Top 10+ Most Successful Pole Dancers In The World
Top 10+ Most Successful Pole Dancers In The World
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Who is a pole dancer?

A pole dancer is someone who practices the art of pole dancing as well as the physical exercise itself. This multidimensional discipline combines acrobatic and dance skills on a vertical pole.

While pole dancing has historical roots in strip clubs, it has grown into a diversified and respected pastime that encompasses a variety of forms such as fitness, sports, and artistic performance.

Can boys pole dance?

Pole dancing is something that both boys and men can do. Male pole dancers who demonstrate their strength, agility, and inventiveness on the pole are becoming increasingly accepted and appreciated. Many guys practice pole dancing for health, artistic expression, and even competitive sports.

How much do pole dancers make?

According to numerous statistics, the average pole dancer earns between $44,161 and $65,431 per year.

If you have a contract with a club that requires you to perform a certain number of hours per week (or a defined number of performances), you may expect to be paid between $75 and $100 per hour.

However, several popular pole dancers on YouTube and Facebook have reported earning up to $200 to $500 each hour!

But be warned: if you're considering entering the sector, you won't get such fantastic rates immediately away (or ever).

Pole dancing gigs in the United States often pay between $20 and $35 per hour.

It is still greater than the minimum wage and can give a decent living, but the figures aren't as high as "success stories" on the internet would have you believe.

A pole dancer's compensation can be determined by a variety of criteria, including the type of club, the dancer's expertise, and whether the dance is performed with or without clothing.

Pole dancers earn more than just their salary

Pole dancers can generate money in a variety of settings, not only clubs. There are numerous ways for pole dancers to increase their revenue. When you sum them all up, pole dancers' true income can be quite high.

Freelance Teaching

Pole dancing is more than just an unusual dance performed in nightclubs for the entertainment of others.

Because it is a high-intensity dance that works the core muscles and arms, it is a fantastic sport for ladies who want to stay in shape and flexible.

Do not believe us?

In 2017, the Global Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF) granted pole dancing 'Observer Status'. That implies pole dancing is about to be recognized as an Olympic sport!

This is why pole dance studios have been springing up everywhere. And these studios require instructors.

Pole dancers can apply (typically on a freelance basis), teach others the skill, and make significant money in the process.

Studios typically charge roughly $17 each session, and you'll receive a portion of that.

Top 10+ Most Successful Pole Dancers In The World

1. Rachel Fits

Top 10+ Most Successful Pole Dancers In The World

Rachel Fit is a top Instagram account that you should not miss. On Instagram, she has over a million followers. The dancer started an Instagram account in 2015, and her pole dancing videos quickly gained popularity. After Future, a well-known American hip-hop artist, placed a comment on her page, she gained a large following.

2. Quan Bui

Top 10+ Most Successful Pole Dancers In The World

Pole dancing transformed his life over the years. It also inspired him to improve his physical fitness, learn English, and become a popular dancer on Tiktok, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

3. Anastasia Skukhtorova

She was regarded as one of the finest pole dancers in the world. Anatasia says she's been pole dancing for seven years.

Unlike several other well-known pole dancers, she has no formal training in dance or gymnastics. Despite this, she won her first national competition following 11 months of pole training.

Within three years, Anatasia rose to global prominence. Her Instagram account now has over 271,000 followers.

Anatasia's beautiful mobility and classical music continue to impress audiences across the world as she rose to global prominence for her performances.

She has no issue transitioning to the art of exotic dancing for all of her performances.

4. Felix Cane

Felix Cane, a former world champion pole dancer, is known for her incredible strength and flexibility. Her stunning performances flawlessly combine athleticism and grace, establishing a standard of excellence in the pole dancing community.

5. Marion Crampe

Marion Crampe is enthusiastic about dance and movement. She began pole dancing at the age of 25.

The world's most famous pole dancer has been touring to share her passion for dance with students and other performers.

Everyone refers to her as the "Pole Fairy," a name you immediately understand after meeting her.

Marion has 240,000 Instagram followers and shares her own stories about her body and dancing. The majority of her sessions are empowering, allowing students to feel at ease and confident in their own skin.

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6. Jenyn Butterfly

Jenyne Butterfly, a pioneer in the pole dancing profession, is known for her inventive and emotionally charged performances. Butterfly has made an indelible impression on the pole dancing industry with her artistic expression and engaging storytelling through movement.

7. Sara Scott

Sarah is a pole dancing master with over ten years of experience. She believes that pole dancing is a beneficial type of fitness.

Sarah wants to encourage people who haven't tried to be more confidence in themselves.

Aside from having 193,000 followers, Sarah runs her own classes for various levels in the UK and abroad. You can visit one of them and give it a shot.

There are numerous power moves, including deadlifts, phoenixes, and more. Poles provide a sense of strength while also making you feel beautiful.

8. Dimitry Politov

Dmitry Politov, a male pole dancer who defies gender preconceptions, has received international praise for his power, agility, and engaging choreography. His performances defy conventional wisdom, demonstrating that pole dancing is a discipline accessible to everybody.

9. Samantha Star

Samantha Star is renowned for her forceful and aggressive pole dancing style. Star, a talented performer, has shown her talents on a variety of settings, helping to raise global awareness and acceptance of pole dancing as a genuine art form.

10. Tjaša Skubic

Tjaša started dancing in 2013 after moving close to the pole studio. She has various athletic photos and videos that have wowed her 142,000 Instagram followers.

In 2016, she finished third in the amateur division at the Pole Freak Championships. She is currently providing tutorials for a range of pole tricks at varying levels.

There are six stages, and you may need to go through ten tutorials each. These tutorials are designed for anyone who enjoys trying new things and wants to practice on their own.

Her online course aims to teach everyone how to do front splits, middle splits, and backbends. Joining her Fit & Flexy program allows everyone to acquire new skills from the comfort of their own home.

11. Kasia Bielecka

Kasia Bielecka is an accomplished pole dancer and fitness coach. She finished first in the Pole Sport 2017 European Championship. Later, she finished third in the Polish Pole Sport 2018 Championship.

One of her first videos was titled "Kasia Bielecka pole dance". It was published in October 2015.

She currently has over 497,000 followers on her Instagram account, kasiabielecka_.

12. Marie Moulin

She was France's champion in 2021 and 2018, and finished third at the Pole Art World in 2019.

Marie began her career as a ballet dancer at Marseille Opera School. After that, she discovered the Pole Dance and advanced quickly.

She currently has 77,500 followers on Instagram.

Marie and Lucie are the Pole Lab's instructors. They teach their students everything necessary to help them progress. Only recognized dancers and experienced teachers will join you on your studio lessons.

13. Yvonne Smink

Russian pole dancer Evgeny Greshilov is known for his gravity-defying acrobatics and smooth transitions, earning him international renown. His performances demonstrate the athleticism and talent necessary to compete in the world of pole dancing. Yvonne Smink is a Dutch pole dancer renowned for her spectacular and acrobatic performances. Her performances frequently include powerful spins, complicated holds, and a sense of theatricality that captivates audiences all over the world.


You don't have to spend hours watching pole combo videos to feel inspired. Our list of the world's most famous pole dancers allows you to follow your favorite dancers and learn some excellent skills.

It's time to break out of your comfort zone and discover your genuine self through this activity. Pole dancing represents power, endurance, and innovation.

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