will be watching movies in cinemas instead and writing reviews about them. Definitely a dream job for the movie buff!

Salary: An average of $82,000 per year.

11. Pet Groomer

Job Description: Pet groomers help owners by bathing pets, trimming and styling their fur and cutting their nails. Most pet groomers provide services for dogs, but some also groom other types of pets. They may work in pet boarding facilities, pet stores or veterinary offices, or they may provide services in pet owners' homes.

Salary: $36,000 per year

Should I try to get these cool jobs?

If you find that you have the required skills and are extremely passionate in that area, there is no harm in trying. Having said that, that does not mean you should quit your current job now and go all out seeking these jobs! Instead, keep your expectations realistic. Also, many of these cool jobs may not be as great as they seem and there are always some disadvantages. As the saying goes, ‘The grass is always greener on the other side”!

For many of us, these jobs will remain as merely dream jobs. Jobs that we hope to have yet will never actually pursue it seriously enough to get it. We should strive to make our current job ‘as cool as possible’!

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