Top 10 US Cities with The Sexiest Women
Top 10 US Cities with The Most Attractive Women
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Clover, a web-based dating app, has released a definitive list of places where America's most beautiful people live. And some of the cities may come as a surprise.

According to their site, Clover developed "a proprietary scoring system able to accurately assess a person's level of attractiveness," and used that data to determine the geographic regions most likely to be home to these aesthetically pleasing folks.

For female users, Manhattan, New York, and Santa Monica, California unsurprisingly came out on top — as numbers 1 and 2, respectively. Cleveland, Ohio made an unexpected appearance on the list, though the city has been attracting more young people as of late, according to the New York Times.

When it comes to male users, Manhattan barely made the list at all, coming in at number 7. While cities with warmer climates — Jacksonville, Florida; Scottsdale, Arizona; and Virginia Beach, Virginia — took the top three spots. The men weren't without a wildcard choice either — Lincoln, Nebraska ranked number 8 on the list.

Read on to see which cities are going under the knife or the needle most often, and the procedures that are proving most popular across the country.

What is the American ideal of beauty?

Instead of seeking to enhance their features, many Americans seek to perfect them, going for a "flawless" look, Gustafson said.

And Americans will often do whatever it takes to achieve that look of perfection.

When it comes to makeup and skin-care routines, Americans tend to strive for a certain look or beauty standard that a parent, partner, or friend has impressed upon them over the years, according to Zee Gustafson, Celebrity Makeup & Hair Artist and Owner of Zee Artistry.

Unlike the French, Americans are more inclined to try the hottest new thing in the world of skincare and makeup, no matter the cost.

For instance, daily SPF usage has become a thing that many Americans have recently adapted into their skin-care regimens, while the French seems to have stuck to their consistent, no-nonsense makeup routines, unwilling to add anything new to them.

Moreover, Americans typically pay more attention to their hair. Americans typically use several products as well as styling tools to achieve the perfect, healthy shine, while French people have come to a general consensus that their hair looks good if they simply wash it, let it air dry, and sleep on it.

Top 10 US Cities with The Most Beautiful Women

1. Manhattan, NY

2. Santa Monica, CA

3. Boston, MA

4. Miami, FL

5. Cleveland, OH

6. Queens, NY

7. Tampa, FL

8. Nashville, Tennessee

9. Honolulu Hawaii

10. Atlanta, Georgia


1. Manhattan, NY

Top 10 US Cities with The Sexiest Women
Photo: lwlies

There's no other city on the planet with an energy that can compete with New York. The fast pace, the buzzing traffic, the hustle and bustle of the people, the 24-hour life, and the creative spirit make NYC one of the most vibrant places in the world. In a city known for one of the most favorable male-to-female ratios in NY, Manhattan had the most attractive people.

Most attractive celebs from Manhattan: Scarlett Johansson, Claire Danes, Lady Gaga, Amy Schumer, Emma Kenney,...

2. Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica is the top seaside destination for Los Angeles and the surrounding Los Angeles County. It's a beautiful city with consistently sunny weather and a sprawling beach. Thanks to its location, less than 15 miles from downtown Los Angeles, the city receives more than seven million visitors every year.

The Venice/Santa Monica area is one of the most popular parts of Los Angeles county to meet single people. You'll find lots of young, beautiful, successful men and women in their 20's and 30's here.

Most attractive celebs from Santa Monica: Isabel May, Lily Aldridge, Riley Keough

3. Boston, MA

Apartment List and dating app Bumble released a ranking of the "Best Cities For Singles 2021." Boston came in second. The report measured dating satisfaction, social satisfaction, dating affordability and percentage of singles among 100 cities.

Boston is consistently ranked as one of the worst-dressed cities for men and it definitely shows. The bars are packed with goofy t-shirts, Ed Hardy gear, and tattered baseball caps. Avoid being a cliché and stand out.

Throw on a fitted dress shirt, slim jeans, a nice pair of dress shoes, or even a blazer/tie – it makes a huge difference. Women became friendlier and more interested the moment I started dressing better.

Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with a girl reading on a bench or watching a street performer in the square. Shops like Starbucks, Espresso Royale, or the Prudential Mall are excellent opportunities as well.

Most attractive celebs from Boston: Jennifer Coolidge, Uma Thurman, Maria Menounos

4. Miami, FL

Top 10 US Cities with The Sexiest Women
Photo: wgrz

Miami is one of South Florida's premier vacation destinations, with beautiful beaches, great weather, history, culture, sports, and entertainment. Downtown Miami, separated from the Atlantic Ocean by the Biscayne Bay and Miami Beach, is a modern metropolis and cultural treasure trove.

When it comes to fun, Miami takes it a little too far. Big boats, parties, sunshine, alcohol, money, all with the vibes of the roaring twenties. That’s a typical place to go when the plan is to get ‘loose’. Put in simple terms, Miami is just wild. Women in Miami are as versatile as the adventurous activities of the city.

A Miami Girl is diverse, powerful, and committed to being a part of the community, shifting their community, and growing their community.

Most attractive celebs from Miami: Victoria Justice, Kelly Kelly, Diora Baird, Dawn Olivieri, Niki Taylor

5. Cleveland, OH

Cleveland has made another national list ranking cities on certain criteria. And it might be safe to say that our city is going to take a big exception to this latest inclusion. Cleveland is a charming city which makes the most of its gorgeous spot on Lake Erie.

There’s nothing that makes us feel unstoppable like hearing and reading the stories of Cleveland women who are strong, motivated, and eager to make a difference.

Most attractive celebs from Cleveland: Halle Berry, Mary Carey, Shawna Lenee, Jazsmin Lewis, Monica Potter

6. Queens, NY

The story of New York is a story about diversity. New Yorkers come from every walk of life and represent a multitude of backgrounds. From the first people of the area to today’s newest immigrants, New York has both witnessed and enabled the convergence of distinct groups of people.

New York is a dream destination for most travelers from around the world. Women of New York are highly conscious of their beauty.

Most attractive celebs from Queens: Fran Drescher, Scarlett Johansson, Kerry Washington, Alicia Keys, Alexandra Daddario

7. Tampa, FL

Top 10 US Cities with The Sexiest Women
Photo: acesovernines

The magazine that caused a slight stir by naming Tampa one of America's snobbiest cities is now saying Tampa's residents are some of the nation's most attractive.

Have you ever watched a Florida State game on TV, looked at the sections upon sections of gorgeous coeds in the stands, and thought, "Damn, I should've gone to school there." Well, you know where a good chunk of those women move after graduation? South Tampa, a popular post-grad spot for ALL the big schools in the Sunshine State -- it's essentially Greek life for grown-ups. Between an exploding restaurant scene, walkable bars, and new condo construction, the area continues to draw the best, brightest, and -- most importantly -- hottest young people in Florida who just can't stomach the idea of living in... ew... Miami.

Most attractive celebs from Tampa: Rachel Specter, Joanna Garcia Swisher

8. Nashville, Tennessee

You will get a nice vibe in Nashville, the bars love to come up with awesome crafty cocktails, you can rent out some nice condos, and get to know a mixture of different people.

You will see a lot of young professionals mixing it up with country music stars, Southern Hollywood types and some young students.

Still not impressed? Well Here are a few reasons why you should date someone from Tennessee:

You’ll have a great drinking buddy

The locals love a bit of alcohol. There are many places in Nashville where you can go out and enjoy a nice beer or a cocktail with a local lady.

Most likely they are good at cooking

Have you ever tried a southern-cooked meal like a nice fried chicken? Because it is bloody delicious! For Tennesseans cooking is important since it is a common cultural trait for that region.

You will have someone to watch sports

College football is huge in Tennessee! And if you are into American Football you might find a beautiful girl up for watching it with you!

The locals are well mannered

If you are dating someone, manners are important since you probably don’t want to get insulted when you are trying to approach someone. In general, local women are nice and polite.

Most attractive celebs from Nashville: Brittany Farrar, Brie Thiele, Savana Hodge, Minnette Jackson

9. Honolulu, Hawaii

Top 10 US Cities with The Sexiest Women
Photo: bothforestcorn

On the beach, in the water, at the clubs -- beautiful women blanket the island of Oahu. You can hit the North Shore -- or, better, head to San Souci Beach Park. "That's where they're hanging out," says Kevin Miller, co-owner of Hawaiian Fire Surf School.

Imagine this scene: you are sitting on your deck chair next to a bronze-tanned beauty under the palm tree, drinking that refreshing cocktail while listening to Aloha Oe. I can’t say that is your typical day in Honolulu but it is really close to that scene you have just visualized. You will see local ladies here surfing those waves at Waikiki and relaxing on the shore wearing spicy bikinis.

Most attractive celebs from Honolulu: Nicole Kidman, Tia Carrere, Nicole Scherzinger, Lauren Graham, Kelly Preston

10. Atlanta, Georgia

Of course, Atlanta is one of the major attractions. Being an entertainment hub and booming with new bars and clubs and a vibrant nightlife, Atlanta attracts a diverse crowd including beautiful women. Atlanta, with its buzz of life, can be your get-away weekend.

In a recent reader survey by Travel + Leisure ranking America’s Most and Least Attractive People, fairer than fair metro came in at No. 8.

Beautiful Atlanta, once the sun goes down it gets hot. This city has been booming with new bars and clubs recently. As an entertainment hot zone, it attracts a lot of people, and obviously a lot of beautiful women.

Most attractive celebs from Atlanta: Natalie Calhoun, Darian Koehl, Roya Jasmine Darian, Maria Lucia Monteiro

How to Attract Beautiful US Women

When you first meet a woman, you can come across as needy if you respond to her texts immediately. It conveys to her you have nothing going on in your life and your number one priority is responding to this relative stranger you just met.

You also look like a needy man if you never disagree with the woman you’re talking to. Women tend to be suspicious of people who agree with everything they say because humans unconsciously understand everyone has different beliefs and opinions.

So if you agree with everything a woman says, it conveys that you prioritize wanting her approval over being true to yourself. And that means you can’t be trusted because you’re choosing to deceive her rather than express how you actually feel or think.

• Take control of needy behavior

• Build confidence through body language

• Attraction in anyone

• Win you over

• Connect on an emotional level

• Build sexual tension through physical contact

• Have fun meeting people without getting attached to outcomes

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